Dress To Impress In The ‘Batman: Arkham City’ Skins Pack Trailer

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Batman Arkham City Skins Trailer

Perhaps one of the most interesting and exciting facets of Batman is the kind of suit he wears. Hardcore fans of the Dark Knight will have their specific favorites or claim one suit is the better over another. Yes, out there is someone who is an advocate of the Adam West 1960s costume. Rest assured, owners and fans of Batman: Arkham City will be able to download the new skins pack, which allows access to a wide variety of designs that are iconic in the Batman mythology.

Definitely one of the biggest games of the year and one of the best follow-ups in a franchise, ever, Batman: Arkham City is among the nominees for a prestigious Game of the Year award at the Spike Video Game Awards 2011. Proper kudos and respect should be given to Rocksteady Studios for churning out an amazing product with a very intimidating franchise. Rocksteady is continuing to support their game with even more DLC in the form of challenge maps and is working hard to squash some devastating bugs.

Among the already existing DLC, like the availability of former-Robin, Nightwing, Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive have released some new skins for the Batman to utilize during his adventures in Arkham City. Many of the skins are easily recognizable, like the Animated Series version of Batman or fan-favorite Dark Knight Returns. Some skins are better known to readers of the comic series, like the Sinestro skin or Earth-One skin, where people can dissect tiny nuances of each design. Either way, every costume looks pretty great and who didn’t want to play through Arkham City as Animated Series Batman?

Check out the image and trailer below for all the alternate costume goodness. The costume pack is available now for for 400 MS/$4.99 PSN.

Batman Arkham City Skins

(L-R: 1970s Batman, Year One Batman, The Dark Knight Returns Batman, Earth One Batman, Batman Beyond Batman, Sinestro Corps Batman, The Animated Series Batman)

Batman: Arkham City is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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  • hanzo

    already have my skin pack. Love it. Adds just that little extra to an already phenomenal game. batman beyond is my favorite though. They seriously need to make a batman beyond movie! A good dark one

  • raven 415

    I thought the Batman Beyond Movie, “Return of the Joker” was pretty dark.

    • MattS

      It was a bit on the mean side wasn’t it? But then again, I couldn’t follow like half of it haha.

  • Michael

    Why not show Batman Beyond’s red mechanical wings?! They are awesome!

  • negacrowbar

    Can we get some new content DLC already? Please no more challenge maps and skins!!

  • dude

    No Michael Keaton Batman? :(

  • nathan

    can you use the skins in story mode?

    • Dan

      You can use the skins in Game+ mode (and of course the challenge maps)


    I’m definately gettin this DLC. :)

  • C-Czar56

    i got the “Dark Knight Returns” skin from my pre-order its awesomely funny lol and yes, you can use the skins in the story

  • thaGodfatha420

    batman beyond & animated series batman are the best

  • KingNeo

    Some of those look too similar to be different, the only good one I see worth using that is truly different is the Batman Beyond one. But as far as creative goes, why don’t ya put in the movie adaptation costumes from the one that Christian Bale plays? It’s more realistic, and it’s obvious the game was intended to be realistic, because of the graphics.

    It makes no sense to me, why no body wants to be creative anymore with games, they just put stuff in that looks too similar, or isn’t all that great. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. Communism is Communism, right? No… people need to stop being narrow minded.

  • fsghserfed

    Merry Christmas ,Christmas top gift

  • Garrett

    Finally… I can get my hands on Batman Beyond! He better have the wings or I’m going to be disappointed. Those epic, come out of nowhere wings. Love ’em. Best Batman Suit by far.

  • Dan-O

    Sweet. Another reason to play New Game + (again). Batman Beyond Suit looks awesome. And that’s something else to distract me from my finals and papers…..


    dark knight or batman begins costume is very very good!