‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Official Story Trailer: Deadshot, Explosions, Easter Eggs, & More!

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Following a forty second tease for Batman: Arkham Origins, Warner Bros. Interactive has now released a full four-minute CGI trailer. Gameplay footage once again takes a backseat to a scripted cut scene but the new trailer successfully adds a bit more context to the previous video (which showcased fan-favorite anti-hero Deathstroke the Terminator trading punches with the Dark Knight), including a look at the game’s primary antagonist, Black Mask, and other villains that will be competing to takedown the Caped Crusader.

The new trailer is definitely exciting, with some cool easter eggs (i.e. Queen Industries tech), and should help build on the positive goodwill that Warner Bros. Interactive earned when beloved Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy announced he would return to the role once again (after prior rumors suggested he would not return). That said, almost immediately after the announcement, Conroy tweeted that he had misspoken and wouldn’t voice the character in Origins specifically (possibly hinting at another Batman game in development) – a tweet that he quickly deleted.

Still, even if Conroy does return, without Rocksteady Studios overseeing the sequel this round, many gamers remain concerned that Batman: Arkham Origins (which technically isn’t even an Batman “origin story”) is nothing more than a shallow cash grab – lacking in the passion and quality that made the prior entries so successful. There’s no doubt that Rocksteady’s dedication to serving Bat-fans while also delivering fresh and exciting gameplay experiences caught a lot of players off-guard – making Batman: Arkham Asylum one of 2009’s best games (and biggest surprises).

Deadshot Batman Arkham Origins

The studio then delivered a worthy follow-up with Batman: Arkham City – which debuted to near universal praise as a bigger and better game experience. Some detractors claimed that the scale of the game was too overwhelming – ditching the tight and interconnect experience of Arkham Asylum in favor of thin add-ons like a playable Catwoman campaign – but whether you agree or disagree, it’s hard to argue with the amount of content that was included in the core game experience.

As a result, while slick CGI cut scene trailers are fun to watch (and it’s great to find out Deadshot is also going to play a role), they don’t tell us very much about the game – a game that is less than six months away. No doubt, the gameplay will draw heavily from the established mechanics of the franchise so far but, given the heavy focus on the iconic assassins that will factor into the game, why not start giving players an idea of how this non-Rocksteady Studios title intends to up-the-ante once again?

After all, boss fights were one of the least-successful elements of the first two entries – meaning that watching watching Batman go toe-to-toe with Deathstroke in the trailer doesn’t carry much of an impact if gamers can’t be sure that the in-game battle will be just as exciting. In fact, we’ve heard more about the game’s Film Noir-style lighting than new combat mechanics.

Batman Arkham Origins Queen Industries

Of course, six months is plenty of time to help sell skeptical players on Warner Bros. Interactive‘s Batman effort – especially with E3 2013 only weeks away. Without a doubt, Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay will be demoed at the expo – so players shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out if this Bat-title will be as inspired as the Rocksteady efforts.

Batman: Arkham Origins will be available on Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC October 25, 2013.

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  • The mighty avenger

    Damn I can not wait or this game!

    An it has since been confirmed that conroy will not be retuning! He’s working on arkham 3 I belie but

    Tht trailer is visually awesome and I can’t wait to play this game the queen industries tech wa great! Hopefully that means well get a arrow cameo at some point.
    Still hoping for dick Grayson nightwing
    And I can’t wait to play as deathstroke whether it’s in Gotham or a challenge map I can’t WAITTO get my hands on him. But this trailer was one of the coolest trailers I’ve seen in awhile 5 minutes of awesome cgi.
    Would love to see a movie with this kind I cgi.

    • http://gamerant.com/author/benk Ben Kendrick

      We saw that bit about Conroy NOT returning too. We’re looking into it – since he deleted the tweet shortly after.

      Does sound like he might be in for Arkham 3 but strange that he wouldn’t be involved in this one then.

      • The mighty avenger

        I meant to say dick Grayson robin.

        But yeah it is odd that he woul do one and not the other. Seems weird to me as well. I nean i know this is suppose to be year 2 batman type time frane but still. But even without him this game is gonna be great I have a good feeling about it. Can’t wait to play it in October.

