Trophies for ‘Batman: Arkham City’ DLC Discovered; Might Star Robin

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New Arkham City DLC Coming

Despite getting hit with a whirlwind of DLC so soon after the game’s release, and nothing much after, Batman: Arkham City fans held out hope that developer Rocksteady still had something cooking. It was an arduous task, holding on to the game once all 400 of the Riddler trophies had been discovered, but it appears that all that patience might be paying off.

According to some new trophies that have appeared, Batman: Arkham City might be getting a new DLC pack that revolves around The Joker’s sidekick Harley Quinn. Even more exciting, though, is this DLC might be starring not Batman, but his own sidekick, Robin.

There’s no confirmation regarding this DLC at the moment, and it being plainly titled Harley Quinn DLC seems a bit suspicious, but if it means more Batman that’s fine by us. Some dutiful analysis of the trophy selection suggests that the DLC might come with a few new challenge maps and might feature a few new locations as well. The rest of the trophies are standard fodder — kill this many thugs in this way or complete this task in a predetermined amount of time — nothing much to glean from them unfortunately.

See below for the full list:

 Rumored Arkham City DLC Trophies

After it was revealed that Robin wouldn’t be playable during the main campaign of Batman: Arkham City a lot of fans felt like Rocksteady missed an opportunity. Sure, Catwoman was the main showpiece for this iteration, but getting to play as the Boy Wonder, and to experience a Rocksteady story crafted for him, was much more exciting. Now, if this DLC is for real, fans might finally be getting their wishes granted.

It’s also completely plausible that Robin will only be playable during the aforementioned Harley Quinn’s Revenge Challenge Map, but based on the way things wrapped up for Batman in Arkham City, and the fact that we know Robin was lurking around there somewhere, we’re still going to hold out hope.

Based on the trophies what do you think this DLC for Batman: Arkham City will be all about? Is there a part of the storyline in the game that you felt was left untold?

Source: PS3 Trophies [Thanks Matthew Vicars]

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  • ATG

    I hope they have some campaign DLC, haven’t touched Arkham City in a while. Might play today, get on some challenge maps.

  • The Avenger

    I’m hoping this is a campaign DLC – then I can run around Arkham City as Robin! 😀
    Just hope it isn’t too expensive though… I’m getting tired of paying so much money for an hour of two of extra game-play.

  • Merc4Hire

    Any kind of DLC is more than great with me, I remember back around Arkham city came out thaat Rocksteady wanted to do Episodic DLC, so maybe they’re in the works. I just hope the DLC dosen’t go to far into the story that it will cut the 3rd game short in story and content.

    • ATG

      “Just hope the DLC doesn’t go to far into the story that it will cut the 3rd game short in story and content”

      It shouldn’t. The third game should have an entirely new setting and story. I’m shooting for a next-gen Batman with a much larger Gotham. Just imagine the possibilities.

      • Merc4Hire

        I always had that feeling that the 3rd game would be next-gen, just the thought of it gives me the anticipation chills of a lifetime,that would be pure awesome and Rocksteady would yet again top the previous game. And gives the time to create and work from a window that is this year maybe to the next-gen come in a plus.

  • Gallifreyanjedi

    It would be nice to get some Story DLC for this game, because it’s excellent. I remember there was an interview with Kevin Conroy that said they may have done Episodic DLC, so it would be sweet if this is one of them.

  • Bryan

    I haven’t touched this game since I beat it about two weeks after I got it. I hope this is a sign of positive things to come with the episodic dlc that was mentioned when this game was announced.