‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Screenshots Show Off New Batsuit

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After WB Games Montreal’s prequel story Batman: Arkham Origins received less impressive reviews compared to its predecessors, the pressure is on for Rocksteady Games to deliver a powerful final chapter to the studio’s superhero saga in Batman: Arkham Knight, the open-world title being released for PC and current-gen consoles.

Batman: Arkham Knight was officially announced earlier this month with a cinematic trailer that showed Bruce Wayne fighting crime and corruption in Gotham City in an effort to live up to his family’s legacy. Scarecrow has threatened to douse the entirety of Gotham City with his fear toxin, leading to an evacuation that once again takes all innocent civilians off the streets and leaves behind a city full of bad guys. It’s the perfect environment for some brutal brawls and serious destruction without risking collateral damage.

The game’s title seems especially appropriate in the light of new screenshots from Batman: Arkham Knight posted over at AGB. Decked out in a brand new Batsuit, Bruce himself looks like a knight in shining armor what with all the metal woven into his outfit; he’s not a far cry from looking part-mech.

Also featured in these screenshots are the family team of Commissioner Gordon and Barbara Gordon, operating from her watch tower as Oracle. The Batmobile – one of the biggest new introductions to the game series – also puts in an appearance, but there’s no further glimpses of the mysterious original character, the Arkham Knight.


Since this is the “final” installment in Rocksteady’s Batman game series (it’s conceivably that the studio could be tempted back to such a successful franchise), it’s fair to say that pretty much anything goes in terms of dramatic plot events. Perhaps this will be the fight that finally brings Gotham to its knees, or perhaps Batman himself will end up sacrificing himself.

No matter how things end in Batman: Arkham Knight, the chance to explore the city either by gliding or by crashing down the streets in the Batmobile is a pretty exciting prospect. Director Sefton Hill has promised a “rich, vibrant, dense open world” for players to explore, and with the old Rogues Gallery joining forces with a brand new villain it should hopefully prove to be a challenging ride.

Like what you’ve seen so far of Batman: Arkham Knight? Tell us in the comments what you’re hoping the game will include – or what you’re hoping will be left out – when it arrives on shelves this fall.

Batman: Arkham Knight is rumored to release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on October 14, 2014.

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  • The mighty avenger

    We’ll rocksteady is gold. Asylum and city are two fantastic games!!
    This game looks beautiful! Car wait to see some gameplay more trailers and of course play it myself.
    Oracle looks awesome as we’ll as Gordon
    In hoping we can go see her anytime

    Also he’s hoping the collectors edition has a batmobile statue.

  • Xigbar

    Well, I like how it’s less bulky than the Origins suit, but still really not digging how techy it looks.

    • The mighty avenger

      I don’t reAlly see the techy side of people’s complaints. Of anything it just looks more shiny.
      But I do agree that origins was too bulky and stocky.

      • Xigbar

        Look at all the little silvery bits, like right under his neck it looks really mechanical, like parts of an Iron Man suit with what looks like little tubes and wires.
        And it looks like he has tiny headlights under his pecs.

        • Dante

          Of course, your complaint about it being too techy is absolutely legitimate…I mean who ever heard of BATMAN using tech…

          Geez. Next thing you know they’ll give him some sort of supercomputer he builds in his Batcave or some such garbage…

          • Xigbar

            Sarcasm, charming.

            Yes, Batman uses a lot of tech. But the tech doesn’t define him. It isn’t his defining feature. It’s just there, in the background for him to use when he needs.
            This suit pushes the tech to the forefront. It makes the tech seem essential, invaluable. After all, why would he wear so much armor except if he needed it?
            Except he doesn’t need it. He shouldn’t need it. He’s Batman. He takes guys who rely on tech and armor and proves that skill and discipline are all that matters.

          • Ken J

            Why wear armor? Why not? That’s like saying a Marine or a Soldier that wears body armor proves that he’s not a good fighter… I can understand if the armor hinders his ability to fight, then I can see why he would want to rely on his fighting ability rather than armor, but if, possibly through technology, he could craft armor that still allows him to fight just as efficiently, then it’s pretty much stupid NOT to wear it. You’ll never know that you need armor until you need it…

    • Jeff

      To everyone complaining about how techy it looks, let’s all remember that in the 90s, this happened: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090613190027/batman/images/4/41/Azrael-batman_01.jpg

      It could be worse. It could be much much worse.

  • Ken J

    I want to see how the game will prevent me from killing people by running them over with the bat mobile, lol.

    • http://gamerant.com Hannah Shaw-Williams

      Maybe it’ll be like Driver: San Francisco and all the goons will have psychic senses and super agility that allow them to leap out of the way even when you’re driving towards them at 100 mph.

      • Ken J

        I was always able to still run them over, although when you do they just magically clip through your car and nothing happens to them. I pretty much trick them into diving one direction and then I turn that way, lol.

  • Craig

    I loved the costume in the first two games; it was a great mix of the comic look and a semi-realistic version. Now we have Iron-Bat Man. Every hero has to wear armour these days, even if they don’t need it.

    • alex

      According to the Game Informer article around the time the game was announced, he starts the game in the classic AA/AC Batsuit and upgrades it later

  • Charles Bronson

    Norman Osbourne looks little weird with those glasses.

  • MilkCartonReject

    I was hoping they were going to stick with the smaller ears like in Origins. It certainly looked like it in the trailer. I really hope going forward that whatever Scott Snyder gives us in SVB will set the standard for what Batman should look like. I am kind of over the Nolanized look we keep getting. I kind of understand why they changed the Batsuit though. The Alex Ross design is so dated. I never liked it.