  • Skitso1090

    so, in this game we have Black Mask putting a hit out on Batman, which almost every assassin in Gotham rushes for. which means that while batman is ducking the assassins, the assassin are trying to kill each other as well so they can kill batman. and we get a Deathstroke add on campaign that will be similar to catwoman’s in City. SHUT UP WB MONTREAL AND TAKE MY MONEY

    • Levi

      I hope we get to take out some of the other assassins as Deathstroke, a showdown with deadshot obviously won’t end with deadshot dead as this is a prequel and needs to stay cannon, but there must be some other DC assassins we can showdown with

  • George

    Looks quite good.

    The physics seem a little questionable though. The completely flat way and speed in which things fall.

    Otherwise can’t wait!

    • Dante

      Umm, you do know this was an entirely CG trailer that showed ZERO gameplay right?

      • George

        Yes, I was there when I watched it.

      • ColdSc

        It may not have showed gameplay but it did show sort of the overall atmosphere of the game. Some of the takedowns used in the trailer will most likely be available in the gameplay as well. Plus we got our first look of Black Mask in action, as well as Deathstroke and Deadshot. Quite a lot in the trailer if you ask me. I’m pretty sure they’re saving the gameplay for the E3 presentation too, which is about 3 weeks away.

        • doc

          Never seen a CGI trailer that even remotely accurately depicted gameplay aspects.

  • napoleon27

    Is it just me, or does it sound like Conroy is the voice of Deathstroke in that trailer?

  • Dave

    Batman: Masks for Everyone

  • COREY_1993

    hahaha… yes, i love it.

    Deadshot looking less original but he still looks great.

    We know two of the eight assasins that are there to kill Batman; Deathstroke and Deadshot. seriously cant wait.

    i hope Deathstroke is like the final boss, he is definitely Batmans equal physically so he would be great but if he isnt i hope they still do the character justice because he is a great villain.
    people wont know that cause most people only watch the cartoons and they really mess with his character cause he is too bad, they really need to make that character kid friendly. he was not even allowed to be called DeathStroke in one of the cartoons XD

  • Dante

    My skepticism for this game is shooting to all time highs. Now just 5 months from release and we get…an entirely CG trailer?

    I see that most folks are going to buy this no matter what but I smell a cash-in, and while I could certainly be wrong, I’m not betting $60 that I am.

    • YouKnowWho

      5 months is a long time, don’t you have the patience? There’s still E3 and all that, so just enjoy the trailer now and wait for the gameplay soon

    • Justin Loomis

      Um, this is no different than what Arkham City did. There was no gameplay footage until E3.

  • Xigbar

    Does anyone else LOATHE the costumes? They’re practically wearing Iron Man suits.

    • YouKnowWho

      So you’re saying that if a comic character is wearing armored suits then they’re immediately copying Iron Man? Also, do you really want them to be killed immediately if you prefer them without armor?

    • YouKnowWho

      Tell me how they look like Iron Man. I’m pretty sure Batman’s outfit is a combination of BB/TDK armor, Deathstroke uses a Bo staff, guns, and swords. And Black Mask is wearing a normal white suit with a mask on. So tell me, how are they practically wearing Iron Man suits?

      • Xigbar

        They’re both insanely bulky is what I mean. They each have like a solid inch of armor in some spots. And by each I mean Batman and Deathstroke. And youknowwho, here’s a really good way for Batman to not be killed by lack of armor…..by being BATMAN.

  • akacidx

    is it just me or would you rather see this as a batman movie…I am starting to think they should start doing these kind of animated feature films…

    • ColdSc

      That’s what I’ve been thinking, animation like this can guarantee the film a theatrical release.

    • doc

      Weird that they don’t do it isn’t it? Film studios probably still think animation is for kids so they won’t invest in something like this.

      • ColdSc

        Exactly, it’s really weird. While I love all the Pixar and Dreamworks films, animation can serve the film industry a hell of a lot more.

  • Xander Del Rosario

    Game Rant is rumor mongering.

    • Justin Loomis

      Shut up, troll. You posted this on the conroy article. That was a misunderstanding, and this? This a trailer. That’s as far you can get from a rumor.

  • Ford Prefect

    I’m hoping that they explain how Dead shot gets into Arkham City.

    • Levi

      Well he is a mercenary, chances are he survives this game, gets told he can have another pop at batman and get paid for it? I doubt they are going to be any more elaborate than that