‘Batman: Arkham City’ Cheat Code Unlocks Alternate Skins During First Play Through

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Batman Arkham City Alternate Skin Cheat Code

There’s a reciprocal nature to the success of the many Batman properties that have popped up over the years. The die-hard fans help generate enthusiasm for the product, and when the creators deliver it makes both parties look like geniuses. But those two groups, the creators and the fans, never forsake each other and are always willing to share their gratitude. Such is the case with Rocksteady Studios and Batman: Arkham City.

The developer knew that the success of this Batman follow-up was due to the fantastic debut of the dark knight in Arkham Asylum, and wanted to give back to all who continued the Batman adventure. That gratitude comes in the form of a new Batman skin — available tomorrow — inspired by one of Grant Morrison’s iterations of the caped crusader.

But, as any Arkham City player knows, a Batman skin — from Batman Beyond to Sinestro Corps. — cannot be utilized unless the single player campaign has been completed…until now. See, as an added token of appreciation, Rocksteady has released a cheat code that will allow any skin, not just this Grant Morrison free skin, to be worn during the first play through. It’s a very sweet deal, and it shouldn’t adversely impact achievements.

To enter the cheat code, simply start up Arkham City’s main menu and press Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down. An audio confirmation will signify the code has been entered correctly, and then players can select their skin.

Batman Arkham City Grant Morrison Skin

It always seemed a little bit off that Rocksteady would put all these exciting Batman skins into Arkham City, but wouldn’t allow the player to use them during what would typically be their only experience with the game. Sure it inspires a second play through, but that’s a lot to ask just to wear a new costume.

With this cheat code, though, all those pre-order bonuses and product promotions can be put to good use, and fans can remember that Rocksteady’s series wouldn’t be a success without their mutually exclusive relationship. Now if only that Catwoman DLC had a cheat code.

Are you happy to hear that Batman skins can now be accessed using this cheat code? What has been your favorite Batman: Arkham City skin released so far?

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  • hanzo

    Thats awesome to see devs showing some love like that. Now if only they could find a way to drop their prices 10$ we’d be all set

    • SV

      It would be nice if games with less content were released at a lower price off the bat (Im looking at you Medal of Honor…) but unfortunately that decision is out of the devs hands. That being said, I paid $60 for Arkham City and definitely got my money’s worth, there is TONS of content in this game from the story to side missions to challenge maps to riddler campaigns etc. etc. Plus swooping in on a group of bad guys and kicking ass just doesnt get old! haha

  • Dante

    I’m actually pretty excited about this, I am getting Arkham City for Christmas and wasn’t going to purchase the Skins because I had to do two playthroughs to do it, but now…

    You got me Rocksteady -I’ll be buying that skins pack – though I will save using them for when I have played a bit with default Bats.

    (Heck I could save skins for Riddler Challenge cleanup and still get my money’s worth swooping around as Batman Beyond or Sinestro Corps Bats)

  • JoshR1021

    Can you unlock that skin on the 360? Its badass.

  • Bryan

    So stupid question; you have to buy the skins first?

  • Jago

    That’s cool and all but I’d rather have a cheat to use the other robins in the campaign. Would like to see them travel around and see how long it would take me with nightwing to get from one side of arkham city to the other. Also it would have been cool to see the skins get am upgrade. Specific abilities that came with each skin…I’d even pay for it (just my opinion).

  • CaptainAmerica

    Which menu the game menu or start menu?

  • sdgdfg
  • Moose Thompson

    Are you sure you can wear the skins in the main story? I tried this tonight and it seems as if they are only unlocked for the Riddler challenge maps. I don’t see any option to change skins for the main story.

    • Moose Thompson

      Nevermind, sorry. I was entering the code on the start menu. When I entered it after selecting my saved game it worked perfectly.


    I tried this on my 360 and it did nothing, only shows the batman inc suit.

    • Moose Thompson

      Have you purchased the downloadable skins? It only makes them accessible, it doesn’t make them free.

  • JM

    I’m trying to change the skin on Batman Beyond Arkham City by using this code and it doesn’t work.

    Press the following combination on the Main Menu screen (after you have selected your save slot):

    Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down

    I can hear he sound to confirm that I entered the right code, but on the next screen I don’t get the choice of skins. I want to change into the Batman Beyond costume, which i purchased.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Justin Fulp

    Dear Game Rant,
    I tried the code you suggested for the alternate Batman skins for the game Batman Arkham City and it didn’t work. Can you help?

  • Justin Fulp

    I tried the code that you suggested for the Batman Arkham City game to unlock the alternate skins and it didn’t work. Can you help me?