Rocksteady’s ‘Batman: Arkham World’ Teased, But Not Happening

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Batman Arkham World Teased Not Happening

It would be an understatement to say that Rocksteady Studios is currently sitting atop a high horse in the games industry, having more than exceeded expectations with this year’s Batman: Arkham City, and receiving the nod for best Action/Adventure game from the Spike VGAs – check out our review if you doubt it deserved it. The game wasn’t the only thing to earn some praise at the show, as Batman’s main villain was crowned as the fans’ favorite character of the year.

In his acceptance speech, the Mark Hamill-voiced Joker let more than his gratitude show though, apparently ‘leaking’ the title of Rocksteady’s next journey in the Arkham universe. Could Batman: Arkham World be the next game in the series?

No. Unequivocally, indisputably, no. Let’s put a stop to this speculation right now, since the ridiculous absurdity and obnoxiousness of the proposed title is enough to say that Batman is more likely to become Joker’s sidekick than for this to be real. Aside from the fact that the title makes no sense within the context of the games, the apparent lack of a sense of humor among some news outlets is mostly to blame for any speculation that this is actually a ‘reveal,’ ‘leak,’ or ‘unofficial announcement.’

First off, the accidental ‘reveal’ of the title, and Joker’s reaction of ‘Whoops: Spoiler!’ is clearly meant for a bit of levity, and if the executives at Rocksteady could see the fervor and enthusiasm that some are already reacting with online, they would surely be rolling their eyes. Is there a sequel coming from Rocksteady? Almost definitely. Anytime soon? In our collective dreams.

If it took the developers over two years to bring Arkham City to the world after releasing Arkham Asylum, then it will most likely take at least that long to bring the next game. So there’s no use wasting any time or energy speculating on what the game may focus on, since the developers themselves are unlikely to have made those decisions themselves.

Batman Arkham City Sequel

It’s reasonable to think that the next game will be bigger and better than previous ones, but only if there’s a story good enough to bring the developers back. Lest we forget, the studio still has big plans for episodic story DLC, not to mention completely designed – and completely underutilized – characters in Nightwing and Robin, both of whom are begging to be given more screen time. It’s a safe bet that the team will be working to make the most out of the massive game they’ve already spent years perfecting, before thinking about the next project.

If the next game does go bigger, and seeks a city-sized environment, it stands to reason that it would be Batman: Gotham City. Unlike ‘Arkham World,’ this title does not imply that the game will be an MMO aimed at young adults, but a logical step forward for Batman’s video game incarnation. The title could be neither of these, and Rocksteady might actually be in the planning stages of bringing an entirely different superhero to life. But if there is one thing we can say with absolute certainty, it is that the next game will absolutely not be Batman: Arkham World.

The larger map, the expansion of possible transportation modes (batmobile, please?) and the inevitable increase in villains and criminals that setting the game within Gotham City – you know, the city Batman lives in – makes far more sense. We can’t even think of a story convention that would make the existence of an ‘Arkham World’ plausible. The world’s worst theme park, perhaps?

Rocksteady Batman Gotham City

Of course, for those of you who have finished the game’s main campaign – No Spoilers! – know that the entire premise for this leak is impossible and clearly just played for laughs. Believe us, when Rocksteady is working on a new game, and when it may or may not have a working title we’ll bring you all the details. But for now, spare yourself the future embarrassment and don’t ask your friends questions about the possible plot of ‘Arkham World.’ You’ll thank us later.

To get an idea of what Rocksteady has already accomplished, be sure to pick up Batman: Arkham City for the PC, PS3 or Xbox 360.

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  • Sin

    I’m not sure I really like this article… “Let us bring you to your senses”? Does that not sound condescending to anyone else? Well, Andrew Dyce… Your article is plagued with grammatical errors and an obvious need for a space button on your computer. I don’t mean to sound like an ass when I mention the errors either, but there are a lot here…

    The idea of ‘Arkham World’, while silly, is something that couldn’t hurt to think about. The Joker’s little “acceptance speech”/spoiler was more than likely supposed to be taken as a joke, but why is that a reason to not speculate about the future of this series being worldwide? Obviously, it’s not going to happen – but, the way this article is written and directed, it’s as if you’re trying to break the news that Santa isn’t real to your child.

    “Son, let me bring you to your senses!”

    • Sin

      “sindustry” – 1st paragraph (industry)
      “Unlike’Arkham World,’” – 7th paragraph (space & , on the outside)
      “‘Arkham World.’” – Last paragraph (period outside)x

      A couple that I’ve seen.

      • LOLuSTUPID

        It’s funny how you think you’re so smart, but in actuality, periods and commas are supposed to be inside of the quotations.

        • Sin

          LOLuSTUPID – Alright, well that takes part of the grammatical errors. My mistake, to be fair I’m sick as a dog and had 2 hours of sleep last night.

          I still don’t like the article though.

        • Ken J


          Yah, I was going to say the same thing when I read that, but saw your response. lol

          • Sin

            My bad. I made a mistake. I still don’t like the article and there are still errors lol.

