Rocksteady’s ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Coming To Next-Gen?

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Batman Arkham 3 Origins

After the colossal commercial and critical success of Batman: Arkham City it was guaranteed that developer Rocksteady Studios would be delivering another game to complete the trilogy (for starters). Exactly what that third installment would entail given the already well-established benchmarks of the previous two games was far less certain.

The newest rumors claim that the next Arkham sequel – which Warner Bros. already confirmed will be coming in 2013 – will be titled Batman: Arkham Origins, and is set for next-gen release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s presumed Xbox 360 successor.

The rumors come from French website Gameblog (via CVG), citing an anonymous source as the basis for their report that Arkham Origins will be unveiled at E3 2013 and released late this year. It’s not much to go on, but this report does reinforce much of the information previously leaked.

Batman Arkham Asylum Joker

For starters, ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ was indeed one of the domain names registered by Warner Bros. earlier this year. Rocksteady’s third game in the series was also outed as a Silver Age prequel detailing Batman and Joker’s first meeting; given that relationship’s integral role in the prior two games, the title ‘Origins’ referring to their first encounter certainly fits. It also adds further insight into Arkham City‘s controversial ending.

Yet comic book fans will be the first to tell you that the initial meeting between Batman and Joker is a story told several times already, so seeing Rocksteady do the same might not be the most groundbreaking use of their time. We would remind fans that Rocksteady did not call on comic book veteran Paul Dini to write this game, lending further credence to the studio’s claims of taking the series in an “exciting” and “different” direction.

However, the name Origins could also refer to the other heroes of the Justice League itself, all of whose members are rumored to be making an appearance in the game’s Silver Age setting.  And it is in that aspect of the game’s design that the next-gen rumors hold the most promise. With the shift from Arkham Asylum‘s directed narrative to the more expansive open world of Arkham City, many gamers (logically) assumed that the next game would follow the same trend and host an even larger ‘Arkham World.’ But Rocksteady may be putting next-gen tech to even more surprising uses than world size.

Batman Arkham Origins Justice League

Assuming that the Justice League won’t be appearing simply as cameos, but key characters in the story – as seen with Robin and others in Arkham City – then it’s possible players might have the chance to play as the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman, not merely engage them in conversation. Considering how difficult it’s been to build a video game around any other League member, short and sweet segments might be the best way to go. And it goes without saying that’s a task we would trust Rocksteady could execute without issue.

What next-gen processing power and visuals could do for such a structure can only be imagined, but if the developer is deciding to take not just the next step, but a different one altogether, it does lead us to wonder if Rocksteady still has plans for a next-gen release more in keeping with the style of Arkham Asylum and City. Could Origins be an overlapping release on current and next-gen systems, with Arkham City‘s chronological sequel coming in the next few years? If the Silver Age style is a success, could they be spawning two unique series out of one?

Questions like these will remain until Rocksteady announces something themselves, presumably at E3 2013. For now, what are your hopes for the next Batman title? Is a dark, gritty and violent game what’s needed most, or should Rocksteady remind the world of the more fantastical elements of the character and his ‘super friends’?

We’ll keep you updated on more news surrounding Batman: Arkham Origins when it’s released.

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Source: Gameblog (via CVG)

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  • DarthMalnu

    I’m not liking the sound of this. “Origin” and “team-up” tend to be cop out stories when all the good writing has run dry. Involving the Justice League would especially kill the tone and atmosphere that made the Arkham games so unique.

    I’d be totally up for a silver age game, or a JLA game, but this isn’t the place for that.

  • deadpool87

    Oh my god really? Really Rocksteady! This is terrible. What about Arkham 3! What about Scarecrow’s return, Hush, Azrael, The Prophecy, The Joker death impact and the Harley pregnant not pregnant controversy? This is just a huge ploy by DC to once again use Batman to market all their other characters who, by the looks of it, can’t sell themselves. Geez, finish the trilogy first and then do spin offs. Did Peter Jackson skip Return of the King after Two Towers to make the Hobbit? No! Sorry to rave like that but seriously. Oh and no Paul Dini, also has many worried.

    • The Avenger

      You said it man… Couldn’t agree more.
      I know a LOT of gamers and Batman fans (including myself) who are gonna be really disappointed if this turns out to be true.

    • COREY_1993

      what this guy said.

