‘Battlefield 3′ TV Spot Features Jab at ‘Call of Duty’

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Battlefield 3 TV Spot Jabs Call of Duty

If there was any question in your mind that Electronic Arts wasn’t making a wholehearted attempt to take Call of Duty’s crown, we bring you exhibit A: the newest TV spot for Battlefield 3. Not only is the trailer filled with many of the glowing words various news outlets have said about the game — including its selection as the GamesCom 2011 game of the show — but it also includes the new slogan for the game.

That slogan, “Above and Beyond the Call,” is clearly a potshot at Activision’s extremely lucrative franchise, but one that is subtle enough not to ruffle too many feathers. We doubt that any of the Call of Duty team will be happy to see said slogan, but hopefully it adds a little fuel to their creative fire.

Critical praise and clever tagline aside, the trailer does showcase the many facets of the Battlefield 3 experience that have gamers excited. Featuring a much more polished and involved single player experience, along with DICE’s trademark multiplayer panache, Battlefield 3 is meant to be the title that evolves the Call of Duty formula into something gamers haven’t seen before.

Yes, it will still satisfy die-hard fans of the series, but will also attempt to entice some new ones. And then, of course, there is the Frostbite 2.0 engine which takes gamers pre-conceived notions of what is possible in video game visuals and throws them out the window. Needless to say, there is enough to back up the “going above and beyond the call.”

With Battlefield 3 releasing two weeks before Modern Warfare 3 — ostensibly giving the title a leg up against its biggest competition — that gives the marketing folks at Activision some time to think up a clever retort. While Activision has vowed to stay out of the mud-slinging business, even after EA’s John Riccitiello said he hopes Call of Duty “rots from the core,” creating a clever slogan provides like Battlefield 3‘s allows deniability.

What do you think of Battlefield 3’s tagline? Too obvious or pitch perfect? What type of tagline response would you like to see Modern Warfare 3 roll out?

Battlefield 3 releases October 25, 2011 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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  • ATG

    Haha I love it!

  • iDancethroughshadoWs

    nice. i wish they would choose better music though

    • Sean “Blackjoker” P

      Agree. They will bleep a few words out if it aired for TV.

    • vermin

      horible horible music.
      me want SOAD

  • james

    can’t wait to kill ppl wit the jets and like always pawn with the tanks

  • Willo

    The fanboys are gonna love it. I couldn’t care less, I will buy both of them.BF3 will be the better game, but COD will kill them in sales, it won’t even be close.

  • Spider-Abu

    LOL I loved how the “ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL” slogan was like vibrating and pulsing soo bad, it made me laugh. But I do wish they chose a more techno style/dubstepz style song for this one, not a rap fan here. :S

  • SV

    I love the slogan- obvious enough to make the reference without sounding as arrogant as “CoD we are better than you in every way.” Although that might be fitting as well 😀

    I was a bit taken back by the music at first but after seeing it a second time it grew on me. If it were my choice though, I would have gone with classical/piano music throughout the trailer but with the sound effects over it. So when youre reading the accolades they put on screen its simply classical/piano music but when its game footage you hear tanks/jets/explosions/guns etc. Would have made a nice contrast and been more attention grabbing in my opinion. Besides, BF3 is shaping up to be a masterpiece so what’s more fitting than classical? hahaha

  • brandon

    Nice! Tasteful way of throwing some mud in Activision’s eye!

  • Tay

    Wow no rap fans lol. To each their own but I love the song and it fits perfectly with this commercial because the song is a potshot at COD also. “99 problems but a b***h ain’t one”. As in COD isn’t a problem to them, LOVE IT! Good job EA. At first I was wondering why they would pick that out of all the songs in the world but it make sense when you think about it for a sec.

    • handsomereaper

      Glad to see I’m not the only one who gets it. This game is amazing.

    • Theo667

      Lol didn’t realize that for a minute…


    hahahaha nice!
    Im not a fanboy
    this is my first time ever buying a battlefield game and actually…
    I’ve never played battlefield but I pre-ordered it and I gotta say…
    Battlefield 3 is gonna be better
    “above and beyond the Call”
    I believe it!!!
    Frostbite 2 is my proof of its success!!!

  • Chas

    Modern Warfare 3. Dominating the battlefield… And I don’t care too much for someone like John Riccitiello working for EA, I’ll just ignore him.

    • http://facebook.com Kyle

      Battlefield is a piece of crap. Why take potshots like a baby?? You are right Chas.

      • ablebob

        looks like we got another troll in here.

