Leaked ‘Battlefield 4’ Artwork Looks Too Familiar; Official Unveil March 26th [Updated]

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Electronic Arts was noticeably absent at Sony’s PlayStation 4 event last month where speculation and rumors hinted at a potential Battlefield 4 unveiling. Having had a partnership with Sony for timed exclusivity on Battlefield 3 DLC (and the controversial Battlefield 1943 bonus), it seemed an obvious opportunity for EA.

Reports since offered a possible explanation in a new potential partnership forming between EA and Microsoft, leading to speculation that Battlefield 4 could be presented alongside the unveiling of the next-gen Xbox, potentially in April. The game players who pre-ordered Medal of Honor: Warfighter already have beta access to will instead be showcased on March 26th.

Earlier this week, Battlefieldo wrote a story, describing what they claim is the official covert art for Battlefield 4. It went unnoticed until today when OXM posted a blurry, zoomed in piece of art that matched the description perfectly.

“I have personally seen the cover art for Battlefield 4, which I cannot post, but I can say that it resembles that of the original Battlefield 3 cover. A man running, in the rain along with tanks, APC’s, and a small teaser image of a jet just to the right of his body.

The buildings in the background also resemble that of the original Battlefield 3 artwork. He appears to be holding a suppressed EBR rifle with a support bipod, along with a 1911 pistol with a tac-light in his other hand. The character’s face has evolved from Battlefield 3, sporting slicked back hair in an American military uniform.”

Kotaku later received a high-res version of that same image, but we still don’t know if it’s legit, even though the aesthetic does sync up with the orange and blue traditional art design of previous games and of the invite we received for the March 26th event in San Francisco.

[Click for super high-res]

Battlefield 4 Artwork Wallpaper

[Updated: Here’s the full shot]

Battlefield 4 Promo Image

Sadly, despite EA expressing an interest in a future setting, DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson confirmed at GDC Europe last summer that Battlefield 4 would continue in the modern setting and this art lends credence to that idea. If that does end up being the case, we find ourselves a little disappointed, knowing that we already have two Frostbite 2 powered modern-set shooters from the publisher. And that’s in less than a year-and-a-half.

Battlefield 3’s life however, may start dwindling in the near future since its last piece of DLC – End Game – is now available across all platforms. There’s no other DLC coming to Premium subscribers, yet on the premium Battlelog page, subscribers will notice one last yet-to-be-revealed video for March. Is that the reveal trailer for Battlefield 4?

Most likely. We’re still holding out hope for a game that continues the experience of Battlefield 2142, something that won’t offer us what we already have in BF3 and MOH: Warfighter. If not, at least give us dinosaurs, DICE.

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