Who Is ‘The Arkham Knight’? Batman’s New Enemy Revealed

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Batman Arkham Knight Cover Art

As any comic book fan knows, a great Batman story needs a great villain, first and foremost. Admittedly, the Dark Knight isn’t an easy hero to stand against, but Rocksteady Studios has made some wise picks in their game series. For Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, the team turned to the Joker to drive the events, but for the upcoming finale, they’re headed a completely new direction.

As it turns out, Batman: Arkham Knight isn’t just a reference to Batman’s pseudonym – it’s the name of a new villain created specifically for Rocksteady’s final chapter in their Arkham saga. The studio is keeping coy for now, but it’s clear Bruce Wayne’s new foe will pose a challenge the Joker never could.

This news may come as a somewhat of a surprise, given that the studio made their name by bringing existing Batman characters and fiction into a new style and setting, mixing nostalgia with modernity in a way few developers had tried with beloved properties. Not to mention that the official plot synopsis for Arkham Knight claimed that it would be the Scarecrow who was acting as main antagonist, uniting the villains seen in the past to rid Gotham of Batman once and for all.

But speaking with Game Informer, the game’s director Sefton Hill explained what the title really means, hinting that Scarecrow may not be the one players need to worry about:

“We hadn’t in the previous games introduced someone new to the universe. We wanted to introduce someone who could really challenge Batman to go head to head with him in lots of different ways. We’re not talking about those ways just yet but this guy is definitely a formidable foe for Batman.”

Batman Arkham Knight Villain Shadow

The only image revealed so far shows the titular ‘Arkham Knight’ completely bathed in shadow, with little visible besides his glowing blue eyes. The demo shown to the magazine was capped off by the arrival of the new villain, described as a type of grotesque reflection of Batman himself. Wearing a similar suit to Bats (described as more “militaristic,” with an Arkham Asylum ‘A’ emblazoned on his chest) and using firearms, the image also shows shorter, more horn-like ‘ears’ atop an armored helmet.

Expect more details concerning the Arkham Knight to be released in the future, since his role is evidently a central one. Rocksteady hinted they would be getting more creative with the Batman mythology when they confirmed comic writer Paul Dini wouldn’t be writing their next game. However, the character has been created by alongside DC writer and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, so fans have the right to be excited as opposed to concerned.

It’s worth pointing out that the game will still feature the likes of Scarecrow, Two-Face, Riddler and the rest of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. With Arkham Knight set one year after the events of Arkham City, the absence of the Joker has allowed the criminal of the city to join forces, spreading Batman’s focus and causing an evacuation of Gotham City in the process. How the Arkham Knight fits into that plot is a mystery, but Rocksteady has shown their skill in the character’s mythology, and the idea of a truly dangerous villain embodying the insanity of Arkham is a proposition too enticing to ignore.

Batman Arkham Knight Game Batmobile

Obviously, the marketing for the game so far has centered on one of the most anticipated (and most demanded) gadget of the Dark Knight’s: the Batmobile. However, those paying close attention to the game’s cinematic trailer will notice that Batman’s new suit is featured just as heavily, replacing the riveted fabrics of previous games with a metallic, flexible armor. Not to worry though; according to Hill, the change in costume will be explained within the story itself:

“We wanted that continuity between the new suit and the Batmobile as well to look like the two of them have been developed side by side using a lot of the same materials.”

Given the wealth of new gameplay, traversal, and combat mechanics made possible by the Batmobile’s arrival, one would hope that Batman’s new suit would be similarly game-changing. The addition of the Grapple Mark II has been confirmed, but it’s possible even more features and durability will aid Batman in his fight with foes both old and new.

What are your hopes for the Arkham Knight? Does the resemblance to Jason Todd’s suit and style from the “Batman” comics have your imagination running wild, or are you interested to see how the villain may connect back to the previous games? Share your thoughts, theories, and reactions in the comments.


Batman: Arkham Knight will be released in 2014 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Source: Game Informer

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  1. The Arkham Knight is Bruce Wayne!!!!!

    • Yeeeeaaaaaaah no. Unless if you are talking about a HUSHed topic that is. Lol. I wonder if that’s what rocksteady is really gonna do.

  2. Okay if everyone really wants to know who the Arkham Knight is, itz Jason Todd a.k.a Red Hood . It makes sense, his helmet is similar to the Arkham Knights and he uses guns. Just like red hood . That’s my saying love or hate it

    • Cant be Jason Todd because, His motives are completely wrong. said in the trailer that there is no batman, but if you really read the comics Jason wanted to be a better batman,not eliminate him.

    • Cant be Jason Todd because, His motives are completely wrong. said in the trailer that there is no batman, but if you really read the comics Jason wanted to be a better batman,not eliminate him. and why would he be working with scare crow he wants all of them behind bars

    • Red Hood has been announced as a DLC. Can’t be Jason Todd.

    • Okay… Those of you who think *Oooo Jason Todd is AK because the hood is simalar*…Stop okay, It’s not him because one RED HOOD IS IN THE GAME!!!!!! He’s a DLC and secon off, Why would Rocksteady go this far just to have AK be someone who already exist after stating that he’s 100 NEW made from scratch…Geoff Johns created him and Jim Lee designed him, They both wrote and designed him and even They stated he has NEVER been in the comics and he’s not someone you know, He’s new and made just for this game. Look I thought it was jason Todd at first too when I first saw his awesome suit but I thought about it and its a stupid idea making him or Tomas Elliot AK. The truth is Nobody but the creators know who he is and all these theories are dead wrong. I’m sure all of those other villains will be in the game but they aren’t Arkham Knight. All we know is, he has a history with Batman, he holds a personal grudge against him and he dressed like that to Mock Batman. His soul purpose is just to kill Batman and ruin his legacy. and think about it, Joker is dead, That’s all Jason Todd wanted, so Why would he attack Bruce after that. Plus he already stated he’s not angry with Bruce and that he forgives him. Only TRUE Batman fans will understand this and not Internet Fanboy’s who make wild theories without clearly thinking… Rocksteady would Never screw with us like Montrail did in Arkham Origins, They take this seriously and they stated it’s not anyone you know because he never existed.

