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As the saying goes: ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fox it.’ But even as hard as it is to find lasting success in the video game industry, Rocksteady Studios showed they weren’t afraid of change from the very first announcement of Batman: Arkham Knight, their finale to the Arkham trilogy. Once fans got over the impressive cinematic trailer, the changes became clear: the introduction of the Batmobile, a foray into the greater Gotham City, and a brand new Batsuit.

The game originally pitched an evolved Batman going to-to-toe with the Scarecrow’s master plan, but the arrival of familiar faces – and the brand new, titular villain – cast some doubt. So just how much of the old and new should fans of the first two Arkham games expect? Luckily, Rocksteady has now offered a few more details.

There’s no question that there is more to Arkham Knight‘s story than the original plot synopsis; and fans have a long wait before their most nagging questions are answered. But for now, even a little information will go a long way.

With that in mind, Rocksteady’s marketing manager, Dax Ginn has offered some insight into the power structure at work behind Arkham Knight‘s villains. Speaking with Croatian gaming magazine Reboot, read Ginn’s translated comments below (hat tip to

“We always wanted to create our own trilogy of Arkham games which will lead you from the claustrophobic halls of Arkham Asylum to openness, which this new vision of Gotham gives us. We left Scarecrow out intentionally from key events of Batman: Arkham City, which let us completely focus on Batman’s relationship with Joker, which culminated with Joker’s death. Batman: Arkham Knight is a story about different, post-Joker Gotham City and Scarecrow is in the center of it. He is one of the supervillains of Batman’s universe and in this story he uses the opportunity and takes the abandoned place of power over criminals, putting Gotham in danger when he gets a new chemical weapon. This dark and chaotic version of Scarecrow unites other villains in Arkham Knight with only one goal: destroy Batman.

Batman Arkham Knight Screenshot Two Face Penguin

“We revealed that Two Face, Penguin, Harley Quinn are important to the story and we are excited to announce that we worked with DC Comics to create a completely new character… Arkham Knight. We’ll talk about him in the upcoming months.”

Plot twists and mysterious villains will likely be kept under wraps until release (as was the case with Batman: Arkham City), but what Rocksteady seems ready to show off is their changes to Batman’s character model and arsenal. The developers have spoken at length about the impressive size of their next-gen Gotham City, and how the Batmobile will be used to traverse it.

Never ones to do things halfway, it seems that the Batmobile was designed to not only look ‘cool,’ but seem like it was created by the same mind that sculpted the new and improved Batsuit. Ginn went on to explain that Batman’s new duds are more than just a visual change, but a sign of some brand new mechanics and features that will give the developers even more tools to enhance gameplay, and tell their story:

“Various gadgets are key to the gameplay experience of Arkham Knight and we continued to develop Batman’s arsenal with new gadgets, and upgrades for old ones. The biggest upgrade is Batman’s suit, the Batsuit Mark 8. It upgrades Batman’s abilities in new ways… The way that Batman communicates with Oracle is also upgraded and in Arkham Knight he will use a holographic communicator. It enables players to see the person Batman is talking to through a holographic projection from his gauntlet.”

That hologram technology means players will get the chance to actually see Oracle a.k.a. Barbara Gordon, not merely hear her voice over a radio. But previous screenshots have revealed that Oracle will be playing a much larger role in the campaign of Arkham Knight than a voice in Bruce Wayne’s ear; so what is it that makes her so important to the game’s writers this time around? Director Sefton Hill explained to Game Informer:

“[Oracle is] such a strong character in the universe that we really wanted to bring her to life in this game rather than have her as just that voice… What does she look like? Where does she work? How does she have all of this information? What’s her relationship like with Batman? She’s one of the only people who knows his identity, so it gives that sort of human side to Batman. We spend so much time seeing him kick ass it’s nice to see the emotional side of him underneath, and she’s one of the few characters who help us bring that out.”

Batman Arkham Knight Oracle Screenshot

We’ll accept any gameplay addition or fictional gadget that allows the developers to bring more DC characters into the mix. After Robin made a guest appearance in the campaign of Arkham City, and Oracle now confirmed to be given a large part for Arkham Knight, who knows who else could crash the party? If this is, indeed, Rocksteady’s send-off to their Dark Knight, there’s no better time to bring in the likes of Nightwing, Huntress, and the rest of the fan-favorite heroes.

We’ll keep you up to date as more story and gameplay details arrive. For now, what do you make of the plot and gameplay changes so far? Have they gotten you more interested in Arkham Knight, or were you guaranteed to be playing it regardless? Sound off in the comments.


Batman: Arkham Knight will be released in 2014 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Source: Reboot (via Arkhamverse), Game Informer

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  • Ken J

    Wait, bringing out emotion from Batman? They are talking like they plan on killing Oracle in this game…

    • Big Baby Jesus

      I think Barbara heard Batman (because of the ear piece) say at the end of Arkham City to Joker something like “After everyone you hurt, everything you’ve done, I still would have saved you.” Barbara is mad about that because Joker put her (batgirl) in a wheelchair, so Batman is questioning his “no killing rule”…

      I would think this would make the most sense considering his comment…

      • Big Baby Jesus

        Maybe she is making him feel guilty about it? This would be my guess…

        • Shield

          That makes no sense. Barbara knows better than most the motivations behind the Batman. I don’t think she would EVER try to manipulate him and make him feel guilty for doing what he thinks is right.