    • john Georges

      Zach Snyder not Scott. Scott is the current writer on batman

  • ChaseS.

    Why is everyone complaining about the suit? The games, just like the movies are going for realism the best they can and a guy wearing blue and grey spandex isn’t going to last long fighting guys with guns and knives. Batman may be very good at making people miss when shooting at him, but eventually someones gonna get lucky and even just a grazing is enough to really slow you down and cause a lot of blood loss. The suit is an evolution to meet his needs and protect him especially as he gets older. In Origins it was covered in armor, but too bulky, slowing him down. Then by the time we get to AC he’s got it down to a Kevlar style suit which is lighter and faster. Now he seems to perfected the armor suit and added in more tech to help him in the field. The tech is just an added help, not a crutch. It could be for better detective vision and crime scene analysis, plus improved communication with Oracle and the batcave, improved gliding control, protection from electricity and EMP’s, improved vitals monitoring, built in defibrillator, ect. The list is endless. I don’t care who you are, Batman or not, you’re going to want to make things easier and be as protected as possible as your enemies evolve and get more dangerous.

  • mike_d

    bullshots, not the actual game.

  • peace to you all

    M2A gamers the true next gen begins Q4!!!!

    Everything we have owned thus far is spoon fed polished previous gen. Kojima among others are awaiting the new SDK’s and implementation of ps4’s hUMA and x1’s HSA hardware coherent tools /software along with Direct x 12 will make for some visually intense gameplay, that in motion almost seems rendered for film.

    Trolls that always negate my posts & have no clue of what i speak, please do not waste your not so valuable time [on earth] responding lol… i do not debate with ego driven, uneducated [on the matter at least] blog puppets who sit back and bash or praise/ consume technology they have NO CLUE about on a technically in depth level [software/hardware etc].

    For the intelligent and broad minded [not mind dead] gamers out there here is a look at the BIG picture…. hope you can read between and around the line$…

    $ony = Blu Ray disc owners and beneficiaries = phy$ical platform for ALL true next gen console game$.

    micro$oft = Micro[tran$action]soft Directx [direct 3d] API owners and beneficiaries = THE MAIN application programming interface for ALL next gen console$. [[and where [direct] xbox got its official name.]]

    $$$$AMD$$$$ = the chip$et that drive$ them ALL

    [sorry PC gamers.. no games in a looong while have been built strictly for PC and made such a huge impact it HAD to make it to home consoles… basically PC gets whatever is making a mark in the console market, period] ..Not taking any credit away from the PC at all though because we ALL basically own mid level AMD proprietary PC’s with different shapes and publisher/ developers… we call them con$oles [con-souls] lol jk…

    seriously tho the whole next gen “war” is as absurd as Lamborghini and Bugatti owners fighting over which is better or who is on top [ when they are BOTH GREAT, but one is slim and sleek one big and bulky] but STILL owned by the lil buggy company called Volkswagen… ill let the wise put together 😉

    its time we ll stop hating one another and use these games / systems as they were intended: Therapy to help desensitize us from, and overcome the day to day challenges we face in real life.

    Game On!!!

    • dragonrider

      @peace to you all”, take a deep breath buddy. LOL. tech savy people can argue over the best console, it doesn’t mean everyone that thinks there console is better is a moron. there is a clear winner, but im not opening that can of worms.

      As fare as the batsuit goes, im loving it, i can’t believe they haven’t done this design yet. the technology isn’t a issue with me, after all he has to spend those billions on something, why not a bad ass suit.

  • darck1971

    I, for one, would like to see the PS Vita being used by a second player in a support role (Oracle – some sort of hacking mini-game etc.). I’d like to see the full potential of the PS4 being used.

  • Josiah Glickstein

    The pressure’s not on for Rocksteady as far as I’m concerned: all they have to do is make a game so amazing that it wipes away the stink/shames WB Montreal because of Arkham Origins, satisfies fans with Kevin Conroy’s probable last turn as Batman, and OHMYGOSH THEY ARE UNDER SO MUCH PRESSURE TO DELIVER!!!

  • SwiftNinjaFox

    Not a real fan of the mech-suit either. Looks too much like Iron Man-ish armor whereas City and Asylum looked like a more kevlar armor at most. Even Origins, while bulky, had some designs that looked pretty reasonable to me.

    This looks like it was influenced by Nolan’s films and Injustice. It even has a little bit of a Batman Forever Clooney suit vibe to me.

    Hopefully we’ll be able to unlock the Asylum or City suit in game if we wish to use it instead, though unfortunately I don’t see the cut scenes reflecting the one you choose to play in. 😉

  • Invertin

    Can Batman media stop trying to copy the dark knight movies? Please?

    They were fine but I have grown to hate them because ever since it came out, everyone has forgotten how to be creative with Batman designs.

    He wore exactly as much armor in this in City and Asylum, he just hid it, because if he’s obviously wearing this big bulky suit of metal armor badguys are going to go ‘well of course i can’t kill the bat, he’s wearing a metal suit’.

  • thecrimsonking

    I just like them making him smaller. He looked like Schwarzenegger in the first 3 games. Way too muscular. I always wore the 70’s batsuit in AC just because it was a little closer to normal.

    Sadly, this isn’t coming out for PS3. So it begins

  • Clutch hero

    I think the tech so looks amazing it puts a futuristic spin on a older suit partnered with the new bqtmpbile and scarecrow and the new arkham knight I think this is shaping up to be the best game yet