  • Steve

    I think it’s hilarious that EA are so insecure in their own boots they have to take potshots at Activision. Gamers dont care. If the game is good, we’ll play it! Stop wasting effort badmouthing other companies and focus on your own output! personally, I’ll end up buying both. EA are only making themselves look bad by taking the low road.

    • Theo667

      Throwing the BS flag here. CoD fanboy detected.

  • Sky

    99 Donuts because a bitch ate one. :p

    • ahomicidaltaco

      1000000000000000000+ internets to you sir

  • Quartyd

    ummm no this is not them “poking” at COD. “Above and beyond the call of duty” is a real saying that the military uses. It doesn’t have “of duty” in it because EA already knows that Activision will have a media heart attack about it and say that B3 is stealing their title. Welcome to the world of media.

  • http://facebook.com Kyle

    Really, like Steve said, it is so said that EA is so bad it tries to demote Call of Duty because there game SUCKS.

  • Jeff M

    Sick and tired of all this fanboy bs. In MW3 you’re gonna have people camp their way to killstreaks, in BF3 you’re gonna have those homos that sit in a tank the whole game. Both titles look awesome, unfortunately alot of the retards on this post are just narrow-minded sheep spewing out whatever they saw on G4 or some game site. Think for yourselves idiots…

  • Lonley Pixel

    Haha thats funny. Its literally a spit and a slap in the face for COD… Ehh Activision deserves it for ruining the BEST WW2 franchise ever!

  • Theo667

    I think people are reading a bit too much into the slogan. Yes, I know that EA and Dice are playing the namecalling game with CoD, but people forget where CoD got it’s name and where BF3’s getting its slogan from. It’s from the saying “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty,” which has a ton more meaning than just an insult to CoD.

    Besides that, I Alpha tested this game, and it still blows me away. The music kinda grew on me, just cause it’s so fitting in a sense of badassery.

  • Adrenalynx

    I usually just read these articles and leave no comments, but this time i have to. Notice how all the BF fanboys talk about a “troll” because a fan of CoD says something? wow. do you fanboys ever say anything against CoD? EVERY TIME! So thats a pot calling a kettle black. As for who actually makes the better game? I would have to say CoD by a long shot. i have BFBC and BFBC2, and those games usually gather dust for a long time until i decide to play em once in a while. Vehicles are a FAR UNFAIR advantage in BF, the controls SUUUCCCKKKK and can’t be re-mapped. Every one and their mother just sits behind a wall or pile of rubble and snipes from the other side of the game field, IF they arent flying a helicopter or riding in a tank. Traversing the too large maps is a pain in the butt after each death, and spawning on a teamate is horrible, cause you usually get “spawn-camped” on when you do. CoD has it’s issues, such as campers, spawn campers, and ridiculous killstreaks sometimes (such as the nuke in MW2, but over all.. it’s WAY more fun than BFBC. I can set my controls to a usable level, (r2 for a knife in BFBC is RETARDED, as is EVERY control layout for vehicles, i can spawn and get some fun in before dying most of the time (BFBC usually leaves you dead in an empty field just trying to GET somewhere from some lousy sniper shot, or flyby helicopter)and you get a lot more team diversity, considering oh.. several MILLION people will be playing CoD titles, whereas BFBC titles MIGHT have a few hundred thousand, and half of those are just “trying it out” before going back to CoD titles. I play Black Ops every day. I play BFBC about 1 or 2 times a month.. if that. and a few other things to note off of others comments.. Activision did NOT ruin WW2 franchise, seeing as how World at War was probably the best WW2 title to date, they simply expanded onto newer things, cause lets face it.. WW2 was PLAYED OUT. not just by them, WW2 titles have been around FOREVER. lets focus on some other wars. and secondly, who in the hell listens to dubstep? Thats a music genre that’ll be gone in 5 years or less. Not to mention the name DUBSTEP sounds like a dance for crippled people. I agree the music shoulda been somethin other than it was for this particular trailer, but NOT that crap. Rap is fine with me, but a heavy metal jam would have been more suiting. Afgter playing the HORRIBLE beta for BFBC3, i think i chose wisely in pre ordering my MW3 hardened edition, and i’ll be playing spec ops survival with enthusiasm, while you BFBC owners will be hootin and hollerin about all the problems with your game.

  • Lol

    Your a complete retard if u can’t see that COD is recycled every year, go camp in your corners, and talk to little kids. You don’t see them often in BF as you can’t just pick up and be good at it. It will have less sales because less kids will ask their mummy to buy it for them, simple as that.

    • Jeff M

      Why camp when you can just jump in a tank like a little puzzy…