Warner Bros. Squashes ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Game-Breaking Bugs

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“Holy rogue’s gallery of glitches, Batman!” Arkham Origins certainly isn’t enjoying the smoothest of starts to its crime-fighting career. Following a string of favorable, if not exactly glowing critical appraisals, the caped crusader must now turn his attentions to a whole new kind of foe.

For all of his pyromancy shenanigans, Firefly isn’t the only bug trying to break the bat this holiday season, as reports of widespread infestation continue to pile in at Gotham P.D. Sensing a disturbance in the city, (and across multiple message boards) Warner Bros. HQ has snapped into action, issuing a new bug-busting patch and an apology to gamers affected by Batman: Arkham Origins‘ following issues.

  • Infinite falling [Fixed — players revert back to previous checkpoint] — A reasonably common encumbrance in the world of gaming, usually triggered by a wayward texture tile. Batman falls, falls and keeps on falling through the level, without a scarecrow-induced hallucination in sight.
  • Progress stalled in Story mode [Fixed — Continue button is back] — Main menu story selection is limited to ‘new game’ only, no matter the player’s progress or save files.
  • Unobtainable ‘FreeFlow Focus’ Mode [Fixed by an earlier patch] — A PC only-issue, players who reached the rank of Shadow Vigilante 3 were unable to receive their reward
  • Burnley Tower vent blockage [Fixed by an earlier patch] — Another PC problem, access to Burnley Tower via the building’s ventilation system was cut off
  • Assorted Xbox 360 glitches [Not Fixed, Issue still under investigation] — Not the kind of exclusivity Microsoft had in mind – this Xbox-only glitch causes crashes, screen freezes and most annoyingly of all — outright save file corruptions. Warner Bros. suggests taking the game offline in order to prevent some of these problems from appearing, with a more permanent solution currently being developed

Batman Arkham Origins Villains Explained

It’s ironic that a Batman title detailing the Dark Knight’s own growing pains should be the first in the franchise to suffer some serious early setbacks. Ironic, but not entirely unexpected, as Origins received the shortest development time of any of the Arkham games to date, clocking in at just over 21 months of total work. To put that figure into perspective, the series’ stellar breakout – Batman: Arkham Asylum took Rocksteady around 27 months to complete, with its sequel Arkham City taking a further 32, (including pre-production). With little more than a new multiplayer contingent to implement, alongside a glorified (albeit gloriously enjoyable) re-skin of Arkham City, Origins may not seem like the type of sequel to warrant equal lead time as its predecessors, though these missing months could certainly have come in handy where extra testing is concerned.

Are the issues plaguing Batman: Arkham Origins the result of a rushed development, or are they indicative of the industry’s lax attitude towards pre-release testing (in favor of post-release patching?). Have your say in the comments below, and be sure to keep up with all of the latest Batman gaming news, right here on Game Rant.


Batman: Arkham Origins is out now, for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 & Wii U platforms.

An additional handheld adventure – Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is also available, on PlayStation Vita & Nintendo 3DS formats.

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  • Emma

    Played the game for under an hour and already a glitch- I simply cannot scan the DNA evidence on the wall. It was really frustrating and now cannot proceed through the game-VERY disappointing for WB, if it doesn’t get patched I’ll simply trade it in and keep the money. It’s a shame, I liked Batman:AA and loved AC, seems like this one was roughly put together to make money :/

  • MarchedAsh2575

    Have looked at posts on bugs and patches for Batman Arkham Origins, but haven’t seen how to find data handler on pioneer bridge. Anyone else?

  • David

    In the Bowery there is a small section not finished looking…to me it’s not. Things and people are invisible and I can walk thru objects…it’s behind one building where there is a data pack and it’s just left of the, the Bowery indicator…

  • Owais Kamal

    I’m doing the side mission of MAD HATTER. Batman looks at the grandfather clock and is now hypnotized to a strange world.. well after dodging the electrocuting floors i’m supposed to destory some lanterns using my batarang…here’s the glith..my batarang dont hit the lanterns while using Quick fire..nor can i aim at the lanterns

  • Diego

    The file corruption happened to me the day AFTER I finished the main campaign. I got on the game about to start New Story Plus when I load my game to that disappointment.

  • Gweadangyles

    Just finished whooping firefly, then it goes to a cut scene with commissioner Borden, before he can finish what he’s sating, a load of bats cross the screen and I get the game over taunt screen from firefly, I don’t particularly want to start again after progressing this far though :(

  • Nick Blowers

    The same exact thing happend to me except I did get past the door thenit said I had damaged DLC and I dont even own ANY DLC….

  • Kart

    I had an issue fighting Firefly on the bridge. I used the grapple claw to latch onto Firefly, but I could not pull him close enough to cause any damage to him. No matter how many times I clicked on the drag button. I got stuck there and could not proceed further in the game. Anyone else face that?