‘Battlefield 3′ May Only Allow Players To Have One Soldier

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Battlefield 3 To Limit Players To One Profile Each

There’s no denying that Battlefield 3 is shaping up to be one of the biggest releases of the year. Not only has the series remained strong over the years, but the newest iteration promises to push the series even further both in terms of graphics and gameplay. Despite the enormous amount of hype surrounding the upcoming title though, yet another recent move by EA may leave gamers scratching their heads.

In previous iterations of the series, players have had the ability to create multiple soldiers or profiles, providing them with the ability to return to the beginning of the multiplayer progression so that they can have a fresh start. Not only this, but it also allowed players to choose the names for their soldiers. This may all be changing with Battlefield 3, as each player’s soldier is linked to their Origin account. This comes after Electronic Arts‘ announcement that all copies of Battlefield 3, whether digital or retail, will require the use of Origin.

According to Daniel Matros of DICE, “your name is linked to your Origin persona.” This means that players may be required to use their Origin account name as the name of their soldier. If this is the case, players will no longer have the ability to change the name of their soldier unless they opt to modify their actual Origin account.

Coupled with the outrage exhibited by gamers after finding out that the game would require Origin, this news will no doubt add fuel to the fire. While simply making use of the service was enough to anger some gamers, the fact that the service may also place limitations on features from previous iterations of the series is sure to only intensify the negative reaction (and Activision couldn’t be happier).

While it can be argued that this limitation may change before Battlefield 3 sees its release, the odds are against this claim. Electronic Arts are intent on pushing (forcing?) Origin as a viable competitor to Steam. After announcing that the upcoming title would not be available on Steam, there’s no doubt that Electronic Arts plans to use Battlefield 3 to fight for control of the market and while strong Origin integration would no doubt aid in this, placing these limitations on players seems counter-intuitive and may only serve to push them away.

With the game’s release quickly approaching though, it’s only a matter of time before players can get their hands on the game and decide for themselves whether EA has managed to effectively integrate their Origin service into Battlefield 3. Despite any anger that some gamers may feel, there is still a lot to be excited about with the recent detailing of the game’s unlocks as well as the game’s Battlelog feature.

Are you disappointed that you may be limited to a single profile in Battlefield 3? Do you think it was a smart move on EA’s part to focus so strongly on their integration with Origin?

Battlefield 3 will release for October 25th for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • Derek K.

    Why? It’s like game companies sit around and say “Okay, let’s find something people like, and then randomly take it away!” Between this, Ubisoft’s horrible DRM, Diablo III having no offline/mod support, I really wonder where these ideas come from.

    When it was announced BF3 would require Origin, I didn’t mind, because it makes sense, and Origin seems to be a reasonably good product. Now, I’m glad I’m getting BF3 on console, rather than PC….

  • jwalka

    people who cry about having to use origin are lazy conformist morons with no clue wtf they’re doing.
    i highly doubt this will be the case, they’ll more then likely come to a compromise for this little issue. i highly doubt they’ll leave it at that it will cost them sales, and after all the talk of them catering the game for PC users.

    i’m a console gamer, so this doesn’t really bother me, well it does, b/c if they don’t meet EA’s expectations (in terms of sales) they might get a smaller budget for their next title. so long as they don’t go with THQ’s regime – ‘shut down a studio if it doesn’t make a ton of cash within a week of release’.

    • Derek K.

      EA doesn’t have a really great reputation for catering to players of late. They have, in fact, done things that are counter to what gamers have asked for, so I’m not sure that they’ll care unless it becomes a huge issue. Simply saying “they won’t do something that costs sales” isn’t born out by their recent track record.

      And I hate to pull the “console gamer” card, since I spend at least half my time on consoles, but if you’re not a PC gamer, then you won’t get why having to run Steam, Origin, and another client or two (now, who knows what it will be eventually) is a big deal….

      • jwalka

        besides slowing down the pc i dont see any other reason why someone would get pissed off having to make multiple accounts, when the system in the end is the same bs as the one before it. humans are creatures of habit, when something new/different is introduced they attack it and refuse to acknowledge it, give it time and the nay sayers will be siding with it.

  • Manny

    Origin just keeps getting more and more dubious. I don’t expect that to end any time soon – EA has a reputation.

  • GreNaDeTeSTeR

    I really don’t see the big deal with Origin requirement. Valve did the same thing with Half Life 2 and Steam years ago and look how that turned out. The Alpha ran super smooth, the interface was nice and it surprisingly used a lot less memory than Steam. I love Steam and have a stupidly large amount of games (damn impulse buying on those front screen deals), but I think EA makes great games and has the right to try and compete.

  • ATG

    On console we have to sign into Origin (only once to register I THINK) to play online. Same thing with Ubisoft’s Uplay. I could be mistaken I haven’t played either publishers game in a while. I don’t see how this is an issue with Origin only and one soldier.

  • Branden

    I agree with this actually, call me crazy but it would be no different that COD allowing you to have only one soldier. People need to realize that with every new account created EA needs to pay for them, no matter what. EA did not specify which platform will require Origin, ATG is probably right they may do it the same way as Ubisoft but we can only see when October comes, personally this change will not directly affect my love for the series. Battlefield has always been one of those games you can go back to and enjoy, even if they limit players to one soldier per account but they are making up for it with the number of unlocks it sounds like. EA cares about the players, a lot of other companies do not. I’m not gonna point any fingers but there was a certain MMO destroyed by a decision that could have been thrown out the window. Anyways, I will buy this game no matter what. BF has always been better than COD imo and my thoughts on that are not gonna change.

  • skaar

    is E.A. trying to destroy DICE? wth are they thinking every week they pile on some other piece of E.A. crap that makes me cringe when i hear it.. the consumer un-friendly tactics of E.A. well insure no matter how good this game is it will be outsold by C.O.D. no matter what now.

    • ATG

      I can’t believe someone WOULD NOT buy this because of this, am I part of a minority that doesn’t see it as an issue?

      • Branden

        I think it will work out fine, people like to follow their thoughts through to the immediate negative end. A small change such as this will not destroy the game imo.

  • Ops31337

    so sick of hearing about this and COD and GOW, I’m over it. Not buying any of them.

  • Abrams

    i just can’t see how people think this is good, what’s wrong with making multiple account (it’s not like i do it), on http://gamerant.com/battlefield-3-requires-origin-mole-99670/ it says “One of the biggest problems this can present is that Origin (and Steam as well) both require power to run which can end up slowing down games”

    And i really hate game that lags, but i’ve been BF’s fan for a long time, what should i do