Details on Batman: Arkham City’s Challenge Mode

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Batman: Arkham City Challenge Mode

With the release of Batman: Arkham City quickly coming upon us (October 18th for North America, 19th for Australia, and the 21st for Europe and other global territories) we are still learning some of the finer details of the game. This new batch of information is all about the challenge mode and should make veterans of the game happy and eager to compete for top rankings on the leader boards once again.

In Batman: Arkham City, we already know that things are going to be tougher for the Dark Knight and this applies to both the storyline and the challenge mode. Following the format of the original installment of Rocksteady Studios’ Arkham series, Batman: Arkham City is giving players the choice of two characters to play as in the challenge mode. In Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman and the Joker were playable. In Arkham City, players will instead be able to choose between Batman or Catwoman.

Along with the increased difficulty of the challenge mode, new tactics have been added to the already impressive arsenal, one being the newly added ability of multiple counters. Batman: Arkham Asylum had an amazing combat system that allowed Batman to deliver bone-crunching combos to his enemies. It also had an impressive counter system that would deliver equally punishing hits, but only being able to counter one enemy at a time felt like a weakness that the Bats shouldn’t have. Well, that all changes in Arkham City and for the better according to OXM‘s hands-on time with some of the games new features we’ve been hearing about.

The lightning bolt counter indicator is back from the first game and when you see that little guy over an enemy’s head tap “Y” (on the Xbox 360 controller) to perform a devastating counter move. Thanks to the new and improved mechanics of Batman: Arkham City, players will now be able to counter up to three enemies.

Of course with the new abilities, Rocksteady Studios didn’t want to make things too easy on us so they added some new armored opponents. Wearing steel chest armor, these heavy thugs are immune to standard attacks. In order to defeat them, players must first stun them and then move in for the knockout (Batman doesn’t kill).  As well, enemies wielding knives seem more prevalent and pose a much bigger problem this time around. Their attacks cannot simply be countered anymore and players will have to utilize new moves to dispatch these enemies, holding down the counter button and using the analog stick to make Batman manually dodge the knife attacks and jump in when it’s safe.

Rocksteady Studios is doing what any good developer should do, by adding content and game modes, but building upon and improving what was already an amazing game.  With Batman: Arkham Asylum they are doing just that and October is looking like a good month for gamers all around.

Batman: Arkham City comes out October 18th for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii.

Source: OXM

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  • Ace

    Gamerant can you guys do a list of which retailers get what DLC I’m so confused and want to make the right decision :)

    It should be noted that I hate retailer exclusive DLC with a passion

  • ArkhamCityFan

    Check out my awesome arkham city hype trailer here (

  • z

    @ace if your in the UK pre order at GAME you get robin + all skins + black mask villain, + Black Mask Hideout and Freight Train Escape maps :) if your from america then i cant help you :)

  • Mag

    I have a question about game developers: Do they intentionally hold back on interesting new game features that might increase game experience, to be able to top the game with it’s next sequel?

    This is not spawned from Batman, rather the opposite, cause they are expanding greatly in terms of features that might improve gameplay. Im thinking more about Cod, which was very static over the last years, but when they were forced by Battlefield 3, they suddenly tried really hard.

    Cause a feature MMO’s would greatly benefit from utilizing would be reeling in the parents rather than try to get the kids (I’m just assuming that a lot of kids play MMO’s).

    Why does some parents NOT want kids to play video games? They feel that they are wasting time by doing something useless. If one could make a game that parents wants their kids to play (they are the money and they got the power), imagine the market of that MMO.

    How? School. Try and make a game that incorporates schoolwork into it’s structure and suddenly it’s the big thing. The key thing to remember while doing it is Motivation (the reasons for our actions).

    To keep it short: The motivation MMO’ers have to play it is Character Progression, now put math, physics and chemistry into this and the result is the biggest MMO in the world, distributed through parents.

    The best teachers and lectures in the world can be animated and made interactive for people to learn. Implementing what they learn into crafting skills, problem solving (what angle do i need to throw this, to hit that target?) and character progression will make for a fun game.

  • iDancethroughshadoWs

    im still waiting to hear them say something about the creeper. since jack ryder was shown to be in the game.