      • What i think, is that Arkham Knight is an effect of Scarecrow’s fear gas.
        As we know so far, the gas would make anybody who sprayed to face his/her fear and never stop until you kill it. Since the main villain is Scarecrow, fear is the only thing that matters. This theory make sense

  3. Itz Jason, Batman’s second robin. It is because Batman has never mentioned Jason in any video game ever. Thats my word luv or hate it

  4. It has to be jason todd for a couple reasons.
    1. If u look closley at the arkham knights mask it is very similar to the one jason todd wore when he became red hood it just has bat ears
    2. It makes sence that jason todd would be after the bat after what happened in the red hood movie with the confrontation of batman and joker. Tod threatend to kill him then maybe he wants to finish what he started. Also in that movie he does die in an explosion but it is possible that rache al gul broughtt him back to life again.
    3. Jason Todd could be being controled for all we know. After the occurences of the other arkham games there apears to be a hint of rougenes in the many villans in arkham asylum
    4. Finnally jason todd was not ever mentioned in any of yhe other arkham games.
    Thats all i have for now

  5. Has anyone considered that it could be a care bear?

  6. IT’s either batman’s son damine wayne or promthuis, jason todd,or azieral i don’t see anyone else being arkahm knight besides these.

  7. Anybody thought maybe it’s robin??? i mean dick grayson!!!

  8. Tom Elliot.

  9. Why would it be damien wayne or dick grayson when their good guys and plus damien wayne is to little to be the arkham knight. I think arkham knight is a robot controlled by quincy sharp which makes sense because quincy might wanna get back at batman for akrham city and he’s the ARKHAM knight and quincy is the mayor of arkham. i would say it IS quincy but hes to fat and short to be the arkham knight

  10. Deathstroke is the arkham knight, because at the ending of arkham origins deathstroke was offered a job and the group that freed him also gave him a new identity as the arkham knight and not mention he’s a person just like batman as fast as him and as silent as him

    • At the end of Arkham Origins with Death stroke being offered a job, that was Amanda Wallace trying to get Death Stroke to join task force X (Suicide Squad).

    • not deathstroke. as you may know, but probably forgot, origins was a prequel to arkham asylum, and not in the storyline of the trilogy at all. meant to be a standalone game while we waited for AK to come out

  11. And the word militaristic has been used for the characters persnality deathstroke is a military experiment

  12. It’s Thomas wayne Jr bruce Wayne’s forgotten brother look it up

  13. It’s Thomas wayne jr, bruce Wayne’s forgotten brother

  14. Maybe someone that’s close to him or somebody from the league of shadows?

  15. Arkham Knight 100% new character, so it won’t be based on ARKHAM SERIES :-

    Joker – dead
    J.Todd- Red Hood dlc, plus couldn’t pull off multiple persona’s in one night.
    D.Grayson – Nightwing (would also like some dlc)doesn’t want to kill Bruce.
    T.Drake – Red Robin, same as above
    D.Wayne – too young, but possible as age of this batman is undisclosed.
    Joker’s kid – Only born at the end of city.
    Azrel – Persona is too different, committed to own cult.
    Hush – was only after Bruce’s legacy, didn’t state he knew Bruce was Batman.
    T.Wayne jr – The last living will OF T.Wayne sr, would have to include him.
    Hallucinations – possible but why would A.K. have an army or a battalion of tanks.

    i think Arkham Knight could be Alfred’s son Who could work within Wayne Enterprises and Funding his own agenda under Bruce’s Nose, but also doesn’t know Bruce is Batman.
    my last note will be the inclusion of the Bat mobile is awesome but i would have like for the team to really push the boat and also include the Batwing. so i would like for A>K>’s introduction to blow the plane from the sky. and for the team to include as dlc packages Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl with vehicles to compliment them.

    peace out

  16. This is probably completely stupid but, what about Dick Grayson? Doesn’t Deathstroke have him as an apprentice for a while? And Slade was in Origins. . . But yeah, it wouldn’t really explain much.

    Or Ras Al Ghul.

    Eh. Just guessing.

  17. I think it may be hugo strange and Ra’s Al Ghul and I have a reason. As you all probably know Hugo was killed by Ra’s Al Ghul on top of wonder tower. My theory suggests that Hugo might have been carried to the lazarus pit by Ra’s Al Ghul’s assassin due to the fact that they didn’t know Hugo was a worthy successor because Ra’s died. So the Assassin gets them both and throws them in the lazarus pit, but mistakenly threw them together. Due to clayface stuffing up the lazarus pit when he fell in it, the bodies and minds of Ra’s Al Ghul and Hugo fused together. They both wanted their revenge against batman so they decided to use Hugo’s brilliance and use Ra’s Al Ghul’s skills to create the Arkham knight.

  18. The arkham knight is “the heretic” the same person who killed damian wayne google him read the story line look at his costume it looks like a batman and armored knight hybrid armor like in the game this theory explains why every Robin has ben revealed except for damian wayne and explains everything from the combat to the military training and I need to be better than Batman and the want to kill Batman if you look at the story in the comic books death in the family 2 you can see why I believe this is the true identity of the Arkham Knight

  19. If anyone has read the new 62 dc comic, the first and second editions are about the court of owls with the main enemy being the talon who turns out to be possibly batmans brother who was supposed to be dead in a car crash. He is llike a deadly batman and gives batman a toughbattle throughout.

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