‘Batman: Arkham City’ Screens Show The Dark Knight Doing What He Does Best

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Batman Arkham City Combat Screens

Now that the cat is out of the bag as to who the main villain of Batman: Arkham City will be, it’s high time gamers get to see more of this game. Ever since last year’s VGA trailer, Rocksteady Studios has been pretty selective in which screens they chose to release to the public — making sure that whatever they do show gamers does not reveal any spoilers. Unfortunately, like all that gamers have seen before, these newest screens aren’t much different, but they do feature Batman throwing down with some goons so what’s not to enjoy?

In typical Batman fashion, the Dark Knight has upped his fighting style this time around to be able to take on more than one or two enemies at a time. On top of that, Batman will be using various found items during combat in order to even the playing field. There isn’t anything significant to notice beyond that, as far as the screens are concerned save for the brief teases of the world of Arkham City, which has a similar feel to the locales of the first game.

Check out Batman making good use of his fists in the screens below:

One interesting thing to note, when taking into consideration Hugo Strange’s reveal as the main villain, is that Batman still seems to be fighting clown thugs. If Strange is the main villain why is he using the Joker’s goons as to fight Batman? Perhaps, as indicated by the first trailer, Joker is using Strange to exact his revenge while he suffers the effects of the toxin flowing through his veins.

As the year changes from 2010 to 2011, gamers are sure to get a better look at all Arkham City has to offer. Surprises are certain to appear, from the villains to the new features, but what has been revealed so far is pretty compelling. It might be difficult to top one of the few games to faithfully adapt a comic book, but if anyone can do it it’s Rocksteady.

What do you think of these new Arkham City screens? If Rocksteady were to put out a big reveal soon, what would you like to see unveiled?

Batman: Arkham City is scheduled for a Fall 2011 release on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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  • http://www.gamerant.com Matt Bowman

    My most anticipated game of next year keeps looking better and better. Hope Rocksteady can at least match the quality of the original.

    • Nichtus

      It looks like they’ve already topped it, if one can judge from the latest trailer.

  • Ken J

    Can’t wait, really liked the first one, hopefully they put as much attention to detail in this one as they did in the first one…

  • Warhawk215

    I read in a Game Informer magazine a few months back about the goons and kinda what to expect.

    *Minor Spoilers*

    Basically, the representative at Rocksteady stated that Arkham City, which is basically a large prison (an idea of Warden Quincy Sharp – now Mayor Sharp), is divided into gang territories. The Joker and Two-Face are both confirmed to have their own zones within Arkham City, with other villains like Penguin and Mr. Freeze, potentially, to have their own turf carved out of jailed city with their own thugs protecting said territory. Because of this, the villains are constantly at odds with each other because each obviously wants his/her own territory to be the largest and thus the dominate area within Arkham City.

    It’s a good concept, I think. Hopefully it will change up the flow of the game at times regarding how to fight the different thugs. Two Face’s thugs could be a bit for unpredictable (like their boss) and Joker’s thugs could attempt to tease you with tasers and stun guns before beating you to a bloody pulp. It just depends on how Rocksteady executes the psychology of the villains and their henchman inside a confined and warring place.

  • BKCK2k3

    Has Strange been confirmed as the MAIN villain? I guess I was hoping that trailer was just a villain-specific trailer, and that in the coming months, we’d be seeing similar trailers for Two-Face, Penguin, etc.

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