‘BF4: China Rising’ Details Leak; Trophies Revealed

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Fighting wars from the comfort of your own home has never been quite so easy, nor has it been as devilishly enjoyable as it is right now. With the first phase of their cross-generational rollout complete, both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, are busily setting their sights on an exciting second front — the race to DLC domination.

With Ghosts‘ downloadables set to debut sometime in 2014, Battlefield 4 has an obvious head start in the China Rising DLC — arriving December 3, 2013, for BF‘s paid-up Premium subscribers. With buyers still unsure just what to expect from their Season Pass-like purchase, FPS-specialists MP1st have stepped in to help lift the fog of war.

Reporting on an accidental info leak coming out of Battlefield 4‘s Spanish-language Facebook page, the site managed to capture this solitary image — supposedly a run-down of upcoming China Rising features.

Battlefield China Rising Leak

For those of us who don’t speak Spanish, the image mentions claims that the new DLC will contain the following content:

  • 4 New Maps (Taklamakan, Altai Range, Guilin Peaks and Dragon Pass)
  • 5 New Weapons
  • New Vehicles and High-tech Equipment
  • 10 New Assignments
  • 2 Weeks Exclusivity for Battlefield 4 Premium Members

The same source was also responsible for leaking China Rising‘s suite of PlayStation trophies earlier in the week. These accolades include:

  • ‘Mini Kamikaze’ — Kill an enemy with the SUAV (Silver)
  • ‘New Superpower’ — Complete all China Rising assignments (Silver)
  • ‘Fledging’ — Play a round of Air Superiority (Bronze)
  • ‘2 Wheels’ — Get a kill with the Dirtbike (Bronze)
  • ‘Death From Above’ — Get a kill with the Bomber (Bronze)

‘Air Superiority’ mode returns after having last appeared back in Battlefield 3‘s End Game DLC, alongside another of China Rising‘s prospective additions — the much-loved, and abused Dirtbike. With its jets-only take on classic Conquest mode, Air Superiority should interest any-and-all aspiring Mavericks out there, leading to more insane plane-to-plane stunts just like this one.

The SUAV meanwhile, is recycled from EA‘s Medal of Honor: Warfighter, in which players literally throw the tiny drone skywards, before taking over the reigns via laptop.

Does China Rising‘s content interest you? What kind of equipment would you like to see enter the Battlefield fray in future expansions?

China Rising debuts December 3, 2013 for Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers, and on December 17, 2013 for non-subscribers.

Battlefield 4 is out now for PC, PS3 & Xbox 360 platforms. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One versions will launch just prior to their respective consoles later this month.

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Source: MP1st

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  • Patrick

    “‘Battlefield 4′ has barely touched down on enemy turf and already the game is set to receive reinforcements.”

    Wow, you guys are really trying to put a positive spin on DLC now, huh?

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      Not sure how that quote is a positive spin. Is speedy DLC inherently a good thing?

    • http://gamerant.com Samuel James Riley

      I’m not sure how you’ve come to that conclusion, Patrick. Someone could just as easily claim that we’re bashing DLC because needing reinforcement means that you’re struggling to win the fight.

      It’s neither for nor against – the blurb is simply reflecting on the fact that DICE are releasing DLC so soon after the game’s debut.

      • Patrick

        Well my bad then.
        When I read this it just seemed that way.

        “‘Battlefield 4′ has barely touched down on enemy turf and already the game is set to receive reinforcements. What goodies will the ‘China Rising’ DLC include?”

  • G

    No Dinos. #epicfail

  • Alex

    Well it’s not even out yet that on Black Friday the game is already 50% off for 1 day so 30$ and it’s only 5$ more to get China Rising. I guess it’s worth it at such price but without the 50% I would have never bought any of the two. As for Premium I’ll do like for BF3 and wait for a 50% because there’s no way I’ll pay like 40$ more just for that alone while BF4 + China = 35$. It just makes no sense. The game is so bugged right now anyway that I don’t mind waiting until January 2014 just to play BF4. That will give me time to finish the BF3’s solo ^^ Gotta wait for the R9 290 cards with custom heatsink to come out first as I just sold my GTX670 for 275$ few days ago.