The Case for the French Revolution in ‘Assassin’s Creed 4′

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Every Assassin’s Creed we unravel pieces of the series’s multifarious mythos. Assassin’s Creed 3 won’t change that. When Ubisoft’s blockbuster makes its anticipated arrival this Halloween Eve, we’ll finally discover the destiny of one Desmond Miles; we’ll discover where the world stands on 12.21.12; we’ll discover how the Templars and Assassin’s shaped the birth of a new nation;  and we’ll discover how a displaced Mohawk orphan grows to become General Washington’s ruthless right hand.

We might also discover where Assassin’s Creed is headed next.

Not every game has ended with a clear vision of  AC’s future intact – the American Revolution never appeared certain until AC 3’s announcement drew near. Thanks to a multitude of factors within the series’s past and present, however, the French Revolution seems preordained as its next destination. Read on to hear why – and to learn about the tumultuous time period Ubisoft could already be crafting.

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  • Ace

    I agree that it would make for a great setting. But I’d expect us to get a least one more in America before that. They spent too much time and money creating everything specifically for AC3 that I’d be shocked if it was a one off.

  • Rabbit93

    Id like to see them bring it full circle almost. To where everyone is still aware of ezio and altair. I hope they just arent forgotten completely

  • boogoo

    Wow, terrific article! 5 stars on the research and thought put into it! :)

    • The Avenger

      I’ve Favorited the page and will be forwarding it to every AC-fan I know.

      Fantastic work Brian.

  • hereticdonutboy

    I think that the Russian Revolution would also fit well, except they may have to do a non-historically accurate ending if they want the assassins to be victorious. Or maybe let the assassins fail, and then reclaim Russia be causing the collapse of the USSR.

  • JoanneBean

    First I just have to say that this statement “…expanding it beyond direct descendants of the former New York City bartender,” statement can’t be possible. That bartender can’t have any descendants at any time during the 18th or 19th or 20th centuries at the very least. He can only have ancestors or ascendants. His descendants would be his children or grandchildren but even then they couldn’t have ever been born before he was born.

    This article is very interesting indeed. The French Revolution is ripe with story for an assassin but it would have to come fom Aveline and not Connor or from a whole new assassin not connected to Connor, Aveline or ever possibly Desmond. While the timeline would be more than perfect for both Connor and Aveline, obviously Connor would have no stake in what happens in France but Aveline could. Her paternal parentry could be the catalyst that takes her directly into the political interworkings of the French conflict as well as she would have the means, motive and opportunity to be right in the thick of it. She is a young woman and the timeline is perfect for such. With Desmond moving off the scene, for the franchise to continue there must be a “changing of the guard” so to speak. There’s one big problem. From purely a marketing standpoint, Aveline wouldn’t fit the bill.

    First, she is a female and unfornaturely she would need a male counterpart. Connor would surely work. His timeline with her and his already established “connection” to her makes this not only plausible, but very possible. It could continue the story after Desmond. If she is not an ancestor of Desmond then Desmond’s story could end at AC III however that doesn’t mean Connor’s existance in the AC franchise has to end. Connor as a character would have to have a personal stake in her. She would have to be important enough to him to motivate him to involve himself in her very personal need to intervene in the French Revolution. For him to risk his life to be a part of something not personal to him, she would have to be what’s very important to him.

    Secondly, while she is French she is also African. Again this could be a marketing problem if we are talking about making console games with her the protagonist. I for one would love it but I’m only one person. It must appeal to be much wider group than little ol’ me. Again, Connor would fit the bill.

    So from what I can see, the French Rrevolution and all it’s meaty story really can’t be possible without Avellne (timeline wise) and Aveline can’t do it without Connor (purely from marketing and for continuity). And Connor wouldn’t have a reason to do it unless Aveline is, well, his wife or so important to him that he would risk his own life for her cause. If so, bring on the French Revolution and all it’s glory.

    • Brian Sipple

      Thanks for the feedback, Joanne, and you’re correct: I did have my ancestors and descendents mixed up on that point. It should be fixed now.

      • JoanneBean

        You are very welcome, Brian. It is an excellent article. I really enjoyed reading it and the analysis is spot on.

        In all honesty, nothing that I’ve read from Ubisoft, while being very tight lipped about Connor and Aveline’s true connecton, has precluded the possiblity that Aveline is NOT one of Desmond’s ancestors. It’s very possible that she is. The closest Jill Murray and Corey May would get is that “we will have to see” and that Connor and Aveline’s ultimate connection is “part of the mystery of the game”. With Desmond moving off the scene, it’s possible that Aveline’s DNA that Astegio is using could be connected to a new person in the Animus or a strain of just DNA. But either way, neither of those scenarios preclude Aveline from being an ancestor of Desmond.

