EA Survey Reveals ‘Battlefield 4′ Ideas Including Dinosaurs, DLC & Naval Combat

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Before Dragon Age 3 was officially announced last year a leaked survey revealed key character and plot details from the game. The information originated from a leaked survey from BioWare and Electronic Arts that aimed to gather information from the fanbase to help towards improving the followup to the disappointing Dragon Age 2.

Although denying it at first, BioWare attempted to have us take down the info, confirming it in fact from their survey, and it wasn’t long before they unveiled the game. A similar survey leak this year may be providing interesting info about about another high profile EA franchise installment: Battlefield 4.

NeoGAF user claims to have participated in an online survey for Battlefield 4. The questions looked for player reactions to marketing terms and sought to find out what they liked/disliked in terms of gameplay, from destructible environments to Battlelog 2.0 matchmaking. The most interesting bits described ideas for the game and its DLC:

  • One idea for DLC is remaking the most popular maps from Battlefield 3 (Operation Metro & Caspian Border) with the Frostbite 3 engine. The DLC could be named Battlefield 4: Recommisioned, Battlefield 4: Reenlisted, Battlefield 4: War Torn, or Battlefield 4: Reconstructed.
  • The second DLC concept was all about naval combat from ships to beachheads, and possible names include Battlefield 4: Naval Warfare/Combat and Battlefield 4: Steel Titans.
  • The third DLC (if real) was seemingly designed for the Game Rant staff and is all about Dinosaurs… The idea mentioned something about co-op where players use old school weapons (bow and arrow) to fight dinosaurs. The user can’t remember the exact name suggestions but mentioned one interesting one: Battlefield 4: 21942 BC as a neat and fun play on the original Battlefield 1942 game name.

Battlefield 3 dinosaur mode

While some may find the mention of dinosaurs to be an immediate red flag on the authenticity of the report, dinosaurs were long speculated (more fan desires, actually) to show up in Battlefield 3. The developers even went out of there way to include Easter Eggs to such an idea in two of their DLC expansions. If Treyarch’s Call of Duty games can take a lighter stance on realism and focus on fun with their super successful zombies mode (which is a huge part of the game’s pre-release buzz and marketing) so to should EA learn from it. Had DICE supported mods with Battlefield 3, we’d already be playing the Dino-Riders total conversion.

As for the less crazy, remakes of the Caspian and Metro BF3 maps are a safe bet and almost a certainty after seeing the Back to Karkand DLC maps (also all remakes) become so popular in BF3.

EA was reached for comment on the survey and didn’t deny its existence, instead explaining that what’s listed are simply potential ideas and themes.

“We value the feedback from our fans and are constantly looking for ways to improve our games. We conduct annual surveys that include topics that range from random ideas to specific themes to see what resonates. These are just some of the ideas included in our survey and not indicative of anything we have in the works.”

Battlefield 3 Dinosaur

Here’s hoping for Dino DLC. We at Game Rant will never give up hope.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes if you’d like to see Frostbite 3 powered dinosaurs on the Battlefield!

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    let it go Rob… let it go

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        • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

          It was causing server loading issues unfortunately. Bookmark Game Rant and hang out with us here! 😉

      • art

        rob rob rob…..horde mode with a story and DINOSAURS bf4 could be the next stepping stone in awesomeness as long as i get to beat little dinosaurs to death with a rock and get eaten alive by a trex i will be happy with bf4

  • Jak Frost

    Ok that would be cool.

  • Shalkowski

    Rob, your obsession over the dinosaurs is starting to get a little worrisome haha

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      I’m telling the world, Dinosaurs are the next big thing. The industry is like 4 years behind. Trust me. You’ll see dinos everywhere in pop culture soon enough.

  • Zazar

    This would be a really cool idea.

  • fanofgames

    Ill have to admit that killing dinos would be awesome, cant remember doing so since the old turok games for the N64. Aswell as Navy combat, it would be a great addition.

  • Ken J

    Rob, you need more articles about this. Everytime I even see a mention about dinosaurs and Battlefield I can’t help but laugh a little. 😀

    I hope it happens, then I’ll be laughing as I play, lol.

  • Marcus

    Some people smoke the damndest things.

  • Vick

    I want this to happen, NOW! If dino’s are confirmed then it’s automatically a pre-order for me.

  • RAZ

    Hey guys,

    Come on now… This game was awarded for the army realism and combat.
    How can you ever think of a dino in warfare situation.

    Lets re-think the whole thing over again.

    • Vick

      I think if we can let zombies slide for the sake of fun we can let a specific Dino mode in for MP while keeping the same level of realism in the rest of it. I love realism in my entertainment but sometimes it’s just more fun to let go and embrace the crazy (like Arkham City or Uncharted).

  • Ken J

    Seriously, who really thinks the Battlefield games are realistic? The only thing realistic about BF3 is the look and weapon animations.

  • Ken J

    The only thing is, I don’t like the idea of only being able to use old school weapons. I want to shoot at dinosaurs with all of the cool weapons at our disposal in the battlefield games… Also, 2192BC is not far back enough. It should be called Battlefield: 219420000BC lol

    • War Smoke

      Definetly need modern weapons

    • BFFanboy

      Haha if you start an argument over that, you will get a comment war between creationists and evolutionists lol don’t go there pal

  • War Smoke

    Teaming up to take down a Rex or other titans like 30 story herbivores would be way better than zombies. Definetly like a horde mode with a 10th wave giant, Taking down raptors and pterosaurs. Definition of sweetness. HOPE EA LOVES THEIR FANS ENOUGH.

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    While Battlefield 3 supplied on the multiplayer entrance, the general single-player
    strategy lost much of the old goodwill. May Battlefield 4 change things around?