‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Multiplayer Beta Videos Show Gang Warfare on Gotham’s Streets [Updated]

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Batman: Arkham Origins‘ singleplayer campaign looks like it has a lot to offer, with deadly assassins coming from all over the globe to fight over the bounty that’s been placed in Batman’s head. You know what that means? That means boss fights, with the likes of Firefly, Mad Hatter and a female version of Copperhead.

There’s more to Warner Bros. Games Montréal’s first title than just a singleplayer mode, however. The multiplayer trailer for Arkham Origins teased a three-way battle between Joker and Bane’s gangs and Batman and Robin’s attempts to sabotage them both. Last month some players were lucky enough to receive an invite to the open beta of the multiplayer, which means that we’re now able to get a look at some of the fun that will be available upon the game’s wider release.

Four different gameplay videos, collected together by CVG, offer a comprehensive look at the different styles of gameplay on offer in Arkham Origins’ multiplayer mode, whether you’re looking forward to fighting the good fight as Batman or Robin, or want to play at being bad in one of the supervillain gangs. The battleground is Blackgate Prison, and up for grabs are some gang territory and a whole bunch of rioting thugs who could presumably be coerced into joining whichever villain turns out the successor – or alternatively prevented from escaping at all by Batman and Robin.

Batman Arkham Origins Joker Multiplayer

For those who are familiar with previous games in the franchise, much of what can be seen in the multiplayer mode will be familiar. Batman uses his detective vision to pick out important points in the environment and spot enemies through walls, and it seems that the thugs have an equivalent. Attacks like the inverted takedown make a welcome return, and it seems like there’s a healthy mix of tactics and combat on offer.

The second gameplay video shows Robin wearing his big boy cape and executing similar moves to those of Batman, including gliding around and swinging from outcrop to outcrop, silently knocking out enemies and using explosive gel. It’s a little disappointing that the Robin gameplay doesn’t look all that distinct from Batman’s, but perhaps the differences are more tangible when actually playing as the Boy Wonder rather than just watching footage of him.

[UPDATE: It seems that Warner Bros. caught wind of the gameplay videos and had them taken down, so you’ll have to make do with our descriptions for now.]

The thug videos offer a look at life as an employee of Bane and Joker, respectively, and while the bosses don’t tend to be very polite it’s still interesting to see the game played from the perspective of a hapless thug. For starters, these elite warriors aren’t all that hapless; during one part of the gameplay a clumsy Robin tries to swoop down on a bad guy with a gun, only to be shot out the air like, well, a bird. Frequenters of online gaming might be bored of cover-based shooting, but there’s likely a certain edge of excitement brought on knowing that Batman or Robin could swoop down and suffocate you at any moment.

Aiding the Batman and Robin gameplay is Alfred, who is an omniscient voice apparently watching from a cloud overhead and informing the heroes as to who is winning or losing the battle, and when one of the supervillains is about to break into the prison. From what we’ve heard before, Alfred will play an important support role for this younger and more brash Bruce Wayne in both the singleplayer and the multiplayer campaigns.

Has this window into Batman: Arkham Origins‘ multiplayer convinced you to get online when the games out, or are you only interested in the main story?


Batman: Arkham Origins releases October 25, 2013 for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U, though the multiplayer mode will not be available in the Wii U version.

Source: CVG

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  • Ken J

    Nah, call me old fashioned, but no Kevin Conroy, no Mark Hamill, means no business from me…

    • John

      That’s not old fashioned, that narrow visioned.

    • 1015

      That is quite narrow-minded. Trust me, this isn’t Blacklist. The only reason Conroy’s not there is because it’s a prequel… and he’s back for the sequel after Origins. And that 15-minute demo proved to me that Smith and Baker do a great job as younger Batman and Joker, respectively. It seems very narrow-minded to not give a company the money they deserve just because of your nostalgia, they are making a prequel, therefore the character’s must look and sound younger. They do this by replacing the voice actor. It’s not a pointless mocap thing.

    • fearitself

      You’re a funny man. You know the Joker died in Arkham City? So Mark Hamil won’t return, even if Rocksteady makes the supposed sequel to Arkham City. Are you such a nuthugger, you’re gonna boycott that too?

      Just FYI Troy Baker(who voices Joker in this) sounds excatly like a younger version of MArk Hamil’s Joker. And no Kevin Conroy, because Batman is much younger in this, so the voice change is natural.

