Warner Bros. Registers Possible ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’ Prequel Titles

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Batman Arkham City Sequel Domains

Batman fans have enjoyed a steady string of solid movie and game content the past few years – with an enjoyable back and forth between Christopher Nolan’s grounded Dark Knight trilogy and Rocksteady Studios’ pair of Arkham Asylum-inspired video games. However, for the first time in a while, the Bat-future of both mediums isn’t entirely clear. Nolan claims he’s done making Batman movies – forcing Warner Bros. to either reboot the film franchise (possibly through the upcoming Justice League film) or take the existing storyline in a very different direction. Similarly, Rocksteady Studios chose a controversial ending to their sophomore Batman title, Arkham City – preventing the developers from simply rattling off an Arkham World-like game (at least not before they let the series breathe a bit).

That said, despite all of this uncertainty, Warner Bros. (movie studio and game publisher) is highly motivated to keep Caped Crusader entertainment options coming through the pipeline. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the company recently registered a number of Batman-themed domains that could hint at the next Arkham City title (or, less likely, a new film).

The report comes from Fusible who uncovered the domain name registrations – carried out by MarkMonitor an internet brand protection company that Warner Bros. has used in the past.

The list of 15 recently-registered domain names can be seen below:

  • arkhamuniverse.com (Arkham Universe)
  • batmanarkahmuniverse.com (Batman Arkham Universe)
  • batmanarkhamarises.com (Batman Arkham Arises)
  • batmanarkhambegins.com (Batman Arkham Begins)
  • batmanarkhamdarkknight.com (Batman Arkham Dark Knight)
  • batmanarkhamknight.com (Batman Arkham Knight)
  • batmanarkhamlegend.com (Batman Arkham Legend)
  • batmanarkhamlegends.com (Batman Arkham Legends)
  • batmanarkhamnight.com (Batman Arkham Night)
  • batmanarkhamorigins.com (Batman Arkham Origins)
  • batmanarkhamstories.com (Batman Arkham Stories)
  • darkknightarkham.com (Dark Knight Arkham)
  • dcarkhamuniverse.com (DC Arkham Universe)
  • dcarkhamverse.com (DC Arkhamverse)
  • thearkhamuniverse.com (The Arkham Universe)

Rocksteady Talks Batman Arkham City Ending

While the news initially caused a few movie sites to report the possibility of a film reboot revolving around Arkham Asylum, there’s absolutely no evidence or prior industry reports to suggest that the domain registrations are film-related. It’s understandable that fans would love to see a full-on live-action Batman film set in Arkham Asylum (we’d even settle for the oft-delayed Green Arrow: Escape from Super Max movie) but no reboot script rumors or industry whispers suggest an Arkham-set plotline. We’re not ruling it out entirely but it’s significantly more likely that one of the domains reflects the title of Rocksteady Studios‘ next Batman project.

While details on that game are still scarce, we do know that Arkham Asylum and Arkham City writer Paul Dini  will not return to pen the next Arkham – allowing room for a significant change to the formula. The latest rumors suggest the project is a Silver Age “prequel” chronicling Batman’s first encounter with The Joker (around the years 1955 to 1970) – one that also introduces a few Justice League members into the mix (building buzz for the upcoming Warner Bros. team-up movie in 2015 and opening the door for spin-off games). If reports turn out to be true, and the game is actually in development, expect it to release in 2014. The amount of domains centered around the notion of “beginning” certainly could indicate that a prequel is in the works – since Batman Arkham BeginsBatman Arkham Arises, Batman Arkham Origins, and Batman Arkham Legends, would all be suitable titles.

That said, Rocksteady has not confirmed the Silver Age rumor – meaning that they might, instead, deliver a direct follow-up – and there are a few titles in the list that reflect evolution in the established Asylum/City/? progression – specifically Batman Arkham Universe. Similarly, Batman Arkham Stories could expand on the Arkham City feature of playable side-characters with their own character specific arcs (i.e. the Catwoman DLC and Robin in “Harley Quinn’s Revenge”).

