‘Battlefield 3′ Patch Includes New Squad Interface, Battlelog Features

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New Squad Interface and Patch for BF3

Ever since the release of Battlefield 3, various glitches, exploits, and annoying bugs that have plagued the game. With these glitches comes the requisite cheaters as well, with hundreds of gamers taking advantage of some of the holes in the game. DICE promised gamers that a client-side fix was in the pipeline that would address many of the issues being raised by legitimate gamers, and they have followed through on that promise with the first patch for Battlefield 3.

Not only will the client and server update try to eliminate the glitches and various cheaters who are running around the virtual battlefield right now, but it is DICE‘s intention that the patch will help the PC crowd run the game much more smoothly. Given the steep list of system requirements for Battlefield 3 on PC, this is a very welcome update to say the least.

Besides the general improvements to performance and loading times, here is a list of some of the key fixes for the client-side of the update:

  • “Black Screen” fix for an issue occurring on some PC configurations
  • Stereo and rendering support for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards
  • Fixed crashing issue for multiplayer and co-op sessions
  • Fixed the negative mouse acceleration issue
  • Cannot damage a friendly vehicle when sitting in an open position
  • Eliminated spawning next to enemies in TDM, SQDM, or Conquest
  • Balancing tweaks for weapons
  • Fixed a problem regarding key bindings while playing
  • Join Squad interface modified (see below)

A few server-side updates were made, including the EOD Bot exploit fix and various crash fixes. Support for unranked servers was added, as well. A full list of the features in the entire update can be found in the Battlelog.

As mentioned above, several tweaks to Squad functionality will make it easier to play with friends. Initially, the servers attempted to equal each side, so joining with friends could impact the balance of the game, while joining with platoons made the situation even worse. On the PC, players can now highlight several squads and select which one they wish to join. The Squad Privacy option still allows players to make 2-man Squads, which can lead to no squad position in 64-player sessions.

Battlefield 3 PC Squad Selection

For the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Battlefield 3, a patch is coming shortly, but due to the consoles’ certification processes, it will be released after the already-available PC version. After the patch is applied, players will be able to cycle through the list and select which Squad they wish to join.

Considering the laundry list of changes that were implemented with this first update, Battlefield 3 has earned high marks from this gamer, especially with the holiday shopping season bearing down on us. With more glitches sure to be found, one can only hope that DICE eliminates them in just as timely a fashion as they have done here, and that the entire process does not become some big game of whack-a-mole.

What do you think of the first Battlefield 3 patch? What do you want to see addressed in the next update?

Battlefield 3 is now available for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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  • Jjjjj

    Really. The squad interface didn’t change much, except for the fact that there is now a 75% chance of even getting in a squad. :/ That and the A-91 is terribly overpowered now.

  • Random

    Oh please – this is all a case of “too little too late”

    Most of these bugs should have been identified in the beta release and fixed then!

    Why dont they fix some of the real problems of the game.

    1.) Movement in game before games start
    2.) Post game chat
    3.) In game server finder (or lack there of) – get rid of that browser crap
    4.) New maps
    5.) Fix the chopper follow camera
    6.) Fix the choppers – they fly like sloppy jelly….
    7.) and above all – fix the knifing which misses when your standing right next to someone!

    • BFTE_

      okay I’m lost because I haven’t even had ANY of these problems.

      1. What do you mean movement before the start of the game?

      2. I’m happy there isnt post game chat because it protects me from having to hear someone talk smack to me over the win or lose they got.

      3. I love the browser it makes find a game with alot of my friends alot easier.

      4. New maps? they come out in dec.

      5. The chopper camera seems fine to me.

      6. The choppers are harder to fly and they can’t fly like sloppy jelly because I’ve seen people do amazing things with them.

      7. Do you mean when your right in they way trying to knife someone that can SEE you?

      • Appsin

        I’m Personally A Beast At Flying Choppers So Idk What Random is Talking About There (Maybe He’s A Noob?) But I Do Take Issue With The Knifing To Idk Why They Went For Fancy Stuff That Doesn’t Work I Loved Knifing In BF:BC2 Is Was Simple And It WORKED! Ive Missed So Many Kills Because I Wasnt Standing Correctly OR Whatever And End Up Just Swinging My Knife And Scratching There Back With It Then They Turn And Kill Me, So If They Fixed The Knifing And The Defibrillator i.e. Sometimes I Just Stand There Hitting There Body And They Never Res, Id Be Happy With This Game

  • BFTE_

    I cant wait to see if the fixes work I love bf3 and it will make me happy when they fix the very small things wrong with it. Also im looking forward to the new map pack they are coming out with. It looks like its going to be fun.

  • duncan

    would like the mobile spawn point to be fixed so u don’t appear in mid air

    • akimbomerc

      Mobile spawns placed indoors will spawn indoors, those placed outside will spawn you outside, or in your case, in the air. Respawning as a difference class after being a Recon will keep the spawn intact.

      You’ve been learned rookie.

  • Josh

    Still haven’t add ‘Chat’ in Co-op Mode? C’mon man, In co-op with another player that you don’t know who still need the communication for better teamwork. I already posted that in the BF forums. -__-

  • Michael D

    There are alott of things that dice can do to improve this game.
    1. When new Playstation and xbox come out up the players to 64
    2. Fix problem with goin out of map
    3.Allow you to change class before game
    4.Fix the suicide killcam

  • Random

    To clarify

    1.) Movement in game before games start
    – Before a game starts – when you are “waiting for players to connect” you are stuck in the same position and cannot move. For example: if you need 8 players for the server to kickstart, you are stuck just waiting, you cant go and mess about.
    2.) Post game chat
    – Would you like to wish you other players “GG”? or “congratulations after a scrim”?
    3.) In game server finder (or lack there of) — get rid of that browser crap
    – If consoles have in game finder – why cant PC? and have a proper “friends match up” system built into the game?
    4.) New maps
    – That one I will givey ou.
    5.) Fix the chopper follow camera
    – ever tried flying the transport chopper in 3rd person and wanted to look to the left – to where the gun fire is coming from without rotating your whole chopper in that direction?
    6.) Fix the choppers — they fly like sloppy jelly…
    – This point can be argued and comes down to each player
    7.) and above all — fix the knifing which misses when your standing right next to someone!

    No im talking about all the times i have out flanked people and snuck up behind them, and when they are not moving, looking down an ally, and im standing right behind them, and press the knife button and it misses, and then the person then realises im right there and then turn around and shoot me!

    Also with the knifing: if im in a very hot gun fight with 4 people, I will empty my main clip, then my pistol then go to knife, the problem is if 2 people are left, the knifing scene takes too long, and i cant get round to killing the second person because of the knifing scene.

    there is also one point i would like to add to the above

    there lack of “listening to gaming community” (nerfing, browser plugin etc)

  • RRS187

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