      • Ken J


        I know the developer is touting the “they are younger” as the reason for the change in voice actor (although it doesn’t explain the change in developer or story writer… but I digress), but really, have you seen the videos? I have to say I’m impressed that the guy voicing Batman pretty much sounds exactly like Kevin Conroy. But here’s the problem, if they were recast so they would sound different (younger as the excuse goes), why did they get them to imitate them almost identically??? Odd right??

        Again, whenever a game sequel/prequel all of a sudden changes hands between story writer, studio/developer, voice actors, and other things, it’s a red flag for me. Because in the past, most of the time when this happens, the end result is not of the same quality as the original. Who knows, this could prove to be different, but if you have your nose so far up this game’s butt that you’ve resorted to personal attacks and childish name calling just for my difference in opinion, then maybe you wouldn’t even care if reviews of the game would confirm this or not…

        • Awol_Gamer

          They aren’t trying to imitate completely Conroy and Hamil’s voices. They know that the new actors are younger than them so they try and get them to imitate them, yes. But they can’t get it exactly right, which WB knows. Getting them close but not exact is a way of adding the younger effect, but still giving it the Batman and Joker effect.

  • Justin Loomis

    Okay, I won’t call you fashioned. I will say you need to ditch the nostalgia glasses.

    • Ken J


      Funny, since even this new studio was trying to imitate Conroy and Hamill. So maybe you should email them and tell them to ditch the nostalgia glasses…

      • John

        Maybe because it’s a younger version of them?

        • Ken J


          Accusing someone of simply clinging on nostalgia suggests that this game is going in a NEW direction and the person clinging onto nostalgia is having trouble letting go of the past and accepting the change in direction. This game is at least trying to appear as if it’s faithful to the past games by imitating the same style and the same/similar voices of the characters in the previous renditions. So technically speaking, the game makers are just as guilty of clinging onto nostalgia as anyone else who wants it to be faithful to those that came before. So does it make sense to tell one to ditch the nostalgia glasses while embracing the other for doing exactly that?

          • Ken J

            *embracing the other for wearing the same “nostalgia glasses.”

            I think explains it better…

          • John

            Again, the reason their trying to imitate the voices is because they’re young versions of the characters.

          • Ken J


            It’s almost like you’re not reading what I’m saying…

  • Ken J

    Holy crap, excuse me. It seems nobody is ever allowed to not be willing to spend money on anything now-a-days. I don’t want to spend money on an iphone 5s, OMG, I’m such a hater, I need to get with the times. I don’t think GTA V is the game for me, OMG, I’m such an anti-conformist, blah blah blah blah. Geezus…

    What I meant to say is, I cannot wait, I am preordering this right now…

    • John

      Nobody cares that you won’t buy it. It’s just your reasoning behind it that’s ridiculous.

      • Ken J


        Last time I checked, people can have any reason for anything they do… Well, I guess unless we live in Cuba or something. But anyway, relax, if the reviews say that it’s actually just as good or is faithful to the Rocksteady games, I’ll check it out. But it’s just usually when they change studios, voice actors, and other people in the development team and they are supposed to make a connected game, it ends up being a jumbled mess where you can see where they’re trying to imitate something but it just doesn’t go right… Not to mention, if the new studio doesn’t have the same philosophies, then the core of the game will get changed and all messed up at the same time… *cough*Rainbow Six*cough*

        • John

          “Nah, call me old fashioned, but no Kevin Conroy, no Mark Hamill, means no business from me…”

          The reason people are jumping on you is because of the ignorance in your original comment. I am by no means calling you ignorant though, it’s just how your comment sounds.

          • Ken J


            Again, even if that’s the only reason, it’s a free country where I live…

          • Ken J

            Well, at least it’s supposed to be… :-(

          • John

            Wow, free world? Really man? Guess people can’t explain their own opinions very well these days.

          • Ken J


            Um, not to be rude dude, but you need to read what I type more carefully before you reply… I’m not trying to insult you, but I can’t reply to what you’re saying when you’re replying to something different than what I actually said.

        • breadothegreat

          Agreed, it is a free country. Dont buy the game because of your close minded view. Ya dirty whale blubber licking scallywag of a whore mother you. Yar!

          • Ken J

            LOL, forgot today was talk like a pirate day…

          • reno2200

            I laughed at that a little too much.

  • Dangman

    Cut Ken J some slack guy’s if he doesn’t like the voices or the people doing them he has the right not to buy the game even if you feel he is being narrow minded. The man want’s to take the blue pill let him be!! LOL!

