‘Batman: Arkham City’ Harley Quinn DLC Teaser Image [Updated]

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Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn DLC Image

[UPDATE: Rocksteady Studios has officially unveiled the rumored Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC]

It seems that hopes have finally come true, as fans of eccentric criminals and superheroes can look forward to a lot more Harley Quinn in upcoming Batman: Arkham City DLC. The Joker’s girlfriend and accomplice has long been rumored to be charged with continuing the plot of Arkham City, and now an official image released by the developers themselves all but confirms it.

The DLC-cat had been let out of the bag long before the actual game was released, with voice actor Kevin Conroy confirming episode content was being planned post-release. Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill confirmed the claim that the story of Arkham City would extend beyond the on-disc campaign. But exactly who it would center on, and what gameplay it would add have been anyone’s guess.

Harley Quinn was certainly a strong enough character in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City to continue Joker’s war against Batman, but a leaked trophy list implied Robin’s presence as well. Now it seems that ‘Harley Quinn’s Revenge’ may be a reality, according to an image leaked via the game’s official Twitter account. Have a look:

Arkham City Harley Quinn Teaser Image

The knee-high boots and a melee weapon are both trademarks of Harley Quinn in Rocksteady‘s series, and considering the past rumors all signs point to Dr. Quinzel as the new nemesis. A sledgehammer that size could imply that Harley gives her own physique a boost with the use of the Titan toxin that turned Joker into a hulking beast. As far as teaser images go, there isn’t much to be gleaned besides an apparent confirmation of Harley’s presence in some future DLC.

What we’re more interested in is what kind of role Robin will be playing, since the previous trophy lists all but state that the sidekick will be a playable character. Anyone who tried their hand at Robin’s unique combat and Challenge Maps knows that the time put into the character deserves more than a secondary role. If Robin’s brief appearance in the campaign and challenge modes were all the attention that he ever received, it would be a missed opportunity.

Hopefully Harley and Robin will be bringing some significant story beats whenever this DLC is released, since more than enough story threads were left dangling at the game’s conclusion. Hopefully this image is just the first detail that Rocksteady is willing to release. Until then, we’ll stick with out Titan-infected Harley Quinn crushing Robin into pulp.

We’ll keep you informed whenever Batman: Arkham City‘s Harley Quinn DLC is officially announced.

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  • Ken J

    Geez, if Harley Quinn is bad, I don’t want to be good…

  • Matt

    Wow, Harley Quinn is actually hot in that picure. In the game she’s wearing way too much makeup, and I don’t like the mask she wears.

  • HelghastUser

    *Saves Harley pic*

    • Ken J

      Yah, where’s the full version of hat pic?? lol

    • ATG

      You guys know that mo-cap actor is a dude, right? Lol sure you do!

  • Ken J
  • Yuri_Luv69

    Oh my goodieness!!!! I will be buying this game n DLC now. Im sold.

  • Ace

    This is the first place I’ve seen that said this was indeed from Rocksteady, because it looks like a terrible quick photoshop Jo ….that said I’m very excited to finally get some story DLC and return to Arkham City

    • Matt

      How does that look like a terrible Photoshop job? It’s the same style as the pictures of other characters.

  • DrSamBeckett

    Yey! More DLC I can’t play!

  • Adkon

    I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but I just started playing Arkham City this weekened. I know….what was I thinking. I was thinking how can I buy the collectors edition brand new without shelling out a hundred bucks. Anywho….yeah, I would love me more opertunities to romp around in the city of Arkham.

  • ATG

    Finally! Episodic content should be released regularly until the next installment. It would be cool to have that content lead into the next game. This is by far one of my favorite games ever and I’m glad Rocksteady will continue to support it (assuming this is all legit).

  • Esteban

    Look up Batman Arkham city: Game of the year Edition on youtube. It is legit! You get ONE LITTLE LOOK of a new lookin Harley

  • Esteban

    and the date