            I guess I just don’t like the tone of the article as Brandon pointed out down below (and Rob and Andrew put him in his place). I know the sound of ‘Arkham World’ sounds ridiculous, but who knows what they can come up with.

            You can’t just throw a name out just because it sounds idiotic. I mean look at the new ‘Metal Gear’ name… Haha

          • Ken J

            I get you. Trust me, if or when I point out grammatical or punctuation errors, sometimes it’s just because it’s something that bothers me, not because I’m trying to make you sound dumb or whatever. Everyone makes those mistakes, even grammar nazi’s like myself…

    • Dragonborn

      What a troll….get lost loser.

      • Sin

        How am I a troll? I have been coming to Screen Rant for years and Game Rant since it began. I just really didn’t agree with this article at all. It just seemed condescending to me and I didn’t agree with it.

      • BillyBob

        Says the guy whose name is “Dragonborn”

        Take an arrow in the knee and GTFO

        • Zero_Fear1

          Funniest thing i’ve read on these forums.

    • Dave

      @Sin You are exactly right

      • Sin

        Thank you, Dave.

    • Rob Keyes

      Relax, it’s just an editorial response to sites actually reporting “Arkham World” as if that’s a confirmation of the next game.

      We all know another is coming, it will not be named that unless it’s an MMO (which is not happening).

  • Tom

    I doubt that there will be a sequel even though i would love to see one. They have a lot of things to think about if they will do a sequel, like more villains and possibly play as Robin or nightwing.

    • Merc4Hire

      I disagree, there will be another game after Arkham City, not anytime soon maybe 3 to 4 years and maybe for next gen consoles but not soon. If you played through the game there is evidence of that (from side missions to hidden areas) not spoiling, Arkham World title doesn’t seem to make sense and doubt this will be the name.

  • hanzo

    IMO They could easily call the 3rd and final just “Batman:Gotham City” Itd be awesome to glide around gotham. Theres so much you could do. Have talia come back as the main protagonist. She could have been brought to the Pit by her subordinates to save her life. who knows.. so many ideas but all i know is i would like to be on top of Wayne Tower looking down at gotham city

  • Greybeard93

    I know that Rocksteady is a WB Company, but I would have really liked to see what they would have done with Captain America. O-wells.

  • sporeboy100

    cmon Rocksteady, my beef is with you after you gave me one of the best games on my XBOX, one of the best since Mario 64

  • Spike

    Arkham World was mentioned in Zero Punctuations review of Arkham City, saying Rocksteady has fallen into the Mario trap “Mario World, then Galaxy, what’s next? Arkham World? Arkham Universe?” something like that.

  • brandon

    Arkham State? Arkham Island (Too much like asylum?)? IDK, Arkham World would not work, unless you get to drive the batwing around, and hopefully, the batmobile…

    I kinda hope they make arkham world, have it so that you can fly the batwing to get to place to place.

    Maybe arkham city have been divided? one on an island, another the same as the second, one outside metropolis or star city? That way, batman has to go from place to place to discover what EXACTLLY is happening… My guess, Ras al Ghul has something to do with it, and brought SOMEONE back from his Lazarus pit…

  • Mc65

    if they move forward with another game it will be based in the whole of Gotham after a earthquake that occurs in the comics, the entire mysterious stranger side quest and some unlock able info in game is pointing towards the comic event no mans land

    • Wolffe

      If you have watched Batman: Under The Red Hood, you would know that the Lazuraz Pit can bring people back to life like Ra’s tried to do to Jason Todd. Maybe he used the pit to bring the Joker back to life. Or when he stabbed himself with that sword falling from Wonder Tower, he didn’t die. But that sounds like a foolish statement. The next title will PROBABLY be Batman: Gotham City. We will most likely be able to use the batmobile and the batwing. It will most likely have the batcave and wayne manor at the least. That’s all I can say now, I don’t know much about this new game, and am still in to Arkham City.

  • ATG

    I like the Gotham City idea, on next-gen consoles. And instead of releasing sequels, release massive DLC. I’d like to travel outside of Gotham like The Dark Knight did in Japan for missions.

    Traversing the city with the batmobile or batpod and batwing would be awesome. Using the power of next-gen the city should be massive. Intelligent AI and unpredictable random crimes.

  • brandon bevilacqua

    okay man, no offense but this is the stupidest article ever. if you remember the year arkhm asylum came out they had the teaser for arkham city at that years vga’s. Also the second game teased and foreshadowed the hell out of the next game, just like the last one did with the hidden room. Back when arkham asylum was being made they also had arkham city’s story planned out which makes me full heartedly believe they have the next games story planned and are working on it currently as well. So to call people stupid for thinking that this could just be a tease for them saying, ya we are working on the next game, well sir then you are the truly stupid one, you dick! I have never been so mad at a article before bc this is the first one that has ever called people stupid for speculating, that is bad journalism and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Rob Keyes

      No one’s calling anyone stupid. Get off the ledge, lol.

      It’s an editorial slant poking fun at sites losing their minds over the possibility of Batman: Arkham World which would never happen unless it became an MMO (i.e. not happening). The next game will be Batman: Gotham City or something entirely different.

