Barbara Gordon Confirmed For ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’

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It may be hard to believe, but it seems these days gamers expect more than just Batman from a Batman video game. With Batman: Arkham City players got not just Robin the Boy (Man?) Wonder, but Catwoman as well (assuming they qualified). So for Batman: Arkham Origins, the developers at WB Games Montreal are looking to address that demand in their own way.

Not only will Deathstroke the Terminator be a playable DLC character, but the newest batch of screenshots confirm that Barbara Gordon – daughter of police commissioner Jim Gordon, and future Batgirl – will be included in the game. But in what capacity?

Many who have been closely following our coverage of Arkham Origins‘ development won’t be surprised to see Barbara Gordon’s face crop up in marketing, since the creative team let it slip at Comic-Con 2013 that Batgirl fans might find the game to their liking. So far Babs has only appeared in one image, so it may be too early to jump to any conclusions. That being said, there is a reason to hope that her Batgirl persona will at least play a role in the game’s Challenge Modes.

It’s important to note that the artwork only shows Barbara Gordon (with a bird of prey on her jacket, of course) out of costume, apparently in a disagreement with her father in what looks to be his base of operations. The developers have spoken at length about how important Gordon will be to the story, with the future-commissioner even appearing in a gameplay trailer as anything but a trusted friend of Batman; since the events of Origins are only set in the second year of Batman’s career, there are few who even know him by that name, let alone trust him to be on the side of justice.

It’s not much of a stretch to imagine what Barbara and Jim might be disagreeing over, with Bruce Wayne’s quest to prove that he is only to be feared by the corrupt and criminal. Is it possible that Barbara sympathizes with Batman’s direct approach, perhaps fueled by adolescent rebellion to don a costume of her own? It’s not much of a stretch, especially with the Comic-Con tease provided by WB Games Montreal. Granted, creative director Eric Holmes would later say “there is no Batgirl in this game,” but if Batman is even without a name at this point in his career, there’s still a chance Barbara could play a serious role, moniker or no.

Barbara Gordon Batman Arkham Origins

Unfortunately, if Arkham Origins sticks to the series’ formula, players are most likely to see Batgirl added as an unlockable character in the game’s Challenge Mode. She may end up with a cameo in the main campaign – as Robin did in Arkham City – but with a playable Deathstroke restricted to side challenges, Babs is likely to receive the same treatment. And with a wealth of retro and modern outfits to choose from, the developers would be unwise to pass up a fan-favorite character with their first game.

Would you be willing to pay a little extra to embody Batgirl in Arkham Origins‘ Challenge Mode? Any particular costumes you’d like to see added if that’s the case, or are you unconvinced she’ll be donning a Batsuit? Sound off in the comments.


Batman: Arkham Origins will be available on PC, PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360 on October 25, 2013.

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