Where Will The ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Series Go Next?



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  1. Well, guys, if you were to look at the AC Initiates card given to you from a hard copy of AC4 (Which from my knowledge is the only card) or around the internet, you can find a 3-D model of Nikolai Orelov (The Russian Assassin) so my best guess is that the next Assassin’s Creed will follow Nikolai and Daniel, or Nikolai and you being an Employee at Abstergo using Daniels memories. Either way, I would LOVE a Russian Assassin, especially when Nikolai is kind of a badass…

  2. In my opinion it should take place in japan. But at the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate(1853-1868)(best place to set up assassin vs templar story plot)

  3. I would like to see Japan, spitting darts at peoples eyes, playing a flute with lead in it one second then brutally bludgeoning a guard with it the next, hiding poison needles in your hair and using them to incapacitate or kill targets or just the plain sword in the cane. Japan also opens up poisons such as nightshade, cyanide or Blowfish poison. The best part is Japan’s location, it’s position means the character can work in China as well. Ninja all used these methods, some even applied s*** to their weapons so that a small scratch would get infected, not pleasant but it did the job. I am just scratching the surface of what could be done, Templar shoguns, bloodthirsty samurai, there are just so many possibilities.

  4. I think a assassin’s creed based of of the Viking era would be really cool. It would have a good amount of land and sea warfare. Where you could do things like raid castles or kill Scottish or Irish nobles.

  5. What about the Philippine Revolution.

  6. The French Revolution should be cool, It suits perfect the timing of the Kenways, so we could find connections.
    I would like to see more in the medieval era in Europe! There’s a lot of Templars and I think there could be a lot of story there and a lot of Land to cover!
    I don’t think Japan it’s a good Idea, given the fact that far east cultures have different weapons and different fighting styles, Too anime cliché. And thats exactly what makes the assassins creed series different, they are bosses in Battle but they do not use Kung fu, judo or any other weird s*** like that, It’s unique! Thats why I think the Assassins saga should not take place in far east Asia, or else it would be called “samurai Creed” or ninja s*** or stuff like that.
    Viking era could be good as well. Also british Indiia.

  7. I’m pretty sure that Ubisoft is actually a French- CANADIAN company. There’s a big difference.

  8. First of all, Ubisoft is a French company (check wikipedia!), not a Canadian one. Then, I think whatever the setting, it should be refined, mysterious and in the West, because this is this serie’s trademark. Spitting cowboys, brutal vikings and sneaky ninjas: no thanks!

  9. i think it should be either the tokugawa shogunate in japan or maybe medieval period or viking period where you can use shields and ride viking longboats

  10. I think they should swerve from the whole revolution idea like the american revolution in ac3 and the french revolution in the trailer they released for the next gen ac I think they should base it around pre world war 2 japan or another dynasty with either a male or female character because if your were male you could be one of the 47 ronin and with a female character you could be a geisha like an entertainer or an oiran which is a prostitute because they could go a long way with it if you follow japans vibrant history.

  11. I think Assassins creed franchise should steer their story towards 2nd world war it’s after math or perhaps Something about afghanistan talibans or Al Qaeda jihadis would be very interesting..

    All and all I know they’ll take their story towards the future at the end. That’s what anyone can guess.

  12. I Think they should make in the year of the 9/11 attacks make it look like the seals were actually assassins and they killed Osama. Then kill the rest of the templars maybe his wife and kids
    Also two new ac games aré coming out and they aré rogué or unity.
    Also anotaré good idea is the first civilizacion or the mayan period

  13. I think Assassin’s Creed plot in Indonesia. Many historical settings in here. Ancient Era setting in Kingdom of Srivijaya, Medieval Era setting in Kingdom of Majapahit and Singhasari, Colonial Era settings in Diponegoro War and Acehnese War versus VOC and Dutch East Indies, and Modern Era settings Communist Indonesia Party Movement (G30SPKI).

  14. Western United States in the 1800′s

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