Rumor Patrol: ‘Battlefield 3′ To Ship on Two Discs for Xbox 360

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Battlefield 3 Spans Two Discs Xbox Rumor

It looks like yet another triple AAA title is being forced to break up their Xbox 360 version across multiple discs to support all of its content, and this time it’s a really big name title. Battlefield 3, the highly anticipated Call of Duty competitor, is, according to a Japanese poster, going to span the length of two DVDs for its Xbox 360 version.

While we can assume that one disc will contain the game’s revamped single player mode, and the second will be home to every piece of fantastic multiplayer content, it’s still a bit of an inconvenience to have to switch from one disc to the other. Some games, like LA Noire and Dead Space have found logical break points to facilitate disc changes, but it has become a serious sign of the Xbox 360’s inferiority — at least as far as disc space is concerned.

On the plus side, having the game span two discs means there is definitely a ton of content packed into Battlefield 3. Its biggest competition, Modern Warfare 3, will most assuredly stick to one disc, meaning Battlefield 3 could be releasing (earlier) with a substantial advantage.

Battlefield 3 Two Disc Poster

Of course this poster’s information could also be misconstrued and Battlefield 3 will ship on a single discs across all of its platforms. Purchasing the game digitally, through Electronic Arts’ Origin service, might net you a little extra content because of the inherent brand loyalty, but Blu-Ray and DVD should remain equal no matter if one or two DVDs are required.

Oh, and let us not forget the extra multiplayer capabilities one gets if they stick with the preferred PC version of the game, like support for 64 players.

So, with two discs becoming the new standard for multiplatform releases, do you think that this means a change is on the horizon for the Xbox 360? Sure, they are testing out a new disc format — one that was tied to an Xbox Live update — but these two disc revelations seem to occur more frequently than they ever have before. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Kotaku

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  • Matthew Legarreta

    I honestly don’t think 2 discs is a problem. It could always be 4…

  • Valisk

    For Battlefield 3, I don’t see multiple discs as a big deal at all. It’ll most likely be split between multiplayer and single player which, in my opinion, works out for the best. I mean, you’re most likely going to be playing through single player one time and never again while you’re going to constantly jump into multiplayer again and again.

    However, having said that, DVDs are severely outdated and Microsoft really needs to upgrade to blu-ray.

  • BFTE

    haha xbox sucks shows u how bad there tech is with there system

    • killah2010

      ur gay

      • iDancethroughshadoWs

        no hes just a troll.

      • ablebob

        don’t feed the troll.

    • Cyryl

      OR it shows that Microsoft was not willing to buy into the proprietary disc format of their DIRECT COMPETITOR? They also recognize that there would be a significant cost adjustment to implement Blu-ray.

      I’d actually be surprised to even see a future Xbox system using the Blu-ray format for that very reason. They’d likely continue using DVD’s or perhaps a new proprietary media of their own specifically designed for the Xbox platform.

      Also… Why change now? The cost of burnable media is decreasing at a steady pace. The cost of re-engineering the hardware would be substantial and the actual gain in benefit would likely be negligible.

      You do realize that the only machine that is superior to the Xbox is the PC, right? Any other machine is either equal in overall functionality and/or capability…or is a lesser piece of hardware.

      The PS3 and the Xbox are perhaps the best example of two machines that are equal to one another that we’ve seen in a long time. Where one machine falters, the other machine is capable and vice versa.

      Are you really so shortsighted to be making such base comments? Come on…

      • Cyryl

        AMAZING… I posted this comment speculating about the future of Microsoft’s console and a potential disc format…

        …and then saw THIS scroll across the RSS feed on my G19’s screen! LOL!

        • Anthony Taormina

          It’s also mentioned and linked in the article.

          • Cyryl

            Heh… So it is. Must’ve passed over that section of the article.

            Nice. LOL

    • terance harvey

      dude calm down, xbox doesnt suck, the ps3 doesnt suck, i have both, both are amazing in their own way, ps3 has way better graphics, but the xbox has more user friendly options such as cross game chatting and voice messages

      • ATG

        I haven’t seen a multiplatform game that has better graphics on ps3, most are coded on 360 and ported to ps3. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Tay

    I dont care about a 2-disc game at all. I’ll admit Rage being 3-disc is as far as it should go but I’m not that lazy to where I think it’s a deal breaker to get up for a second and switch disc.

  • Jack7

    I’m sure they spread it across the two discs in a way that won’t be too annoying. In Mass Effect 2 I had to switch discs a little too much and when the screen came up saying i had to switch discs it really took me out of the immersion of the game. still a great game though

  • Elcobydos

    It’s really not that big a deal. Switching disks is the same as changing the game which you do every time you decide to play a new game.

    • ATG

      Not when playing the same game though. But your right its not a big deal.

  • ken

    So what if the game comes with disc I’m sure one can install the entire game on the HD.

    • leoele

      That’s a really good point. I wonder how that works.

  • Mike

    I don’t mind multiple discs but I wish for example, if the game came with three discs, they’d let you install discs 2 and 3 onto your hard drive and then you could simply use one disc for all of the content so you never have to switch again.

    And to prevent people from giving the other disc to their friend to get the game for free I think they should just have it so disc 1 has to be in the console to get the content for discs 2 and 3 that was downloaded on your hard drive.

