‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Video Goes Behind The Scenes of WB Montreal

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There’s a reason Batman is still around after decades at the top of the comic book world, and Batman: Arkham Origins looks to highlight the tenacity of the dark knight like never before. Rather than using his detective skills to uncover a mystery, the game is pitting him against some of the world’s deadliest assassins. Of course, the announcement of Batman: Arkham Origins may not have been everything some fans were hoping for.

For starters, it marks the first Arkham game not developed by Rocksteady Studios; it’s also not as interested in telling the origins of either Batman or Arkham Asylum as much as the name implies. But to make sure that fans don’t assume corporate greed is the only motivation for the project, Warner Bros. Montreal wants to remind the world that they have more than a few comic book fans on staff.

The video reveals that it was creative director Eric Holmes’ decision to tell a ‘Year Two’ story – set in the beginning of Batman’s career, but after his ‘trial and error’ stage – to both draw from the most beloved Batman villains, and create some separation between their own game and those of Rocksteady. We might advise that not naming one’s game ‘Batman: Arkham….’ would do the trick just as well, but we’re not in publishing.

Batman Arkham Origins Behind the Scenes

Warner Bros. Montreal aren’t the first team of game designers and programmers who loved Batman comics, so it’s hard to say they’re more likely to follow Rocksteady’s success than the path of failure more often tread with superhero games. That being said, Warner Bros. seems to be putting their money behind the title, and even a game that pales in comparison to Arkham City could still offer a worthwhile experience. Especially if the studio was on hand to provide advice.

If nothing else, it’s encouraging to see that all involved are taking the task of living up to Rocksteady as seriously as they should. Batman fans aren’t too hard to find today, but impressive game designers are a bit rarer. Only time will tell if WB Montreal has as many as they’ll need to pull off this feat.

Batman Arkham Origins Videos

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what Arkham Origins has in common with Rocksteady’s series, and what changes it attempts to make. For now, are you optimistic about Warner Bros. Montreal’s chances of finding similar success? Or will you only be getting excited when Rocksteady’s Silver Age Batman game is announced?

Batman: Arkham Origins will be available on Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC October 25, 2013.

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  • Dante

    And the justifications begin – Look we have comic fans working on the game! We just love Batman! Our janitor’s name is Alfred!

    Listen, I’ve heard justifications before, I remember someone telling us all how they LOVED the Alien franchise and their game would be a fantastic representation of that universe….umm yeah.

    If anything, the justifications beginning this early lead me to believe that Warner Bros knows they have a turkey on their hands. Now they have to play the long con to get people to buy it.

  • deadpool87

    Uggh why is this happening???? I will be very surprised if this is as good as one fraction of Arkham Asylum/City. I love Batman and I love this game series but I am so frustrated that they are not, as of yet, continuing with Arkham 3, which Rocksteady clearly had a number things ready for it. I am also really frightened about Rocksteady’s absence since they had a vision for this series besides dollar signs. We’ll see…

    • The Dark Knight

      I completely agree.

  • ColdSc

    I think it’s a smart move for them to do a prequel, it has the ability to provide a base for so many characters, old and new, so you’re more more aware of them in the probably Arkham 3. Can’t understand why people are disappointed with this game, because it isn’t a direct sequel does by no means mean it will fail. I was first worried about the company handling the game, but they seem more than invested in the franchise, plus Rocksteady has helped them a significant amount.

    • deadpool87

      I get where you’re coming from but the reason why I am upset is that Rocksteady had a dozen things set up for a sequel. Scarecrows return, the Azrael prophecy, Hush, Harley Quinn pregnant not pregnant controversy, and the impact that the Jokers death will have on Gotham and Batman. Not to mention incorporating Robin and Nightwing into the story. Rocksteady had a solid vision. Now WB is like nope, we are gonna milk this cash cow for all the money it worth and start by making an unnecessary prequel. This game will undoubtly sell well but there is no chance in helheim that it is going to be as good as one fraction of the other two games.

      • ColdSc

        Who’s to say that Rocksteady aren’t working on that right now, they do have a video game scheduled for release in 2014. Everyone was hoping for a direct sequel to the video game, including me, but it’s pretty silly to bash a video game simply because it’s a prequel, especially with the small amount of info we know. I do agree there’s a chance it won’t be as good as Rocksteady’s games, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a worthy addition to the franchise or it will be utterly useless. It’s all about keeping an open mind and being cautiously optimistic.

        • j

          People are so impatient. Lets allow Rocksteady to take their time to come up with something better than Arkham city instead of rushing it.We dont even have that much info on Arkham origins and people are already saying that it will fail.Lets just see what they come up with instead of judging prematurely.

          • ColdSc

            Exactly, so far the ideas for the game sound fantastic so I’ll be looking forward to this one.

  • Justin Loomis

    You guys are being a bit too hard on them, and not one bit of gameplay is shown yet. WB isn’t stupid, they’re not gonna change the style that made them so much money. And you get to free roam GOTHAM! Isn’t that the next step we wanted?

    Yeah, I’m a bit off put that it’s not a sequel, but at least it doesnt look like they’re gonna shoehorn in the Justice League.

  • Chris

    Just no more riddler trophies plz… well not as many as Arkham City at least that was just overkill.

    If you’re a true Batman fan you would have no hesitation in playing this game, if not you don’t deserve to make a negative comment about the new addition. Stop complaining. If YOU think you can make a better game then be my guest.

  • The mighty avenger

    I’m holding out for gameplay to he honest. I have faith in these guys from the videos and interviews I’ve seen. I like what ik hearing and where their coming from. I’m excited for this game!

    I just want deathstroke playable in challenge maps and dick Grayson as robin. And I’m cool haha

  • rrc

    if you mess up the game i will cut you