‘Just Cause’ Dev Thinks ‘COD: Ghosts’ & ‘Battlefield 4′ are ‘End of an Era’

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Battlefield 4 Call of Duty Ghosts End of Era

With the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts upon us, it was only a matter of time before the proverbial pot gets stirred. Even before the game hit store shelves, there was already talk of the game’s resolution inconsistencies, and now that reviews are out, and mostly middling, the discussion of Call of Duty‘s relevance continues.

The same could be said for the Battlefield franchise, which, by many accounts, failed to iterate on its predecessor in any appreciable ways. Sure, Battlefield 4 has a stronger upside given the series is not an annual release, but there are still going to be questions of that franchise’s relevance as well.

Both issues were addressed by Avalanche Studios‘ Christofer Sundberg earlier today, who predicted that this is the “end of an era” for both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4. Now, Avalanche — the developer behind the Just Cause series and the new Mad Max game — doesn’t have much of a stake in the FPS market, so Sundberg’s comments should be taken with a grain of salt, but what he has to say is interesting to consider regardless.

“I predict the end of an era with #CoDGhosts and #BF4. I don’t believe in the future for [Call of Duty] and I believe that [Battlefield] will live on as an [multiplayer] game,”

Continuing, Sundberg revealed he doesn’t believe in the future of the Call of Duty franchise, suggesting that Ghosts might be the franchise’s swan song in terms of relevance. For Battlefield, however, he believes DICE‘s visual showpiece will live on as a multiplayer game.

Call of Duty Ghosts Squads Mode

Sundberg also broached the topic of free-to-play with regards to each franchise, saying that they could live on if they change their business models. Both Battlefield and Call of Duty do offer free-to-play options, but those are ancillary experiences. Sundberg suggests that the franchise’s respective developers build their free-to-play options as a platform not just to entice Chinese gamers like Call of Duty Online does.

With both franchises making the jump to next-gen this year, it’s hard to imagine that either Infinity Ward & Treyarch or DICE will take these comments to heart. Their respective series might be waning, but waning in big budget blockbuster terms isn’t cause to pack it up and leave.

There’s presumably only room to improve at this point, as developers learn to better leverage these new machines. That being said, there will come a tipping point where gamers decide the lack of innovation supersedes brand loyalty. And when that time comes it could be the end of an era.

Do you think that Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts are the “end of an era?” If so, what do you think the new era for blockbuster franchises is?

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  • Mark Hard

    One of the most dumbest comments I have ever read in the history of mankind. Call of Duty is going to be here for a long time like it or not. They are still going to milk out the franchise with as much money as they collect. The COD fanbase is going too strong now for it to suddenly dissapear like a niche. Same goes for Battlefield. Add in this DLC or this new fancy title with the same gameplay people are still going to rush and buy it. More money and more money speaks. Greed runs the world not brains.

  • Max

    What would he know about he’s just jealous of their success, battlefield has of lots of room for improvements the menus I’d say and customizations. They always find ways to improve it either graphically or gameplay mechanics from working with partners and learning from other franchises

  • fearitself

    This is such fuking bullshit, I think he’s actually jealous of their success or something. Can’t tell.

  • Dextkiller

    I hear some fanboys in the comments here. people rifling off that he’s “jealous” of their success. That is not the point of what he is saying. Sorry to ell you guys and gals, but Call of Duty is heading off. Yes it has a strong fanbase, but people like me, who stopped playing after MW2, are beginning to grow in number. The franchise is repeating itself, new guns? whoopie! new maps? whoopie! But there’s only so much you can get out of the modern military shooter. In Ghosts they even re-used a full cutscene from MW2! That’s ridiculous in my books no matter what the excuse is.

    As for battlefield, he’s right as well. He didn’t say it’s going to die off, just that its current model is going to need to change. Battlefield is a multiplayer-centric game, and it is super fun, but as was said before, there’s only so much you can pack into this genre. The multiplayer is the strong point of Battlefield, and in my opinion, far superior to CoD. I could see Battlefield continuing to pump out new titles for a long time, but CoD? it’s going bye-bye.

    In terms of the sales argument, people won’t keep buying it forever. The sales are going to dwindle. And if they decide to make a new one? It might still be successful, but not on the same heights as MW1 and 2 were. Even the dumbest gamer will realize they’re buying the same old crap after a while.

  • Wally

    They’ll keep making the games, but I do agree, it’s the end of an era. Just like the World War II FPS’s died out since 2009. Haven’t seen too many of them lately.

    All these modern warfare knockoffs, are really the same thing. Same story, heck, even Battlefield 4 felt more like Crysis than it did of continuing the story of Battlefield 3. The only thing DICE did was up the ante on graphics, and multilayer performance.

    With this being said, games like Mirrors Edge, Last of Us, Silent Hill (Not including the last three released) Resident Evil, Elder Scrolls, Zelda, They all still have a very strong future. Gamers are looking for a good story to escape. They don’t necessarily want to play multilayer all the time. They want a game that’s ready to go without the need for constant updates and DLC.

    But with the Video Game industry going the way of Hollywood. Cash grabbing anything they can get their hands on, I’ll give it a good 10 years before they feel their wallets suffer.

    • Wally

      Oh, not to mention how the consoles are not performing well, at such high prices. The specs are not even revolutionary, and thus leaving console gamers feeling a bit shafted by their favorite companies. Console gamers are not stupid, and they do desire what PC gamers look for. Better hardware to run the best graphics with good frames per seconds. They don’t want to be stuck with something equivalent to what PC gamers have been using in 2007.