Batman Arkham City Catwoman Combat

Of course, this is all speculation at this point and Warner Bros. could just be securing Batman-themed domains – in the interest of having them available down the line for games (or movies) that aren’t even in development.

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Source: Fusible

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  • deadpool87

    I hope to god its not a prequel. At least not yet. I still want to see Scarecrows return and more of Hush, Deadshot, Calendar Man and Mad Hatter. Not to mention new characters and adding vehicles to gameplay and Robin and Nightwing to story mode. They should just finish the Arkham trilogy and then go backward with prequels. And call the third game Batman Ashes of Arkham.

    • http://gamerant.com/author/benk Ben Kendrick

      You should 100% register the domain “Batman Ashes of Arkham.” It’s way better than some of the suggestions. Seriously.

      • http://gamerant.com/author/dyce/ Andrew Dyce

        ^^Second this.

        • gaygamer22


    • ATG

      Damn Deadpool! Ashes of Arkham is sweet!

  • Wiseman

    How about just Batman: Gotham City? Open world that gives you access to all of Gotham with vehicles, more diverse districts than the areas in Arkham City, multiple ‘nights’ in the storyline, and actual bystanders and civilians to rescue. Maybe have more Bruce Wayne segments too.

    • stpau1y

      I don’t know about that man. The games have been great because of their highly detailed environments that, while being small, seem very big; not to mention great story telling and game play. Making the world actually bigger, in my opinion, would take away from the game and make it watered down. I think it’d just become a Just Cause or True Crime variation.

    • ATG

      I’m with you Wiseman, I think that would work best on next-gen and would be a dream come true for me.

      The vehicles would be used to take you from district to district. Imagine skyscrapers, construction sites, bridges, and other major landmarks of Gotham.

      Side missions could range from petty stick ups to bank robberies. Multiple nights in the story like you said, along with Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman segments. Rather than challenge maps. And yes, Bruce Wayne segments too.

      We should pool ideas and submit to Rocksteady for the ultimate Batman game.

  • BecauseImBatman

    What about the Azrael sidequest in Arkham City? That opens up the possibility that the next Arkham game may involve the Order of St. Dumas, perhaps along the lines of the Knightfall saga.

    That’s the only reason I have that leads me to believe that the Arkham series will get another sequel before it gets a prequel.

  • BecauseImBatman

    Of course, there’s always the issue of Harley Quinn being pregnant, Bane’s escape, and what happened to Clayface after he fell into the Lazarus Pit?

    • Ethan

      harley quinn is not pregnant. This was debunked the the dlc.

      • ChrisTypeR

        Do you not think that the fact that the positive pregnancy test is next to the arkham asylum outfit give it away? Harley already had jokers kid and will use venom in the next batman.

    • stpau1y

      There’s also the set up for Hush in the next game, which I am most intrigued by since it would be a big problem for Bruce Wayne and not just Batman.

  • Mitch

    What’s with all the “Arkham” titles? When I read about a possible arkham asylum prequel the first thing that popped into my head was Batman transporting joker from Gotham …what about Batman: Gotham city or Batman Gotham Knight? But if you gotta stick with arkham then u would go with Batman arkham Knight or Knight of arkham

  • Bishop

    What happened to Big A$$ Arkham World? That wasn’t just a in game joke to me, that was an instant classic title in the making.

  • The Dark Knight

    Awesome news!!! I’ve been waiting for the next installment of the Arkham series. I like Batman: Arkham Legends for the title of the next game.

  • Red

    A lot of those websites include “universe” in the name. “Universe” in gaming tends to be an MMO title… I’m scared.

  • Jak Frost

    I kinda lost it when I saw the picture of Harley in front of batman.I can tell he’s thinking get the f*** out of my face Harley before i beat you into nothing