Will ‘Assassin’s Creed 5′ Have Naval Battles Or Will It Embrace A Different Setting?

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Assassin's Creed 4 - the Jackdaw

One of the worst traps for an annual game franchise to fall into is to simply have the same game mechanics in each new title without adding anything particularly new, taking an attitude of, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ With games like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which can take 80 hours to fully complete, the idea of doing the same thing again in the next installment sounds a bit dull.

Since the sailing and naval combat (not to mention those wonderful sea shanties) in Assassin’s Creed IV were the subject of so much praise, there’s an understanding temptation for Ubisoft to simply do it all over again in Assassin’s Creed V and base the new protagonist and setting around the sailing mechanic.

Speaking to IGN at the BAFTA Game Awards last night however, Assassin’s Creed IV game director Ashraf Ismail said that it actually works the other way around, with the team picking a historical period first and then basing the game mechanics around it.

“With Assassin’s Creed we always say that history is our playground. When we chose the pirate setting, obviously it meant naval battles had to be a core element of the game. The questions are always about what time periods we go into, but that’s a decision based on whether these time periods are interesting for fans, interesting for us as developers, and what it’d mean for the game mechanics.

“We don’t bind ourselves to game mechanics, but we really look at what is interesting historically speaking, and what game mechanics that naturally brings up. Hopefully then, the fans love and enjoy it. We’re here to enjoy the BAFTAs so I can’t really talk about the future of the brand or where it’s going, I won’t even acknowledge that a game is in the works!

“So I don’t want to talk about what’s the future for naval and all this, but I love that people loved it in Black Flag. It was a risk for us to make it part of the core of an Assassin’s game, but people really took to it and loved it, which is really gratifying for us. As I said though, whatever period in time we choose? That’s what dictates the kind of mechanics we put in the game, not the other way around.”

'Assassin's Creed 4' shark attack

Ismail wouldn’t say whether or not Assassin’s Creed V will feature naval game mechanics, but it would be gratifying to see the focus return to actual assassinations. That’s not to say that the naval gameplay should go away completely, just that it would be better suited to a standalone game franchise all about pirates. That way the pirate adventures wouldn’t get bogged down in Assassin/Templar mythos, and the assassins of Assassin’s Creed wouldn’t end up getting sidelined by pirate adventures.

One way that Ubisoft could really evolve the series in Assassin’s Creed V would be to bolster the actual stealth mechanics a little more. Currently the series’ version of stealth mainly consists of hiding – whether on rooftops, on benches, in crowds or just in a big pile of hay. Many players have lamented the lack of a crouch button or cover system, and often it’s easier to just slaughter all the guards rather than wrestle with the stealth gameplay (especially considering the unstoppable power of counter-kills).

Tell us in the comments whether you’re hoping for more action on the high seas in Assassin’s Creed V, or whether you want Ubisoft to surprise us with something totally new.

Source: IGN

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  • Archie Garcia

    This won’t happen in the next AC game since it’s been confirmed, but for a future game, give us an Asian setting! That could greatly improve the stealth mechanics as we all know how stealthy ninjas are. Haha

  • http://@cavemangamer @Cavemangamer

    I really enjoy AC IV. The foundation laid in this game has the potential to create the best pirate themed game ever made. The only thing I would like to see is (first and foremost) the ability to control an entire fleet of ships, less repetitive hand to hand combat, and a better economy/trade system where you can buy more ships, land, etc. I have played almost every pirate game ever made and the ship to ship combat in this is the best I have seen. I love the exploring and the sailing. I love the sea shanties! I just think if they took this and made a respectable pirate game without being bound by AC lore, it would be about the best thing evArrrrr!

  • http://gamerant julianajjones


    • fizzystrings

      Thanks for your deep, thought provoking input.

    • Manticore


  • IAmRatchet

    All I want out of this franchise is an honest to goodness crouching function. It works the way it does, but godDAMN does the stealth in this game need improving.

  • Mark

    They talk a lot about the Chinese branch of the Assassins through out the series (origins of the rope dart, for example). It would be great to see that play out. Hell they could even include some old school Chinese naval combat with rams and fire weapons; commanding a combat fleet would also be possible and very cool.

    A Chinese route would be a very fun way to go considering that they were the pinnacle of warfare engineering for many centuries. Fire arrows, wushu-style fighting, etc….

  • scarpreston

    I think they should dive right into the future one time totally twist everything right around and blow peoples minds not present time but the distant future assassins vs the giant futuristic corporations that are hunting them yes add more stealth get ride of the naval try a tactical espionage game to kill or rival boring and played out metal gear kojima is old put metal gear to sleep

  • Zach

    They should shape each Assassin Creed era with a different mechanic. Such as AC IV was with navel combat, something that is about subtlety should be built around stealth, thievery and being unseen. It would help to keep the Assassin’s Creed game fresh by changing the focus of the mechanics of the game to match the setting.

    For example, if the game was set in the modern era, (as an example since I can’t currently think of a good past era that focus’ on stealth since I think they have said they don’t have interest in ancient china) then the assassin’s won’t have the luxury of being out in the open because it risks being killed by the Templars therefore all of their fighting must be done unseen and out of view from Templar eyes. (However being in the modern era would likely turn assassin’s creed into a splinter cell ripoff with the use of guns.)

  • Suspicious Gamer

    Remember when we finally got to fly the Pelican or “fly” a Dragon in Skyrim…. Game developers really know how to crush dreams hardcore.

  • Trane

    Ancient China or Japan is possibly the best historical playground for an Assassin’s game.It features so many distinctive elements of an AC game

  • Michael

    Please no more boat traveling and battles in AC5, there starting to get boring.

  • Todd m

    I think they should have an assassin that can take over animals. how fun would it be to fly over a enemy basis and tag enemies as a bird. Do a follow mission as a cat, assassinate a target as a wolf or mountain lion. with the strange tech of the old ones or there blood running threw an assassin why not.

  • Archgoskins

    The boat battles ruined AC4 for me. Another thing was that there wasnt much assassins vs templars going on.

  • Walka

    I think the naval aspect could be improved slightly. I’d want to be able to canadian my crew. It just didn’t feel like I was the captain of the jackdaw

  • Saad Butt

    Well the main theme of ac 4 was related to pirating so it has a direct link to the naval wars. And also in the name of ac 4, there is written assassin creed 4 black flag. As we look into the past or just leave the past, as we look in our Hollywood movies we find that the black flag always represented the pirates(like in the pirates of Caribbean series). So it just makes a complete sense of the game just by reading its name. Now in the next game of ac series which is ac unity we have been told that the game is now featuring the French revolution. If we just take a peek on the history of French revolution we might come to know that was there any interesting battle that might have took place over the ocean. If there was some interesting battle so the ubisoft might have tried put that action into the game. But if not, there might be chances that ubisoft wouldn’t add any type naval missions.

  • Pp


  • Adol

    I have assassins creed 3 for playstation 3 , assassins creed 4 black flag for ps4 and assassins creed unity for ps4, i have been thinking that maybe the setting for an assassins creed game in the future could be in russia the map should be vast as russia is with changing seasons freezing winters with snow and ice and frozen lakes and warm summers with plains of yellow wheat and grassy plains and hills and the wilderness should be full of wild animals of all sorts including wolves bears birds snakes etc. The setting should be during ww1 which is more exciting moscow and the cities would have vehicles and tanks and soldiers while more remote areas would have guards and peasants working on fields and so on something like that lol.