‘Battlefield 4′ Axe Commercial Features Nonexistent Female Soldier

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Battlefield 4 Axe Commercial Female

The representation of women in video games has been a big issue over the last year or so. From the small pool of lead female characters to the absurd attire of women in action-based games, the debate has been a hot one with supporters and detractors loud on both sides of the coin. Several issues have really highlighted the debate, with merely the mention of gaming feminist, Anita Sarkeesian, bringing comment sections collapsing upon themselves.

Another footnote in the debate of late has been the discussion of women in modern military games. It all started when it was revealed Battlefield 4 would – like its predecessors – would not include playable female soldiers in multiplayer. The excuse by developer DICE was rather confusing and unclear but focused on “geo-politics” and the relationship with “actors.” It was all very odd considering how the single player campaign includes a female character and it the issue got more attention when it was revealed that Call of Duty: Ghosts would include playable female soldiers.

The people at DICE retorted that while they wanted to include women soldiers, their dialogue workload would double and they want to do it right instead of just to “tick a box.” Regardless, the debate might rage on a little longer thanks to their partnership with Axe body spray and the new commercial releasing in conjunction with the launch of Battlefield 4, the contents of which are… interesting.

While Axe has always released adverts about machismo and male empowerment, almost a satirical degree, this commercial is an intriguing addition to the wider debate since the game it is promoting doesn’t actually feature a playable female model. That reality doesn’t work for Axe’s advertising campaign, so instead of looking at how the rest of the environment bred a macho power fantasy, they just added in a female character for the purposes of giving the male avatar a sense of completion.

It is important to point out that it isn’t certain or even likely that the creative minds at DICE or EA had anything to do with the creation of the advert, but it is at least an interesting case study of how women are depicted in both advertising and games. What side of the argument you land on is up to every individual reader and talking about these kinds of issues can be healthy for the community. Just be nice to each other in the comments.

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  • https://soundcloud.com/m0b-5pawn M5

    Oh gosh…


  • JT

    Hmm, slow news day?

  • dethfuse

    BF4 is such a let down. I honestly want my money back. Damn PC not having used games… =P

    • jakeenburney

      Not to me reminds me of the when I first got BF2 and BF3 hated the release but after like patch 2 I loved them. Umm if you got it on PC dude(origins) you CAN get your money back.

  • boogoo

    Looks like your typical Axe commercial/premise (which are always bad anyways, in my opinion) but placed/forced into a context that makes no sense whatsoever. So yeeaah. Very weird and very dumb.

    • Ken J

      I agree that Axe commercials are usually pretty bad…

  • Ken J

    Weird how there was no article about the COD commercials where you see them flying jets and driving other vehicles in them when you can’t do that in COD… Not to mention the celebrities you cannot play as…

    • http://starcitizenbase.com/ Askanison40

      Well that’s because this article wasn’t singularly about marketing vs in-game. It was about women in video games. Specifically that women are not playable in the BF4 multiplayer while commercials are specifically using them to promote the game. The correct comparison is that COD does have women in their multi-player. Not that everything you see in the commercial isn’t in the game. I wondered how long it would take for someone to start flaming @ COD.

  • bio

    I love how every commercial for BF 4 ends with Rhythmatic farting.

    • Jon

      Hahahaha exactly what I was thinking after viewing the Axe ad.

  • Max

    Who cares about the advertisement, I think the amount of work they have put into the game is an advertisement in itself

  • Nope

    I don’t get the point of trying to market this serious super grim game with such a lame attempt at humour. Axe also smells disgusting. EA needs to stop competing with COD and make a legit game that isn’t a cash grab for once. BF4 would’ve benefitted greatly by coming out next year

  • Max

    I don’t what you could possibly not like about it, I’m so glad they have done it and made the game so authentic and true to what a real warzone would be like.

  • http://www.fpsguides.com/?hop=slimjim123 SlimJim

    Haha, I like finally having a woman in video games. It really makes the game life-like and more enjoyable to play.