‘Battlefield 4′ Beta: DICE Lists Known Issues, Investigating Crashing

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Battlefield 4 Beta Server Crashes

Yesterday was supposed to be a good day for video games, with both Grand Theft Auto Online and the Battlefield 4 beta going live for gamers to enjoy. Unfortunately, as both experiences require a pretty substantial server backing — one to support a large group of fans — their launches did not go over so well.

While we’ve already detailed gamers’ struggles with Grand Theft Auto Online, the Battlefield 4 server crashes have been just as prevalent. And today, EA and DICE have posted a list of known problems and promised gamers they are working to fix them.

In addition to server connection problems, Battlefield 4 beta participants have been reporting a wide variety of in-game issues from the hit indicator disappearing when firing at enemies to stats not registering on Battlelog. Rest assured, though, that many of the more prominent problems are being worked on.

But, if there are any problems not on the “Known Issues” list below, make sure to let EA and DICE know.


– Stats Delay: We are aware that some of you may experience delays with your BF4 beta stats updating. Please note that the stats can take up to an hour to reflect properly in game or on Battlelog. This will mean that if you unlock a certain weapon or attachment it can take up to 1 hour before it will become available for play.


– We have received reports of Freezes and Crashes affecting the BF4 Beta client. Our team is currently investigating this matter and we will update you here as soon as we know more.

If you are affected by a Freeze or a Crash upon joining a game, and the error message “BF4 Beta has stopped working” appears, please make sure your Windows is fully updated and your Graphic card is running on its latest driver. Alternatively, some players using GeForce drivers were able to fix this by downgrading their driver to an earlier version.

– We received report of unusually low performances, and are currently looking into that as well.
– Please note that the Battlefield 4 Beta does not support Win32 and 32 Bit operating systems.
– Video settings may not be saved after rebooting the game.
– The tooltip “E” to enter the Venom is visible at a 400 meter distance.
– Punkbuster Crashing


– Player stats in Battledash may not match the stats displayed on Battlelog.
– You may experience an 8 seconds non-interactive pause, when leaving a Multiplayer session or after pressing Start when booting the game.
– You may be floating if you jump on the bollards.
– Cruise Missiles may not destroy any vehicle dropped by Vehicle Drop.
– The requirements for unlock criteria may not be displayed.
– Two flag icons may appear overlapping on each other at each flag point.
– The first attachment of any weapon that is not unlocked, will be the only attachment shown for the first unlocked weapon.

(PS3 and Xbox360)

– If you’re disconnected from the EA Servers, the Main Menu tiles remains fixed in the front end.


– When you choose to quit during the EOR, you may be able to see “underworld” for 1 second.
– The camera transition before the EOR screen is under water.
– If you destroy an enemy tank near the Flag A, it may triggers the map’s Mini-Levolution event.
– If you quit from the XMBâ„¢ menu after the “Press Start” screen, you may experience a forced shutdown.
– The background screen for the losing team during EOR, is placed “under the game world” for Domination and Obliteration game modes.
– The Hit Indicator is not present when shooting at enemies.

– The EOD Bot can’t arm or disarm MCOMs on Rush mode.
– If you disconnect and reconnect your Ethernet cable while playing, the Game may remain in an endless loading loop.
– You may not be able to perform a knife takedown on an enemy using the TAW Launcher.
– If you sign out from PSN while loading into a MultiPlayer server, you may experience an infinite loading screen.
– In the Soldier Progression menu, you may be able to see upcoming vehicle unlocks that will not be available in the Beta.
– You may be able to see several Medals, Ribbons, and Dog Tags in the “My Soldier” menu.

Those that have been able to log into Battlefield 4‘s beta have access to the Siege of Shangai multiplayer map and two different modes: Conquest and Domination. Most Battlefield fans will be familiar with the Shangai multiplayer map, as it is the major showpiece for DICE’s new “Levolution” concept. Levolution, for those that don’t know, is the term used to describing the changing landscape in Battlefield 4 (i.e. crumbling walls, collapsed bridges, falling buildings).