  • jwalka

    i think it will go like this:
    disc1 – sp and co-op (teaming up to do special co-op missions not mp)
    disc2 – all the mp stuff.

    to be honest, i prefer them to spread everything out, so that they don’t have to compress (or overly compress) everything, especially since the game looks beast. all those ps3 fan girls laughing at 360 owners are morons, b/c bf3 looks pretty crap on ps3 (poor textures, alot of frame rate issues etc).
    it happens with almost all fps games on the ps3, just look at some of the new maps in black ops, if there is alot going on at once, the screen tears a little, and things ‘pop’ in and out, not to mention the frame rate dropping a little (but enough to be noticed).

    and before you girls start, i’m not a fan of either console (i don’t play on the pc either), i just got whichever one was cheapest at the time (despite it being ridiculously poor in terms of customer service).

    • Deric

      The PS3 version of BF3 shown off wasn’t finalized, so DICE still has a lot of improving to do. But no one has seen the 360 version, so it can look pretty much the same. Don’t judge before you’ve seen any real footage of the 360 version.

      • Cyryl

        You’re thinking pretty much what I was going to say. What he said didn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense.,

        Instead, I went with, “You’re hopeless”.

        It’s just easier that way.

      • jwalka

        its a fact – most games are made for 360/pc then ported over to the ps3 due to coding differences (that and the dev team are lazy to properly re-code everything). so the game will without doubt look worse on the ps3 then it will on the 360, much like every game that comes out on all platforms.

        the problem is that dev’s don’t do things the other way around (code for ps3 then port over to 360 and pc) some games that have been made that way have been excellent b/c they’ve used all of the ps3 capabilities and have been scaled down for the 360’s inferior (and low quality) hardware.

        like i said before, i don’t like one console over the other, i’m just stating the facts.

        • iDancethroughshadoWs

          jwalka ive got to agree with you on that. that was the very reason why i switched from ps to xbox. and i have seen a major difference between the two. Oblivion and MoH for example. Bad Company one didnt seem to have as much image tearing on the 360. and BC2 was substantially better on the 360.

        • BFTE

          i hope u realize that BF3 is being made for the PS3 and switched to xbox and this HAS been confirmed by EA why else would they show of the console verison on the PS3 and not the xbox? because there coding for the PS3 and not the xbox learn your facts

    • Cyryl


      You’re hopeless.

    • ATG

      I didn’t notice any of that on PS3, framerate or tearing or whatever. Just that 360 has had better textures in other games. I still don’t think one is better then the other, although I do favor my PS3 more.

    • BFTE

      really? how dare u come across and say the game looks crappy…..EA has already said they love working with the PS3 because it will look better and play better than it will on the 360 why dont u think they used the ps3 to show of the console verison? also cod is made FOR the 360 and is copied to the PS3 so yes there are issues you have no idea what u are talking about not one bit

  • ATG

    Just curious, why is it that every time some bad news comes from BF3, everyone is OK with it? “Oh that’s not bad”, “no big deal” etc. If this was COD ppl would flip.

    Not that this news is BAD, more like inconvenient.

    • connor

      i think its cause the kind of people who play cod is different than that of battlefield. People who prefer Cod prefer it because of its much faster pacing and a disc change is exactly the opposite.

  • Dante

    Man, one disc, two discs, red disc, blue disc…

    Either way get your game on.

    • Cyryl


      Nice. :)

  • DemonX1974

    This should be reason for Xbox to bring back the HD DVD format. That’s if they don’t want to pay Sony for the Bluray format. And the only difference between PS3 & XBOX is the reaction time of the controller. PS3 has no lag compared to the XBOX. I’ve noticed it on certain games I’ve played on both systems. I’m not a fanboy of either console. I’m a fan of excellent GAMES.

    • ATG

      I haven’t noticed any lag in the controllers. Maybe you’re sitting too far? Lol

  • Oh Rly?

    Some people really need to read before they post rubbish. I checked a website which compares the graphics of multi-platform games and the Xbox 360 tends to win 60% of the time. I mean the Xbox has built in HDR which makes a huge difference on how the game looks!

    I think the PS3 only really shines on exclusives such MGS4 and Drake’s Fortune. Xbox’s exclusives aren’t that impressive or I’m getting to used them and to console graphics.

    I looked Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and the shadows are so much better! The textures for both consoles are the same though.

    The Xbox doesn’t have inferior hardware. If I remember correctly, the PS3 is twice as fast as the Xbox but it’s GPU isn’t as good which is why it makes up by utilising the CPU. The Xbox has more RAM which is why it supports cross-game chat. The PS3 will never have that because Sony even stated they lacked enough RAM to support it.

    I think the game will be near identical on consoles, but will only shine on PC! Two discs doesn’t bother me considering that it isn’t hard to change discs, especially if they separate SP and MP.

    • DemonX1974

      By lag I meant the reaction time of the controllers. And I have read up on the specs of the 2 systems. I see a tiny difference between the 2 systems when they are running. I assume you are an XBOX fanboy. If the XBOX is so superior why haven’t they fixed the issue with the red ring of death. I have friends who dump stupid amounts of money on new XBOXes just to have it happen over & over again. I have both. Thank god I’m one of the few that it hasn’t happened to.

      • iDancethroughshadoWs

        dude one of the MANY it hasnt happened to. they FIXED THE RROD! and there is NO lag in the 360 OR the ps3 controller.

      • ATG

        A few years back I saw a statistic about console failures, I’m sure its different now but here’s what I remember.

        50% of 360 owners had failure due to manufacturers defects. 30% of people who had it replaced experienced failure AGAIN. I’m one of those losers lol my 3rd 360 is fine but I barely use it now.
        Only 11% of ps3 owners experienced a system failure.

  • Oh Rly?

    For people who want to compare PS3 graphics vs the Xbox 360’s, go to this website.

    • Cyryl

      DNS resolves and IP responds ICMP but…

      No dice. It’s not loading.


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      Reply from bytes=32 time=51ms TTL=50
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