    • Andrew Dyce


      I never called anyone stupid, or ‘teased’ them, or resorted to immature attacks. My goal here is, as some of the commenters have understood, was to bring people to their senses, as several news outlets are already feeding the speculation that this clip was meant to be a major story, and not a harmless joke. Aside from the fact that I clearly stated that a sequel IS going to happen, the possibility of ‘Arkham World’ being the announced game is – sorry to break it to you – ridiculous. The name makes no sense, sounds silly, and would be impossible to intelligently write a, can’t believe I’m saying this, world of Arkham Asylum.

      It was a joke. It is not a ‘exclusive reveal’ as some have claimed. And this was an editorial, which fairly clearly represented my opinions, and are likely outside of your definition of ‘bad journalism.’

      • Poncho

        Completely agree with you, I don’t understand how some people could honestly think “Arkham World” could be a serious game.

  • Graverobber

    I wish they made a B.A superman game.

  • 16bit

    I wouldn’t say that it is entirely out of the realm of possibility that it COULD be named Arkham World. WILL it be called Arkham World? Probably not. I was with the majority of people who brushed it off as just a joke. But to dismiss it so completely and utterly without FACTS to the contrary is silly. Arkham Asylum took place in Arkham Asylum. Arkham City took place in “spoiler”…Arkham City. Does that mean there has to be a place called Arkham World in order to CALL it Arkham World? No. The term “Arkham” could simply refer to the game taking place within Rocksteady’s “Arkhamverse”. I would expect, almost guarantee, that the next game in the series WOULD have ARKHAM in its title just for this fact alone. “World” could mean just about anything, namely the antagonist trying to take over…Ummmm…I don’t know…the World? The antagonist freeing the inmates of Arkham City to wreak havoc upon…some large expanse of land…Ummmm…I don’t know…the World? Could the game take place in different locations around the globe? Metropolis, Gotham, Central City, Coast City? Most certainly. If nothing else I would rather refer to the working title of the upcoming game as Arkham World rather than “Rocksteady’s new Batman game” or “Arkham City 2” or something similar.

    • CaptainAmerica

      While I would prefer a game that took place in Gotham City, I do how like you mentioned the other cities as well. Get us some cameos from other DC Super Heroes.

  • shiny

    Remember what the Joker is good for folks.

    I’m sure Rocksteady is smart enough to make a new and unique title for the next Batman game. I’m also hoping for them to make Gotham City, missions with Bruce Wayne and usable VEHICLES!! ! Let me fly the Batwing or drive the Batmobile and I might not need another video game. jk

    • Andrew Dyce

      Well said, sir.

  • C-Czar56

    I actually thought there would be a sequel because somewhere in the game, there is something that you could pretty much connect the dots and will see a possible sequel in the future. Theres even a theory i thought of, of how there could be a sequel but who knows? I would love to see one but this article is making me think otherwise

  • Schock

    I think many people here are taking “Arkham World” in too literal of a meaning. World could just be referring to the world of Batman. A final all encompassing Batman finale. I have no doubt that there will be a third game, more than likely on a next gen console and I am a firm believer it will be the last of that particular series. Which to me, makes the spoiler make sense.

  • ChrisTypeR

    WTF, this is a joke by Rocksteady!! The next title will be called Batman: Gotham City as after finishing Arkham City its obviously set up for a trilogy. All of the villians that meet their maker can be brought back as the Lazarus pit is a handy excuse for the games writers.

  • TheAvenger

    It’s sad to see that there are so many people who don’t have a sense of humor (@the world: the Joker made a joke – he wasn’t being serious ‘kay? ;))
    Still, I would love a sequel to Arkham City so that they can end the series as a trilogy. (The title “Batman: Gotham City”, as mentioned would be perfect IMO)
    As long as the player will be able to roam around Gotham City (like a sand-box type game) and use vehicles like the Batmobile, Tumbler, Batcycle, etc. then I’ll be ecstatic.
    More characters with greater involvement in the actual story line would be awesome as well (Nightwing, Robin, etc.) and not just have them as playable DLCs.

    P.S. I have to say, the whole “allow us to bring you to your senses” thing, was a lil’ bit rude IMO 😉 — but in a funny way none the less.

  • Ken J

    Just wondering, but have anyone else noticed the Arkham World reference in the game as well? After I beat the game, I was just going through the buildings collecting any riddler stuff I might have missed and I overheard a conversation between some of the inmates. Don’t have the exact quote, but basically they were discussing “What’s next? Arkham County? Arkham State? Arkham Big Freakin’ World??” The other guy responded: “Nah, I don’t think that will happen.” Then the response to that was: “Hey, you never know, these guys are crazy!” Then they all agreed: “Yep, they’re pretty crazy alright…”

    I wonder if by “these guys” they are actually referring to Rocksteady Studios…

  • Monkeybone316

    The youtube link above offers some creditable evidence to suggest otherwise.

  • Banter Up

    There may be relevance to the title, if one takes into consideration Strange’s plans to open other Arkham-like camps in other cities, such as Metropolis, etc. The next game could entail Batman’s journey to these various other sites(going back and forth from one to the other using the much desired vehicles) and putting them down in similar fashion as the original Arkham.