Hacker Group Releases ‘Battlefield 3’ on PC With No Origin Requirements

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While Battlefield 3 itself is a great game (read our Battlefield 3 console review), it’s no secret that for the PC (read: the better) version of the game, EA is on a bender to enforce EA Origin accounts on those who want to play the game – even to users who purchase Battlefield 3 retail editions and not through the digital service. Origin, while required, is still in “Beta” and is well-known for being plagued with problems and customer service issues, and most don’t want to make the transition – a few, even, have boycotted the game because of this.

Now, however, longstanding game hack group Razor 1911 have come up with an executable file fix for Battlefield 3 which completely bypasses the requirement to have an Origin account, allowing gamers all around the world to play without one.

The group – only three years younger than Electronic Arts themselves – have been releasing cracked versions and fixes for loads of video games for over twenty years now, and are recognized worldwide as the number one go-to source for such items. They’re no stranger to the Battlefield series, having released the full version of Battlefield 2142 four days before it was out in stores. They’ve got a tough stance on brutal DRM and EA’s ‘control’ over gamer’s information, unleashing some choice words in their official release statement:

“Razor1911 doesn’t accept and support the online DRM “Origin” from EA. This release is dedicated to our fans worldwide who bought this game [the] legal way and don’t want to install the trojan from Electronic Arts to play online.”

While the crack has been verified to be currently working, it’s likely that Electronic Arts will be working alongside DICE to discover a way to remove the users who aren’t tied to a legit EA Origins account. There’s a chance that players using the crack my get banned from using the client if they’re detected, so if you decide to go out and search for the Razor 1911 fix, be aware.

Regardless of whether you’re playing by EA’s rules or not, here’s some great Battlefield 3 multiplayer tips to enhance your experience on the front lines. There’s probably going to be an influx of users coming in while the Origin bypass is in place, so there’s bound to be some newbies to torment on each server. Let ’em have it!

As Razor 1911 said, “EA Trojan – It’s in the game… ehm… It was in the game!”.

What is your stance on the release? What do you think about the Origin and its requirements?

Of course, this in no way affects those of you who purchased Battlefield 3 for your consoles.

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