‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Teaser Spotlights Deathstroke

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There was a time when a teaser trailer announced a game to the world, but that’s not the case with Batman: Arkham Origins. As the third installment in one of the highest-rated franchises of this console generation, details couldn’t come soon enough – who would Batman be fighting? Where would he be fighting them? What with? By now, all those questions have been answered.

If comic book fans weren’t already excited to see what the newly-founded WB Games Montreal would do with the license, the new teaser should see to that. Boasting cinematic CG action between Batman and Deathstroke, there’s no question that everything needed to make Arkham Origins a worthwhile experience is in place; if the game can match the trailer, fans will be in luck.

We generally warn against placing too much importance in a game’s cinematic trailers, but in this case, comic book fans will have trouble resisting the temptation. We knew from the previously released screenshots that the developers’ new take on Deathstroke’s appearance was going to be a memorable one, but the trailer proves that whatever material his mask is made of, his targets won’t have long to enjoy the view.

Batman Arkham Origins Deathstroke Teaser

Unfortunately, this furious look at combat between Deathstroke the Terminator and Batman doesn’t show much beyond the snowy Christmas Eve setting, the decision to retain the dark, more realistic style made famous by Rocksteady, and that Batman is still a strong enough fighter to knock anyone flat on their back. In fact, given everything the developers have claimed about the stories inspiring Origins, perhaps he’s a little too potent in combat.

Besides pulling inspiration from the “Legends of the Dark Knight” comic series – chronicling Batman’s encounters with some of DC’s most infamous villains – WB Montreal has placed plenty of emphasis on their decision to set the game much earlier in Batman’s career than either Asylum or City.

With a younger and less experienced caped crusader, the theory goes, the assassins converging on Gotham City would offer an even more challenging fight. But from this trailer, Bruce Wayne certainly looks as old as ever, and as anyone can see, seems just as proficient in combat.

Batman Arkham Origins Deathstroke Pose

That may not be a bad thing (besides undercutting one of the major justifications for a new voice actor), since keeping lock-step with Rocksteady’s award-winning and crowd-pleasing design is a wise move; but for fans hoping to see the game chart a different course, we may have some bad news. The developers still possess the pedigree to surprise fans in terms of gameplay, but where the style and cinematic feel are concerned, this teaser proves we’re still in Arkham country.

Does this teaser do its job, and get you even more excited for the villains and style of Origins? Or are you no longer swayed by a CG trailer? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be available on Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC October 25, 2013.

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  • George

    Watching this, I thought it looked very Nolan inspired. From Batmans suit, to the way he fights, and his posture.

    Looks good. Arkham City Hugo Strange teaser was a lot better though.

  • The mighty avenger

    The whole trailer should be better but that was freakibg awesome! Deathstroke looks great ad the graphics look too notch. I believe in this game an can’t wait to get my hands on te next installment. They’ve sold me over 99 percent. Only thing is gameplay which they have already confirmed will be the same.

  • Skitso1090

    It looked like a live action movie……Now I want a Batman movie with Deathstroke as the villain!

    • ColdSc

      I think it’d be awesome if they made an animated Batman movie in this style, would take a hell a lot of work though.

      This game’s looking better and better every bit of news we get.

  • king poets

    If they put more cut scenes like that in game ill be happy if if it comes to next-gen consoles it looks like the cgi scene

  • Jeff

    batman looks older here then in arkham city and they are saying that batman is younger