Joker Highlights ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Cover Art & Screenshots

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Hot off the heels of last week’s tantalizing trailer debut, Batman: Arkham Origins is hard at work once again, this time boasting a bevy of bone-crunching screenshots and artwork. One piece in particular, an imposing shot of the caped crusader fused alongside his foes, has even appeared online under the guise of the game’s official box art and we can confirm that it is authentic, first appearing on the Arkham Facebook page.

Similar reports emerged ahead of the Arkham City release back in 2011, but were eventually debunked by virtue of the game’s final, altogether less punchy packaging. In a knock to the case’s initial credibility, the Arkham Originsweb page remains curiously unchanged, despite the rush to recognize the ‘official’ artwork elsewhere. Adorned only in a simple logo shot, the site’s stand-in casing throws up yet another puzzle worthy of the Dark Knight’s attentions.

Indeed, why would Warner Bros. choose to slap another sticker across their artwork after the backlash they received from Arkham’s notorious Game Of The year editions? Add to that an unconvincing red speck floating above DLC Deathstroke’s left shoulder and it first appeared that the good denizens of Internet were being duped.  The images however, are official, shared by Warner Bros. Interactive – here is the poster and cover art for all versions:

The real image behind the ruse is bursting with information, from known criminal cameos to one or two potential surprises. Penguin, Deadshot, Black Mask and the aforementioned Deathstroke all squeeze into Batman’s burly silhouette, accompanied by every manner of low level thug and ruffian.

One such ne’er-do-well, located just under Batman’s cheekbone in the main shot [Click images to enlarge], is shown donning what appears to be a flat cap and winter coat. Unlike the rest of the black masked goons on offer, this heavy has a hint of personality to him. Could this be Joe Chill, also know as the man who made Bruce Wayne an orphan, or perhaps a Sal Maroni, the Italian crime boss whose restaurant players encountered back in Arkham City (read our review)?

What else might this seemingly Silver age set prequel have in store for gamers? Pre-oracle Barbara Gordon as Batgirl? The transformation of Harvey Dent into the psychotic Two-Face? And how does the Joker fit into Black Mask’s villainous scheme to entrap the Bat?

Batman: Arkham Origins swoops onto PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U & PC on October 25. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate arrives for 3DS & PS Vita on October 25th.


  • Rob Keyes

    I dig the poster design!

    • The Dark Knight


  • Evan

    It just seems like everyone is talking out their asses about this game with little to no knowledge of comics or what information has been given to us. This isn’t a Silver Age prequel. If it was, it’d be goofy and colorful. This isn’t a Batman Year One. This is a few years into him being Batman. If there’s no Robin in this game, there’s no Batgirl. I doubt we’re going to have Harvey’s face burnt off. There is definitely NOT going to be a Superman cameo, why on earth would there be? That’s just irrelevant and stupid.
    Just take what you have and stop getting people excited for things that probably/definitely won’t happen.

    • Rob Keyes

      It’s not either, dude. Calm down. WB Montreal is making their own story drawing from Silver age stories and elements of Batman: Year One – that doesn’t define visual design. I took out the Superman reference for ya, but if you’ve been paying attention, Queen Industries logo is shown in the trailer so it is a shared universe and could be leading to one. Is it ” irrelevant and stupid” to mention that?

      • Levi

        Sucks to have some fan boy of the comics ruining a great article because WB decided to make their own story. Grow up dude, the last Batman games didn’t follow a comic step for step and neither is this one going to, meaning anything is possible

        • Levi

          Oops, this is meant for the guy above you Rob, not you sorry, keep up the great info :)

          • Rob Keyes

            Haha, thanks Levi!

            This article was written by Samuel Riley, our newest Game Ranter.

  • reno2200

    I still think that there should be a level (either a prologue or an epilogue) where Batman chases a masked criminal that ends up falling into a vat of who-knows-what in Ace Chemicals. It would work at the start as a tutorial, teaching movement and possibly fighting controls, or at the end as a nod-and-wink to fans.

  • Tyler S

    The poster design reminds me of the horrendous X-Men: First Class posters with a silhouette and the younger version inside. Not very appealing to me.

  • The mighty avenger

    I’m really liking that cover art! Much better then city’s cover. Plus it’s cool to learn we get two skins for deathstroke. Still hoping we can use him in story mode.
    Thjs game is gonna be great! Can’t wait to play it!

  • Mr. V

    So I’m guessing the guy in the red outfit is Anarky…

    • reno2200

      Although I’m not familiar with Anarky, I’ve read that, in the game, s/he (really no idea – sorry!) takes on the role previously filled by The Riddler in the other Arkham games. Having him/her in this game makes sense since they’re launching the new Beware the Batman TV show which is meant to feature Anarky quite heavily.

  • GaygameR

    if the Joker is not Mark Hamill then its a no buy for me. period.

  • Bang Arka

    Good, it is killer art design.. power full!