          Can I see Batman question his no killing rule? Yes.

          But can I see Barbara try to guilt-trip him into breaking his rule? Never.

          • Big Baby Jesus

            It does make sense fi you think about one of the possible ways it could happen. I know Batman’s motivations better than Barbara (because I read the comics) I still would be upset if Joker did that to me and if Batman said he still would have saved Joker even after everything he has done (its the BAT-FAMILY and I would feel he would let that one slide), I would be mad. If you would not be as well, then you are a liar or a Buddhist.

            Besides, even if she does not do it intentionally, she still is a constant reminder of his failure to save her during “The Killing Joke” because she is in the wheelchair. And with the Joker gone (the Ying to Batman’s Yang), Batman is struggling with his moral compass.

            Who knows, maybe Barbara is going to tell him to let it go and forgive himself before Batman can truly go “Darkseid” (pun intended)

      • Ken J

        Maybe, we’ll see I guess. I hope they don’t since she’s supposed to be around in the Batman Beyond times…

    • yolo monkey

      mabey batman makes her batgirl cause she dosnt want him going into the fight alone cause she cares for him. Mabey she wants to help him and mabey there a cinematic were he is telling her no she cant help but she does anyway. who knows, she could even be his lover in this one

  • The mighty avenger

    I don’t think they’ll kill oracle. But I want to be able to visit her in the watchtower or the batcave or wherever she’s operating from. I think that’s be pretty awesome.
    I’ve always been a fan of Gordon as batgirl and oracle so happy to see her in this game. Let’s get nightwing a cameo as we’ll

    • Slade The Deathstroke

      Cameo? I want him be involve in the story.

      • Rickio

        Gordon’s okay but if they give her a bigger part than Nightwing or Robin, then DC should throw in the towel on all things Batfamily for good. Oh wait, no they can’t do that, otherwise Batman will be on the verge of death again and they’ll have to invent another sidekick. Oh yeah, they just tried that, Bluebird or something. Barbara didn’t save Batman from being cancelled in the 30’s, Dick did, so if anyone has a major role to play aside from Batman in the last Arkham game, it should definitely be him. If they can give his arch nemesis all these big roles all of a sudden, then he deserves at least one major placement besides Teen Titans and Young Justice. No offense at all intended to Barbara fans, she’s cool, but fact is fact, Batman would of been cancelled had Dick not shown up. The trinity of the Justice League is Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman. But the trinity of DC is Batman, Superman, and Robin I especially considering two of them are about to hit their 75th anniversaries, it’s important they start to acknowledge that fact. /rant done either way thanks for the post, can’t wait to see Oracle again!!

        • JT


          I agree.

        • Idi ‘Big Daddy’ Amin

          Batman wasn’t going to be cancelled in the ’30s. For a start, his first appearance was in May 1939. He’d have to have been one hell of a crappy character to be under threat of cancellation after just seven months. Robin debuted in 1940’s Batman #1 because writer Bill Finger wanted to give Batman somebody to talk to, instead of constantly having to write inner monologues.

          Batman did come close to being cancelled in the late ’50s-early ’60s, but that was because the stories, neutered by the Comics Code, were becoming ludicrous beyond the point of self-parody. Batman-obsessed imps from parallel dimensions, rainbow Batsuits, the Batbaby etc.

  • mkbat

    How about using the shadows for stealth? Batman is a Master of darkness and that was never shown in games before. A light and shadow environment would be cool to see.Batman darting with cape surrounded into a nearby shadow for stealth would be really Batman.

  • Amancio

    After having Tim Drake in City, they need to bring back for knight, especially if only takes place one year after City.

  • Valdemonij

    Wait… i just read on wikipedia about this games… and it write that’s happening before halloween… so i get idea… can this be similar to Batman: The Long Halloween ?

  • Valdemonij

    And yea… to don’t forget. My cousin who live in USA and who work in Bethesda Softworks, told me last night that she hear a rumor that is before one year planed BATWOMAN video game in arkham game serial, but it fall in watter… and that it is now back in the plan…
    I believe that is just rumor(and she), and that maybe someone imagine that just for fun, but.. how you will like idea about Batwoman: Arkham… game ? Idk what title can be… maybe Gotham: Arkham Bride ? 😛

    • Big Baby Jesus

      The level of grammar errors have left me without any doubt that you are making that all up for attention.

  • Valdemonij

    Sorry for my bad english, its not my mother language, or how you say that.
    And i am again glad to tell you about this rumor, if you don’t hear about it… Its rumor in some small circle of peoples about BATWOMAN ARKHAM game…

  • sloth915

    I was going to be getting this and playing this regardless, but this information makes me want the game NOW lol. this game is going to be so epic.