‘Batman: Arkham Origins': Co-Op and Batgirl Teased; Is ‘Batman Beyond’ in Our Future?

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Batman Arkham Origins Comic Con Panel

At Comic-Con 2013 the developers from WB Games Montreal were on hand to show off Batman: Arkham Origins, the next iteration in the Batman franchise. However, despite being part of the overarching Batman franchise, this is the first game in the series not developed by Rocksteady Studios. In attendance were Creative Director Eric Holmes, DC Comics’ Geoff Johns, Troy Baker (the new voice of The Joker), and Roger Craig Smith (the new voice of Batman).

We’ve already touched upon the panel’s biggest official announcement — Copperhead as the latest villain added to the roster — but there were a few teases that might increase fans’ anticipation for the game. We suspect a few of the teases are planned for bigger announcements later this year, but now we have some idea as to what to expect.

The first interesting tidbit from the panel was in regards to co-op in the game, which Holmes was very cagey about. When asked if at some point in the game players would be able to team up with another character for some type of cooperative experience, Holmes responded with the look of someone prepared to dance around a topic.

He wouldn’t confirm or deny that co-op is in Batman: Arkham Origins, he responded by saying that if co-op was in the game that would be something to be excited about. At one point it was rumored that Batman: Arkham City might feature co-op with Batman and Robin, but that never panned out. Instead, Robin (as well as Nightwing and a few other notable Batman cronies) was offered as a playable character for the challenge rooms in the game.

Batman Arkham Origins - Batgirl Teased

So, with co-op teased it almost seemed a given that Robin be the other playable character, or at least appear in the game. However, Eric Holmes confirmed that Robin will not be in the game. In order to better explain that decision, Holmes revealed that this is Batman at “year two” in his career, so Robin (Dick Grayson or another incarnation) has not yet entered Bruce Wayne’s life. But even though he doesn’t have his most iconic sidekick, that doesn’t mean Batman will be alone in the game.

In fact, one question asked by a fan in attendance specifically addressed whether Batgirl or Robin might appear in the game. And while, as previously mentioned Holmes nixed Robin outright, he wasn’t as dismissive about Batgirl. Instead, he kept relatively quiet, which could be a roundabout way of saying that she is in the game but Warner Bros. is not yet ready to make that announcement.

In any case, the panel left us with two potential teases that might increase Batman fans interest in Arkham Origins. The teases might also be nothing – live Q&A sessions are always about smoke and mirrors – so there’s no guaranteeing that Batgirl or co-op are in the game.

We also don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves, but when asked about a potential Batman Beyond game Geoff Johns simply said that DC Comics looks at all of their brands for potential game opportunities. With a Batman Beyond movie potentially on the horizon, there’s a good chance that Warner Bros. could try some sort of tie-in, but until the official announcement is made we are filing this one deep in the bowels of the rumor category.

What do you think? Should Batman: Arkham Origins include co-op? Would you like to see Batgirl in the game? And should DC and Warner set their sights on a Batman Beyond game in the future?

Batman: Arkham Origins releases October 25, 2013 for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

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  • Ace

    If Barbara is in the game I would think that they’ll paralyze her here. She’s already well established as Oracle in Asylum….so it has to happen sometime soon.

    And I know they said no Robin….but I think this would be a good place to have Jason Todd come in and be an inexperienced Robin who fills the void Grayson recently left. Then he gets “killed”.

    Todd “dying” and Barbara getting paralyzed would explain some stuff. Gives reason for Arkham getting as militarized as it is in Asylum, and why Bats is so cold to Tim Drake’s Robin in Arkham City and tells him to leave…

    • The mighty avenger

      Well if this is year 2 batman then it would be Grayson as robin long before drake and Todd. And I don’t see batgirl being paralyzed this early in bats career. Soon but I don’t think in this game

      • Ace

        It’s set only 5 years before Asylum, 6 years before City….gotta have some breathing room between 3 robins I’d think.

        I agree they could postpone it to a sequel set a year maybe 2 after this where all that happens if they wanted. But that means Grayson would at least need to show up or be mentioned I’d think in this one, along with Barbara.

        Because 6 years from this game timeline he is Nightwing, so now that I think about it you are right this wouldn’t be the spot for Todd’s death. This would be around the time Grayson’s parents die, so maybe we’ll see that and Bruce takes him in. Todd’s “death” in the timeline would be maybe at most a year before Asylum then.

        I just think traumatic events like that are great storylines for them to use to add to the great story that the first two games laid out.

        • The mighty avenger

          Yeah ace I agree. I bet that the ending if this game will feature Wayne going to the circus and have the credits roll or something of that sort. Make it implied that robin is around (if Grayson robin isn’t featured anyway)
          Cuz 6 robin has to be nightwing your right. Then within that 6 years Todd can die and batgirl gets paralyzed.

        • Danny

          Actually Origins is seven years ago from Asylum. Thus, three years of Grayson, one 1/2 of Todd, and twoish of Drake.

  • Pedro

    Please NO BATMAN BEYOND, I find it boring and childish, no Two-Face, Penguin, Ra’s or other classic villians. Futuristic Buildings…

    If you ever do one PLEASE PUT ANOTHER ARKHAM GAME with it so real fans can have fun too.

    Batman Beyond is for kids.


    • red

      …quiet you.

    • JT

      Heh, finally someone speaks the truth.

    • Edwards rocky

      Batman beyond for kids? Have you seen any of the ep? they are FAR from kids and is one of the best spin off ever..asinine comment.

    • Daniel Isom

      For you to say Batman Beyond is for kids and to keep it out of games is kind of selfish. What if the developers had a really dark reason for Terry McGinnis becoming Batman. What if they considered having Terry lose the love of his life and not have him set in school but as an adult. They could possibly have Bruce Wayne near death and have Terry use a training simulator for him to train with a digital batman. What about villains like Derek Powers a ruthless businessman, whose company Powers Technology merged with Wayne Enterprises years before. After accidentally becoming exposed to a biological weapon of his making, Powers is treated with extreme radiation and becomes the radioactive villain Blight. What about Shriek who was led down a decidedly darker path by Derek Powers, who wants a return on his investment in Shreeve’s research. He thus dubs him “Shriek”, based on his special suit which allows him to generate destructive sound waves and manipulate sound in a wide variety of ways. During a fight with Batman, his suit is damaged, causing it to pick up sounds at such a high volume that Shreeve is rendered permanently deaf. Though he develops a special headset to hear normally, the incident drives him insane and vengeful against Batman. This to me sounds really engaging and in my opinion Terry McGinnis would be a much loved addition to the Arkham series of Batman games.

  • LittleMisfit

    If they’re expediting robin and cat girl from the series, the should no doubt include a heroine and a side kick. So far, in the 2nd week of the release date, Alfred is the sidekick focus, who not only acts as mentor but also gets into some of the action. The “teaser” (at 10% completion of the game) of Gordon’s daughter leaves a lot left to be revealed. I think there would be a verifiable upsurping of the franchise by rabid fans if Warner/DC doesn’t make batgirl a playable character, based on the fact that robin an his later “branched off” persona as nightwing were introduced in the previous game.
    From what I’ve also read, there is a high market for batgirl missions as DLC, where many are offering advance payment just for the future promise. Fans play these games because of fond interests they’ve built over the last few decades with this particular franchise. If the publishers don’t give what their loyal followers want then I’m afraid their fruition will quickly go down in flames.

  • Lil misfit

    23% into the game, the credits roll for 6 minutes, with the joker singing a sickeningly sombering tune. What of the other 73%, eh?