Retail Copies Of Battlefield 3 To Require Origin

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Battlefield 3 Requires Origin

Following the unfortunate news that Battlefield 3 will not be available on Steam, EA has added more for fans to be disappointed with, announcing that Battlefield 3 will require the Origin client to run in the background while you play, even if one purchases the title at retail.  No word has yet been given on whether or not Origin will still be required if one purchases Battlefield 3 digitally from another online retailer, though given EA’s persistence on pushing Origin into the spotlight it is likely that it will be a requirement no matter what.

The forced use of Origin will definitely be a problem to those who wanted to purchase a retail title in order to avoid the Origin client, which many feel will just be a hassle to use. This decision could spur higher sales of the console versions as PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers need not worry about using the Origin client to log in.

EA’s digital service has received flak from both fans and developers alike, and this move will most likely ignite a flame among many. While Origin does bring more competition to the industry and while we understand it’s Battlelog features, many gamers are more than comfortable with Steam already, and everyone would rather use one service than be forced to install and run two or more on their PCs.

One of the biggest problems this can present is that Origin (and Steam as well) both require power to run which can end up slowing down games. Gamers who prefer to game without a client like Steam or Origin running will now have to dedicate some resources to make sure the client and the game can run properly.

Battlefield 3 Requires Origin 2

EA is certainly causing a lot of unnecessary trouble for themselves with the controversy surrounding Battlefield 3, not a good way to as we near the game’s release and after generating such positive buzz previously. From the inclusion of an Online Pass to the forced use of the Origin Client, EA aren’t really portraying themselves in a positive light to PC Gamers, who are no doubt still upset about the decision to not release Battlefield 3 on Steam. The only way that EA could make things worse for themselves is if they require the upcoming Battlefield 3 novel to use the Origin client, they’ll find a way.

Will you still be picking up Battlefield 3 on the PC despite the inclusion of the Origin client?

Battlefield 3 will release for October 25th for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • Nick

    I’ve happily pre-ordered on Origin, I don’t even care. I have 8GB of ram, I run Origin and Steam at the same time anyway. As long as I can run BF3 as a non-steam game, I am happy.

    • Derk

      You probably hear this alot but..I want to shot you in the face.

  • Troopzor

    This actually may keep me from buying BF3….. Unfortunate.

  • John

    Until they open up origin to non ea games, like steam does, and actually creates a good service, like steam does, and offers mac osx support, like steam does, I will not be buying an origin only game.

  • Jeff

    I really don’t see what the big deal is. Get their third party service and play an awesome game. Not asking anyone to endorse it. If they see that their “steam” isn’t making the same type of money that steam is, they’ll cut it off. They’re entitled to have their own system on their games just like Valve is entitled to have their own for their games. I promise no one was whining that Portal 2 needed Steam in order to play, so I don’t see what the big deal is on Origin.

    And John, just fyi, steam’s mac osx support is very new.

    • Anthony Mole

      The problem with Origin (from the point of many disgruntled PC gamers) is that it’s just unnecessary. Many people are comfortable with Steam and now they need to open a new client just to play one game. As well, in the Origin ToS it says that accounts or games that have been inactive for two+ years will be shut down. So if someone purchases BF3 from Origin and then doesn’t play it for two years they might have to buy it all over again.

      • Hard Pore Corn

        Who the heck is going to be off Battlefield 3 for two years? I doubt a gamer could stay off of it for two days.

        I agree though, account time limits are incredibly annoying and seem unnecessary. Luckily I’m getting Battlefield 3 on console =3

        Next thing you know, Origin is going to be a $5/month service. STOP THE MADNESS!

  • Nick

    My tingling spidey sense is telling me this was more EA’s head honchos doing than DICE.

  • Niels

    If true this is very unfortunate. I was just going to buy the retail version as I usually do. I don’t care about Steam, but this is lame..

  • side-fish

    This is unfortunate. To think I was going to get away from DRMs with BF3. STEAM sucks. To play a game offline, you need to connect to the internet first. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to play any STEAM games offline. If you’re out of reach of the internet and realize the game you want to play is not fully updated, you won’t be able to play offline. I wish Origins will rid these retarded offline hurdles.

    To the guy that said two years of inactivity risk, that’s completely insane! Are they trying to kill the game?!

  • maru

    theyre just gonna open the freakin third party programs! or rather add Origin as your non steam game; LAZY bummers!

  • Duke

    Hardly a way to increase sales and prevent piracy of the game. This will force even more people down the piracy route by waiting for the game to be cracked (which the groups always manage to do any way, no matter what measures the suits dream up)

    • Time Lincoln

      i would never condone that sort of thing, thats why im going to legally buy Mass Effect 3 when it comes out on origin.

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