Joker Highlights ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Cover Art & Screenshots

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Hot off the heels of last week’s tantalizing trailer debut, Batman: Arkham Origins is hard at work once again, this time boasting a bevy of bone-crunching screenshots and artwork. One piece in particular, an imposing shot of the caped crusader fused alongside his foes, has even appeared online under the guise of the game’s official box art and we can confirm that it is authentic, first appearing on the Arkham Facebook page.

Similar reports emerged ahead of the Arkham City release back in 2011, but were eventually debunked by virtue of the game’s final, altogether less punchy packaging. In a knock to the case’s initial credibility, the Arkham Originsweb page remains curiously unchanged, despite the rush to recognize the ‘official’ artwork elsewhere. Adorned only in a simple logo shot, the site’s stand-in casing throws up yet another puzzle worthy of the Dark Knight’s attentions.

Indeed, why would Warner Bros. choose to slap another sticker across their artwork after the backlash they received from Arkham’s notorious Game Of The year editions? Add to that an unconvincing red speck floating above DLC Deathstroke’s left shoulder and it first appeared that the good denizens of Internet were being duped.  The images however, are official, shared by Warner Bros. Interactive – here is the poster and cover art for all versions:

The real image behind the ruse is bursting with information, from known criminal cameos to one or two potential surprises. Penguin, Deadshot, Black Mask and the aforementioned Deathstroke all squeeze into Batman’s burly silhouette, accompanied by every manner of low level thug and ruffian.

One such ne’er-do-well, located just under Batman’s cheekbone in the main shot [Click images to enlarge], is shown donning what appears to be a flat cap and winter coat. Unlike the rest of the black masked goons on offer, this heavy has a hint of personality to him. Could this be Joe Chill, also know as the man who made Bruce Wayne an orphan, or perhaps a Sal Maroni, the Italian crime boss whose restaurant players encountered back in Arkham City (read our review)?

What else might this seemingly Silver age set prequel have in store for gamers? Pre-oracle Barbara Gordon as Batgirl? The transformation of Harvey Dent into the psychotic Two-Face? And how does the Joker fit into Black Mask’s villainous scheme to entrap the Bat?

Batman: Arkham Origins swoops onto PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U & PC on October 25. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate arrives for 3DS & PS Vita on October 25th.


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