  • Kyun

    I agree.1 The JL wouldn’t even fit in a story like dis if its an origin. 2 its stupid to switch storylines and tell the same tale we’ve seen and heard between him n joker. 3 there are so many secrets that are still left in the second game. 4 we already have a fighting game coming out in 19-18 days with the DC characters so dey should stick to their own shi*. 5 they’re not thinking about how da community is gonna handle this change.

    Infamous one and two both tell the beginning and end of Cole Macgrath and now it moves on to his son or copy of him. Point is they didn’t skip unfinished details in one story to make a better one. They’re now patching those details to the 3rd game to make it look good and make sense, Not skipping details to retell the same story but actually putting them in there. Rocksteady needs to get their heads straight basically and try to live up to those awards they’ve earned last year

  • A Week in Geekdom

    I’d love an origin game but not right now, they really need to finish the trilogy. I’d love a game against Hush, Red Hood and maybe even the Court of Owls as the main baddie.

  • ColdSc

    I kind of like the idea of having this little origin story before getting back into the main story. I find the last game of the trilogy would be somewhat washed out if they develop more Batman games right after, I’d much rather have the final chapter of the series to go out with a big bang and end right then instead of the series lingering around right after with origin stories and all. That’s only me though!

  • Andoh

    Arkham city 3 all the way ! I dont think we need a origins story well atleast not right now, Bottom line is that Rocksteady needs to finish the story and tie up all loose ends .

  • momo

    it would be cool if you could drive the batmobile (and more vehicles) in the next game.

  • Dante

    Origins? So Bat’s in the Blue & Grey fighting Caesar Romero Joker & Eartha Kitt Catwoman spouting classic lines like,

    “No use, Joker! I knew you’d employ your sneezing powder, so I took an Anti-Allergy Pill! Instead of a SNEEZE, I’ve caught YOU, COLD!”


    • Douglas

      That’s the 1960s Comics-Code Authority watered-down Batman, if they are going with a silver-age story line it will be in characters only not in style of story telling. For example Dick Grayson is Robin, not Nightwing, Barry Allen is the Flash and Wally West is Kid-Flash, Hal Jordan is the only human member of the Green Lantern Corps (no Kyle Rayner, no John Stewart), etc.

    • pawn65

      No Julie Newmar Catwoman! The original one!

  • The Real Nathan Drake

    Please STOP calling it Arkham City 3! If it is an “open world” game set during the silver age and it is indeed a prequel it’d be set around Gotham City. Arkham City wasn’t created until after Arkham Asylum was destroyed.

    Given that “Origins” is in the title it makes me think that this game would show the construction of the infamous Asylum and the Joker being put there at the end of the game for the first time.

    I honestly have no interest in this game if this is where they’re going. I’d rather see a direct follow up to Arkham City.

  • Cody

    Id just prefer another sequel.

  • boogoo

    I can’t possibly be the only person excited about a possible next-gen Justice League team up game, can I be? It can be pretty damn great.

  • shadylady

    The thing is though, the devs have been following their instincts, inspirations, etc. in the making of asylum and city. Although Paul Dini didn’t write on this one, I’ve got to imagine that the devs will manage again to make a game that wows on many levels.

    It wasn’t us, after all, that made Arkham City the beauuuutiful game that it was! So yeah, regardless of rumored plot one way or the other, I tend not to lose faith in the promise of Rocksteady’s work.

  • DarkKnight1123

    I think that the idea of a prequel with the silver age and the justice league is a terrible idea! Arkham City left so many questions unanswered. I think if they continued where they left off it would much better. It’s not a bad idea for a game but I don’t think that its Arkham material. I was looking forward to a twist to the story in the next one. Maybe something like the joker didn’t really die, or Scarecrow comes back, and what ever happened to Hush! There are so many great things they could do with this next game and they choose a prequel in the silver age with the justice league. C’mon Warner Brother’s you can do better than that. Who’s with me?????

  • Douglas

    Scarecrow made his first appearance in World’s Finest #3. For those unaware Wold’s Finest was a comic featuring Batman and Superman with the occasional help from characters associated with those 2 characters (i.e. Robin).

    A game involving an expanded Batman family (i.e. Nightwing, Huntress, Batgirl, Batwoman, Robin, etc.), and Superman with flashbacks to when they first took on Scarecrow fits perfectly with the rumors about the content of this game.

  • Inuboy1000

    Sounds amazing, but really? Next gen. Why not current gen as well. So disappointing. Well better get it on PC. It’s definitely worth it.