DICE Wants Your Help Improving ‘Battlefield 4′

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Over the past six months, Battlefield 4 has had a rough road to stability, if you could even call its current state that. Developer DICE struggled right out of the gate, with complaints regarding bugs, glitches, server failures, and all manners of issues affecting Battlefield 4 players.

Now, however, things have seemed to calm down, but DICE wants gamers to know that they are still trying to improve Battlefield 4 on a regular basis. In fact, DICE is now looking to the fans to help with that process.

In a new blog post on Battlelog, DICE reveals the rollout of a new Community Test Environment program that will allow gamers to more directly interface with the developer when citing bugs or various issues. At the moment, the Community Test Environment game client will only be available to Battlefield 4 Premium members on the PC, but DICE hopes to eventually include base level gamers as well.

As far as what DICE is looking to fix with this CTE program, they say that fixing the game’s “Netcode” is “among the first things” they will work on. Netcode, for those that might not know, is an integral piece to any multiplayer game’s infrastructure. It’s what preserves the integrity of an online experience by accurately registering player interactions, making sure the environment is lag free and fair.

Those interested in participating in the CTE program need only head to this link to register (sign ups are currently full). It’s unclear how exactly the program will work — whether participants will have direct lines of communication with DICE — but those who do get in should be prepared to face and then fix a few issues right out of the gate.

After the aforementioned bumpy start, it appears much of Battlefield 4‘s key issues have been worked out. However, so much time had been spent on fixing the game post-launch that DICE’s main studio in Sweden had to move on to new projects before DLC work on Battlefield 4 was completed. Now that task befalls the studio’s LA outfit. But rest assured, DICE hasn’t forgotten about the vanilla Battlefield 4 experience; that should be getting some attention too.

Do you plan on participating in the CTE program? What other issues do you think Battlefield 4 needs to address?

Source: Battlelog

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  • gayma

    DICE nobody cares about Glitchfield 4 anymore, now get to work with mirror edge 2

    • Allister

      You mean 3? Mirror’s Edge 2 has already been said n done…

      • Zach

        What? No it hasn’t? Mirrors Edge 2 is still in development.

  • Richard

    It might come out of ‘ beta ‘ testing just in time for the next installment

  • Trent

    What a joke they should refund at least half of what people paid for the game or all of their money. Full refund.

    This makes me really nervous about Battlefront 3

  • Mark

    Am i the only one that doesnt seem to have problems with BF4? With the kinks getting worked out, I can honestly say that it IS a good game, though it feels a bit like an expansion of BF3, which is both good and bad.

  • charcast

    as far as i know, everytime a developper make a number II and III …. etc it is always a better than the previous, expansion, sure it is, but new engine , new etc… always bugs and crashs… everyprogram have bugs and crashs … just fix it or try to.

    play games and enjoy 😉