‘Battlefield 4′ Experiencing More Connectivity Issues

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Battlefield 4 Connectivity Issues Continue

Sometimes things go from bad to worse, and other times that assumed “rock bottom” gives way to even lower lows. Such is the case with Battlefield 4 right now.

After experiencing significant server issues and gameplay crashes, Battlefield 4 players are now reporting even more problems with DICE’s latest shooter. Most recently, there have been some “intermittent connectivity issues affecting players across various platforms.”

DICE revealed the connectivity issues on the Battlelog forums earlier today, stating that they are continuing to monitor the problem.

Obviously, it’s hard to tell whether these are new issues or old ones, but we are having trouble staying in Battlefield 4 matches as of late. On the forums, though, DICE is outlining these issues as separate from the growing list of Battlefield 4 problems, which leads us to believe the experience got a little better before it went back to being bad.

As was mentioned, it’s been a rough few months for Battlefield 4. At launch, mind you, there wasn’t much talk surrounding the game’s connectivity issues, but once the next-gen consoles launched things came to a serious head. And now, with EA having been hit with three lawsuits in the last month, it appears that gamers’, and even EA investors’, displeasure with Battlefield 4‘s multiplayer has spread outside the game.

The only good news to come out of the Battlefield 4 multiplayer problems is that DICE has halted development on future DLC and focused all of their efforts on making the retail product stable. Granted, if they had focused on making the game stable before launch they wouldn’t have halted DLC development, but that’s a can of worms that’s been opened too often recently. Rather, it’s simply disappointing that a game with a ton of anticipation prior to release could have squandered almost all of its good will — so much so that some analysts suggest the franchise as a whole has had its reputation tarnished.

Whatever the case, know that Battlefield 4 is still not stable, but DICE is (still) working on it.

Had you noticed an improvement in your Battlefield 4 experience before today? Or are these new problems just folding in with old ones?

Source: Battlelog

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  • Sami

    This week I’ve had issues with connecting to servers on Xbox One, basically all of the time. Doesn’t matter if I use Quick Match or Server Browser, and no, it is not an issue with my internet or router. I also play the game on my PS4 and it works fine, most of the time.

    There are a few servers that seem to work, but the queue on them is insane sometimes so this has led me to not play on Xbox One at all for the moment unfortunately. Sucks.

  • Monty

    I haven’t had any issues the past 2 days. Wondering if they added new servers.

  • Jeremiah

    This is absolutely ridiculous that we the players are being punished for DICE’s inept ability to produce a finished product. I am a premium member and am extremely angry that I have only played multiplayer 10-12 times due to “Loss of connection to EA servers”. Furthermore, the fact that my single player campaign has been restarted for some unknown reason is the cherry on top to this epic fail of DICE. Someone (developers/QA Teams/Project Managers) needs to be held accountable for wasting the money and time of us the gamers. DICE and EA owe the players (especially those who paid almost double for the game with the Premium membership) some serious compensation. I love the Battlefield series and am an avid supporter for its fun balance of gunplay and vehicle mayhem. However, this experience has really left me frustrated and questioning if I can support EA and DICE with my hard earned money.

    • https://twitter.com/HumberstoneAlex Alex Humberstone

      Here, here.

      ‘Game disconnected: …’

      i bet i get a 1% chance of getting on a server without issues
      5% chance of getting on and after a while it kicks me
      95% chance the game just crashes and i think “What have i bought”

  • Darrell

    I have been playing BF4 on PS3 without much problem. I prefer to play in PC format so I bought a brand new Gaming laptop and purchased BF4 for PC. The first problem was that the disc set that I bought said that the expansion pack “China Rising” was included but it didn’t install.I finally went ahead and purchased it because that was the window that always seemed to pop up saying I needed it. I am still unable to connect to servers, the game takes several minutes to connect only to find out it doesn’t connect. I tried tech support and wound up in a chat session where I was put on “forget” for more than a half hour and never received a response via phone or email. I like the BF4 game but have become so very frustrated. If they are unable to produce a good working product, why put it out at all? I suppose it would be a MAJOR hassle to try and get my money back.

  • Minanbs

    Fix a problem, make two more and then the original problem becomes worse. Dice/ battlefield reputation is most defiantly tarnished, i had no serious problem with them until bf4 5 months ago, shit after shit update that made it worse and worse and if they fixed one side the other is so much worse than when it started.

  • Terry Jones

    I habe lost connection to the battlefield 4 servers 5 times today. As a team of gamers and the owner of a gaming club I am past disappointed. I truly have now choice but to seek legal advice on what can be done about this. I purchased 27 copies for all of the consoles in my store and this is embarrassing. Guys please fix this soon. As an engineer myself I know things can get hectic but I would start from the ground up. Physical devices, servers, sites, licenses, firewalls, pixie, whatever you have to do.