        One last point, with Aveline name meaning both “bird” in Latin and French and a Hebrew variation of Eve…well I think I have an idea as to which way Ubisoft is going with this.

  • Guardian

    They better not make Napoleon the bad guy… what am I saying… of course they would…

  • Brent

    I would like to see a sequel including Tesla/Edison, but also WWI – after that point society begins to modernize such that an Assassin story anywhere near present day would be akin to an Arkham sequel. Because if you stick a hidden blade on Batman he would make a very good Assassin

  • king piye

    I wouldn’t mind Storming The Bastille myself.

  • Sasha

    They’ve always done incredible things with Assassin’s Creed, and things that many people don’t ever see coming. There have been many hints that AC4 will be about the British Raj but I would love them to just surprise everyone, like when they announced AC2 would be in the Italian Rennaisance, and do it on the Cuban War of Independence and the Spanish-American War; that would be truly different in my opinion.

  • Tand84

    I wish ubisoft would reconsider because the French revolution would be a great setting. You could make Robespierre and his cohorts Templars who are taking over the country for control of an artifact for the science fiction part of the story and for revenge (the French royal family put an end to the real Templar order in the 1300s).

    Connor can be drawn into the conflict to stop this from happening. And Napoleon could be an ally before the fall of Robespierre but will betray Connor when they succeed.

    I would also like to see a sob plot to explain how Haytham (even though he is dead) became a Templar in the first place.

  • anonymous

    Sincerely, the french revolution should be a game for the future with a hero or a heroine who is part of the poorest stratum of France (eg as a homeless; in the 18th century, the homeless accounted for half of the population of Paris )to explore the real reasons that led to the revolution (eg, hunger and exploitation), instead of bringing heroes of America.

    Nobody needs to get angry, it is only my opinion.

    • JoanneBean

      No need for anger. The only problem I would think of would be the fact that the events of the French Revolution occurred during the same timeline as the lives of both Conner and Aveline.

      The Enlightenment, was in 1756. The Start of the Seven Years’ War, which compounded the debt situation was in 1774.

      The American War of Independence started in 1775. In 1778 The France declares war against Great Britain in support of the American colonies. The subsequent war worsens the debt situation further in France.

      All of these events connects the Americans with the French. Thus could easily pull Aveline who is a African/French American in to the conflict. In addition, Ubisoft would not have to redesign a new assassin and create a whole other background for them. They could easily use all the work they have already developed to make a new game and thus reduce costs substaintially.

      There would be no need to create a whole new assassin when it would be more than easy to continue the lives of both these already established assassins. A better way would be for there to be someone like the young man that helped Ezio in AC – Revelations (can’t remember his name) who died trying to protect Sophia. He could be French and assist Aveline and maybe Conner. But again Conner wouldn’t really have a reason to go to France but Aveline easily could.

      This is not about race or nationality. It’s not about some that have no problem makes comments that are clearly racist (usually American) but function and cost and history and that can’t be changed. There can be a French assassin but they should be further down the history timeline and a descendant of either Conner or Aveline or both. This works because Aveline could easily have a French husband and children (France didn’t have the horrible racial discrimination that America was built on and interracial marriages were legal there. Also Conner and Aveline’s could have a child born in France during their time there.

      Spolier – And seeing that Aveline is “Eve” that makes even more sense.

      • anonymous

        Sorry, I just would like to see the poorest people of France have some importance in this game. You do not have to fight me and make accusations against me.

        • JoanneBean

          Oh dear, my deepest apologizes to you. My intentions were never to you personally or to disparage the people of France. There was nothing you stated that was inflammatory that I could see and I sure didn’t take it that way. While everything I stated and this article in general is all conjuncture, I’m sure neither Brian, and I know I didn’t intend to make any statements that should be interrupted as taking away anything from the people of France. While it is fun to speculate, you are very right it is just a video game. But I would say to you that France has a rich history and there is more than enough history there that would make for a great Assassins’ Creed video game even if that game is centered around “future” France history.

          • JoanneBean

            Sorry for the typed word “interrupted”. It should have been typed, interpreted.I often type those words in exchange for the other.

  • fldkfjs

    What if connor and aveline had a son? And he was taken away from them while still a baby and adopted by a french family of noblemen? He would later on find out about who he really is and fight against his own family. That would be pretty great in my opinion

  • re

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