In our multiplayer preview of the game, we were greatly impressed by the amount of detail packed into the map, and, of course, spent the majority of the match trying to take down the large central building.

While EA does say they are looking into the issues listed above, they have not provided a timeline for when a beta update might go live. Aside from the login problems, though, these issues are fairly minor, and don’t necessarily impact gameplay. But rest assured we will keep you posted when a beta update does go live.

Have you encountered any problems in the Battlefield 4 beta? What do you think of DICE’s offering?

Battlefield 4 releases October 29, 2013 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360; November 12th for the PS4; and November 19th for the Xbox One.

Source: Battlelog

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  • paul

    Can’t join any server on ps3, bf4. Says ” no free commander slot” wether checked or not.

    • kyle

      Can’t connect to ea servers on the the xbox 360. Dunno why

  • Logan

    Everytime i join a multiplayer game on PS3, as soon as i deploy the game freezes and i have to restart whole console. It’s done this about a dozen times since it started having this issue and has not been successful in any continued attempts to play a multiplayer game. The single player campaign still works. Please help.

    • Logan

      Okay, new update to my problem. It only freezes on deployment when I deploy as the SUPPORT role.

      • Logan

        okay for those experiencing a similiar issue, i solved it by deleting all saved utility data and then resetting any Kit changes back to default in the deployment menu. Afterwards it allowed me to play normally.

        • diimie

          thanks for this i will try this and see if it works !!

    • JP

      try a different class, mine freezes when I select support. so far everything else works fine. It sucks cause I love em some machine guns

      • Logan

        Yeah, i’ve narrowed it down to the perks associated with the support class. Use Defensive and you will not freeze 100%

        • Will

          My system freezes when I select support with defensive perk 100 percent of the time.

    • Tawzer77

      Me too :'(”””’0 sad I paid $65 for what was sure to be awesome gameplay and the a majorly disappointing WTF moment again and again and again lost so much stuff during this infestation of bugs wonder if people that paid for game will be fairly compensated for lackluster debute, or if call of duty is having same problems I don’t want to go back to that glitchy game but at least I can play it!!!

  • Robert

    On PS3, I can’t invite any friends. I don’t know if this is a bug, but it still sucks. When I reload after shooting one bullet and reload, the whole clip goes away, but sometimes it doesn’t. It always does that when I play online but sometimes does it on the test range or campaign. I wish we could also choose which map to play. I don’t know if any of these are bugs, but I just hope that we will be able to invite players before the game, fix the reloading problem, and choose which map we want to play.

    • Logan

      The reloading “issue” isn’t a bug. The game is made that way so that it’s less like COD in my opinion. In real combat when you remove a magazine from the magazine well and replace it with a new magazine, if you did not retain the magazine in your drop pouch, then you of course, subsequently lose all rounds within that magazine. It’s an immersion addition.

    • Logan

      On PS3, to invite friends to a match you are currently in, press the PS button, scroll to your friend on your friends list and select him or her. Then you will see an option to bring up the BF4 Multiplayer menu which will only have one selectable option inside; “Invite to Session.”

      Maybe you meant for a way to invite them pre-game similar to BF3’s “squad up” capability before you joined a game.

  • Verma

    After very 5-10 minutes my game force quits no matter campaign or online. It goes to the loading screen and after about 2 minutes, it quits the game and goes to the PS3 Home menu. Is this just me or do others get it as well? P.S. This is after the beta. I bought the game and everything…

  • mike

    Every time I sign on to multiplayer on my Xbox 360, I have to re-scroll through all my inventory in order to clear out all the soldiers progressions in order to have a clean slate of un-updated items in game, every single time I play BF4. Without a doubt this is starting to get really frustrating for I always assume I have acquired a new item, weapon, or camo, but this is proven to be false since it only reflex with what I already had since I started playing. Even the default accessories need I having to hover over to clear the progress. Plesse help for this is not cause of a corrupted profile. I had done all measures like clear cache and deleted and re-download my profile. Thanks