‘Assassin’s Creed 3′ Trailers Show Connor’s Patriotism

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For those Assassin’s Creed fans who are brushing up on the extended Assassin/Templar fiction – or completing Revelations to make sure you’re up to date – Ubisoft has given a reminder of just how much Assassin’s Creed 3‘s leading man, Connor Kenway looks to outdo his predecessors.

We know he’ll be stronger than Ezio or Altaïr, but as much as the developers may be downplaying the American ‘Patriot’ angle in favor of a more universal story, the newest Assassin’s Creed 3 cinematic trailer doesn’t mince words. Connor seems to believe every word of America’s Declaration of Independence, and will be fighting alongside some of the Revolution’s most famous figures to take freedom. By force, if necessary (it’s necessary).

Picking up where the E3 2012 cinematic trailer left off, this CG look at Connor doing what he does best reiterates the point: Connor is deadly. It still may not knock the Revelations musical trailer from the top of our list, but the added patriotism is hard to beat. The equating of Connor’s blades and arrows with the pen in forming a nation and demanding freedom is an inspired choice even if players are far more likely to draw blood than ink.

Of course, with every trailer and new screenshot it’s becoming clearer that Ubisoft’s promise of having Connor take out opponents on both sides of the war may not be…entirely accurate. The writers deny that Connor’s battle will be defined as “loyalists vs. patriots,” but who are we kidding. Sure, all involved in the war are still technically Brits, but we have to think the people of Great Britain won’t panic over being cast as a video game’s villains.

After all, it’s the birth of America, and Connor’s role in making it a reality that will take center stage. Have a look at the hero Connor may grow to become. And more importantly, the heroes he will inspire:

In all honesty, an American patriot is a video game hero that would have little company among modern games, especially with the amount of historical accuracy Ubisoft is committed to bringing. Red Dead Redemption had a romantic view of America’s frontier, but that didn’t stop it from teaching players what life was actually like in its time period. There’s no need to think that some patriotism, or American ideas of liberty and freedom can’t do the same.

More than anything, these trailers will get players even more excited to unleash Connor’s anger on his enemies. Where Ezio’s story was a very personal one, of vengeance and anger, Connor’s is at once more personal, and less. He undergoes a fair bit of trauma in his youth as well, but as a half-Mohawk, half-British colonist, his sense of social justice extends far beyond his immediate family. Perhaps that’s what makes his journey fit so well with the ‘give me liberty, or give me death’ theme that will color AC3‘s portrayals of  heroes like George Washington.

Assassins Creed 3 Trailer Connor Pistol

The two men may have different motives in their fight against the English crown, but Connor’s handwritten note shows they hold the same truths to be self-evident. That bond is what thrusts them together, and as the trailer shows, they thought it best not to mess with destiny.

Are you excited to see the Revolutionary tale Ubisoft’s writers have constructed, or just to get into the action yourselves?

Assassin’s Creed 3 is released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 30, 2012. A PC release is scheduled for November 20, with a Wii U version on November 18.

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  • DrSamBeckett

    We’re the villains in most Hollywood films so why should anyone care if its in a video game too?
    I am, if truth be told, a little disappointed that there seems to now be zero ambiguity as to whose side Connor is actually on. It would have been more interesting to show more conflict.
    But hey, who knows? This is going to be a huge game, with a sprawling epic story, here’s to hoping it measures up to the other games.

    • Ken J


      Well, it’s kind of hard to avoid that given that the British were in control of most of the world back then. So just about every fight for independence would most likely be against the British, lol. It’s a period story, it’s simply what went down then. I’m sure they’re not saying that we should fight against the UK now, there’s no reason for that now…

      • DrSamBeckett

        It was mostly done British fighting other British anyway.

  • Ken J

    It’s too bad this is a Ubisoft game, so most likely the PC port that will come will be extremely buggy and they will not support the game at all after its launch. The setting definitely looks interesting. Would like to play missions where I help George freakin Washington…

    • fanofgames

      Lol assassin’s creed was never originally supposed to be on pc. Gamers just got to mad so Ubisoft gave them what they wanted.

  • Randompersonsayshi

    I just wish to know if Connor will ever get his lip scar. That is my biggest question for this game.

  • yoda

    I agree that Revelations trailer (with Woodkidds: Iron) is still the best one. Maybe the bet game trailer.ever. Worst part is that’s the opening of the game, same scene different song, isn’t as good as that trailer.

  • kvk420

    Did you even consider that he wrote something an they made it part of the Declaration of Independence. because why would he like the colonist who killed his mother and family? Have you even read anything about this game

    • http://gamerant.com/author/dyce/ Andrew Dyce

      Is that question directed at me? And you’re referring to Connor?

    • JoanneBean

      Well, the difference would be that Connor was never a real person.

  • JonnaBean

    It’s too bad that while Connor fought and helped them win freedom for George Washington and the colonists, , they turned right around and forced , death, bondage and terror on Connor’s own people and the African people who were also there fighting and dying for America’s freedom. The hypocristy of such a “declaration” document should be an embarassment to all Americans then and now. Sad, very sad.

  • Bez

    It is rather sad how they feel the need to downplay the blatant American bias in this game by saying ‘you kill both sides, honest!’ when really, we all know it’s just going to be a mash up of slaughtering hundreds of British soldiers and some wildlife. As much as I support patriotism, America didn’t really have that much of a huge role in it’s own freedom,If it were not for the French and the British sympathisers there would have been no war at all. I bet this game doesn’t mention the fact at all that all of America’s weaponry was supplied by the French, I just hope that in what is clearly a very patriotic game they will not lose sight of the original goal and detract from the story and the truth of history.

  • JonnaBean

    Well being an African American with European and Native American ancestry and having studied this as part of a high school education, I’m acutely and personally aware of the hypocristy of it all. What happened from what I’ve studied beyond just high school, those colonists in America really just got lucky.

    They didn’t have enough of anything to fight off such a mighty army as the Britist, or the French or the Spanish armies. It was the Europeans largely fight each other. The French had to give up the fight for the colonies because of their economy was falling apart which lead to the French Revolution. The expensive of so much fighting did the French monarchy in.

    The Spanish were more concerned with keeping South America because of the gold and resources there and the British mainly just walked away from the fight to defend itself from the French. America basically got lucky. It was just the right time in history.