    • Ken J


      It’s more that I am not licking the butt hole of this game so much that a sudden change in studio, story writer, and voice actors does not throw up a red flag for me… I honestly don’t understand how people can be so sold on something that they have resorted to insults and personal attacks to anyone with a different opinion on it. Haven’t we learned anything from previous games that have had sequels or related games that were made by a different studio, had different voice actors, and had different writers??

  • Ken J

    Man, imagine if they made another Uncharted game where Nolan North didn’t voice Nathan Drake and it wasn’t made by Naughty Dog. I’m sure nobody would say anything about that… And if they do, I’m sure you guys will jump in and call them names. I’m 100% sure of that… 😉

    • reno2200


      Sorry, I felt peer pressured into starting like that. And now that’s out of the way, I was slightly concerned about Batman Arkham Origins. To me, the new voice actors do sound like the old voice actors, but they are slightly different. It’s usually difficult for an old person to sound like a young person – if you ever played that From Russia With Love videogame, you’d know how weird it is to hear a 30 year old man sound like a 60 year old. I’d be more worried if the new voice actors were completely rubbish, but when they’ve got CVs that include Resident Evil, Bioshock Infinte and Final Fantasy, it makes me less nervous.

      I’m OK with some things being different, but the fact that they’re essentially reusing the Arkham City map with a map they’ve made and a single bridge… it sounds lazy. It sounds like they’re reusing assets. That’s one of my pet peeves in games lately. Obviously, I hope that the game is awesome and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that it’s a refined Arkham City experience with a ton of new features and a wonderful story and better graphics…

      But it would not shock overmuch if it ended up being an Arkham City rehash where the only good things were ripped straight from Rocksteady’s masterpiece.

      I would like to thank you for explaining your opinions. Last time I witnessed someone dislike a Batman casting, [create your own joke here]

      • Ken J


        Thanks for the understanding. Again, there is so much more than the voice actors that threw the red flag for me. Needing them to sound younger doesn’t explain the new studio or the new story writer… I’m just a bit skeptical about it, so I’m definitely waiting for the reviews. I preordered Batman: Arkham City because I could go by the quality of Arkham Asylum as a reason to be confident of its quality. With this game, there is absolutely nothing to go by since everything is new… I feel sorry for those individuals who are so fooled into gushing over a game that hasn’t come out yet that they cannot think objectively and constructively. I hope if they all preorder the game that the game turns out to be good. I would love for another good Batman game after so many bad ones before Rocksteady’s games. But I don’t see any reason to sing any praises just yet…

        • reno2200

          Rocksteady are working on a next-gen game. Warner Bros. Games Montreal got a bum deal releasing so close to next-gen console launch and confirming that there are no plans whatsoever for a next-gen release on top of being a new studio AND having to follow Arkham City (90+ on Metacritic) – sales won’t be as astronomical as the previous Arkham games and the studio might get a staff cut if WB are feeling mean.

          One would imagine that Rocksteady were not best pleased at having an untested studio create an instalment in their multi-award-winning franchise. It would not surprise me if Rocksteady insisted on a next-gen exclusivity deal whereby WB Montreal was not allowed to release the game on PS4/XBO so they get a chance to say, “THIS is a next-gen Batman game.”

          Early rumours suggested Rocksteady’s next project is a ‘silver age’ Justice League game. I still don’t really believe that. I expect it to be a Batman/Superman game, coinciding with the launch of the movie but not necessarily based on it. Superman is yet to get a critically praised game (DCUO doesn’t count!) but Rocksteady probably has the ability to change that and since Rocksteady made things look amazing on Unreal Engine 3, one would expect them to be an early adopter of Unreal 4. A next-gen engine for a truly next-gen Batman game, basically.

          • Ken J


            Whatever Rocksteady makes next, I’ll be VERY interested…

  • Steve

    The real reason conroy isn’t going to be in it is because rocksteady is using him and all the og talent on arkham 4 on next gen. Ps joker isn’t dead, that was a clone that died(they haven’t got the cloning right yet) and mark my words he will be back

    • Ken J


      I hope so, I can’t wait for more Batman goodness from Rocksteady. :-)

    • Awol_Gamer

      “Joker ain’t dead. He just wants you to think that. Then WAM!! Gotcha!!”
      “The Joker didn’t die. He’s died before, he’ll die again. That’s how it’s always been, hasn’t it?”
      “He can’t be dead, can he? It’s the freakin’ Joker.”
      Hint Hint.
      Can’t wait for the plot twist to come. :)

  • Hola

    Stop feeding the troll.

  • Redden

    Why can’t the multiplayer be oh idk offline, i play 360 mostly, iv yet to see a game (worth playing) that allows 4 players on one console.