Rumor Patrol: ‘Assassin’s Creed 4′ To Include Co-op, May Come 2013

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Assassins Creed 4 Coop 2013 Release

They say good things come to those who wait, but Ubisoft may be bringing Assassin’s Creed fans another release before long. The new rumor of another game being planned for 2013 isn’t exactly a shock, but the competitors they may take further influence from, and the possibility of cooperative gameplay are far more telling.

Could Assassin’s Creed 4, or another ‘expansion’ on Connor’s story (following the path Ezio set) and setting be in store for next year? And more importantly, would a co-op mode or storyline fit into the existing mechanics and plot-driven campaign?

The new rumors come courtesy of yet another fan survey sent out by the Montreal-based studio. Previous surveys from Ubisoft have provided hints that the American Revolution was being considered, Bomb-making would be introduced for Revelations, and that a new Rayman game was on the way. It seems whatever leaks they have in their structure still remain.

The most recent survey (uncovered by TheGamingLiberty) asked consumers to respond to a number of questions. It’s hard to know how many of the questions are purely speculative, and which are closer to becoming a reality or influencing development. But so far, a few stand out:

  • From the following list, what features would you most like to see in the sequel to the ASSASSIN’S CREED 3 game: Possibility for a friend to join in the game in order to help me at any time during solo mode.
  • If it was to become available next year, how likely are you to purchase the next ASSASSIN’S CREED game?
  • On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your overall experience with the game Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception?

Further influence coming from the Uncharted series isn’t a surprise, since the developers have long established the relationship between the two franchises. But if the cooperative gameplay being bandied about is of a drop-in, drop-out nature, as is implied, some creativity would be needed to make it work within the narrative of the Creed series.

Assassins Creed 3 Screenshot - Connor and Aveline Team Up

Our bet would have to be a cooperative campaign that draws on both AC3‘s Connor and Liberation‘s protagonist Aveline de Grandpré. Liberation may have been a bit of a letdown (read our review) but there was enough potential in the setting and themes to convince us that a bit more attention would deliver a strong product. If the adaptable and deadly Aveline was to make the jump to consoles, that might do the trick.

What would you like to see from the next Assassin’s Creed title? We’ve already made our case for the French Revolution to star in Assassin’s Creed 4, but would you like to see another fill-in game? Or better yet, how about Ubisoft gives fans a bit of time to miss the series before releasing another annual entry?

Fans will likely have a chance to play their way through the Assassin’s Creed Anthology in 2013 regardless. Whether it has company remains to be seen.

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  • Brent

    French Revolution would be interesting, but too similar to ACIII – same types of enemies and weapons/etc. ACII/Brotherhood did this well, so I wouldn’t doubt Ubisoft could pull it off again.

    something more interesting would be 1870’s-1920’s Europe, mainly Russia. This could cover not only the Russian Revolution, but WWI and maybe throw Tesla in there as well (him and Edison each have their own stories on the Assassin Wiki). while machines guns were around, most people just had revolvers/etc, smaller arms, making the health system a bit more plausible (for comparison, an assassin in the middle of vietnam and torrents of bullet-fire wouldn’t make much sense).

    And although Ubisoft has not expressed interest in making an Asian assassin (they said something about not wanting to just make a ninja game), they could still have a story involving an assassin traveling to Japan or China, then forming the first ninjas, something like that. New weapons and variations of old weapons could be introduced (katanas, throwing stars, hollow eggs instead of smoke bombs, they could even have the rope dart)

  • boogoo

    I’m in no rush to play another Assassin’s Creed. It’s difficult to stay excited about the franchise when the story just isn’t compelling.

  • Wally

    French Revolution terrible idea. I’d like to see the game take on a more modern take or just focus entirely on Desmond. If any timeline, I’d like to see the American Civil War, or World War I.


  • jwalka

    it wont be ac4, they save the numeric entry for a big release, it will be a sort of ‘expansion’ to the story (if it hasn’t ended) just like brotherhood and revelations. i’m not saying you specifically andrew (i love the GR and SR team), but a lot of ‘journalists’ are quick to jump the gun without sitting and thinking about what they’ve heard or been told and trying to crack the egg prior to eating it (it’s a metaphor btw).

    ign, gamespot and majority of those ‘big’ game ‘journalists’ are all a bunch of attention seeking anuses

    • Shalkowski

      For once I completely agree with you.

  • Rabbit93

    I think a game that was set in modern times would work. If they stick with the whole world ending thing. The world could take a step back and elevtricity would go away. It would be like we were back in the middle ages. Ive been watching the show Revolution and I think the AC series could take that route, or something similar.

  • Shalkowski

    I don’t know. I don’t like the French revolution idea. American civil war would be cool but anything too modern would end up playing too much like Splinter Cell (IMO).

  • Anthony

    Maybe In a Co-op they could let players use past Assassin’s Altair,Ezio (AC2,ACB,ACR) & Connor. They story could be somebody is hacking the system or something. It would be cool to play as fans favs lol

  • gfunkpalace

    Less glitches. Something worth my money. A good conclusion. I don’t know, something that is an improvement on AC3?

  • Rob Keyes

    Co-op would make the campaigns easier to play. It’s a chore to put in 20 hours into the repetitive side-quests, especially when the end payoff isn’t delivering what a lot of fans wanted.

  • dude

    I’d like to see a Haytham type protagonist hunting Jack the Ripper in 1888. Something in the vein of the Masonic conspiracy in Alan Moore’s From Hell. Plus revolvers and model 1887 shotguns would be interesting weapons.

    • eee

      wouldn’t you mean one of his descendants

  • eee

    hopefully it starts as a a twist like Haytham, maybe a templar changes to assassins side after finding out templar told lies

    • i

      lol…haytham is dead…

  • eee

    maybe one player is the assassin that recruits the templar deserter and the other the templar themselves in co-op, and i would like more missions to do with home towns like the homestead.

  • Matthew

    A co-op sounds legit, but should be handled correctly. Maybe in order for someone to join you have to go inside a tavern, that way you get a cutscene of player 2 joining your campaign. Instead of Aveline though, Deborah Carter would be a better character to join the AC3 sequel. In AC3 we get a little scene where Conner and Deborah flirt in a tavern. I think Conner and Deborah should be the canon relationship. If Aveline is chosen over Deborah then it would just be a waste of the Conner/Deborah character development. If I get a Conner/Deborah AC game then ill definitely buy it.

    • Krtmotion

      According to the wiki and other websites she was born in 1736 which make her 20 years older than Connor so I rather him and Aveline be together.

  • Matthew

    Maybe in AC4 we get a descendent of Desmond and the descendent has to get in the animus to learn about the rest of Desmond’s descendants. The descendants girlfriend is captured by the Templars. So a rescue is put into place and once it’s
    completed they both head to Assassin hq to get in the animus. We then get dialogue about the descendant and his gf and how their entire line of family were entertwined and that it’s their fate to complete what Altair, Ezio, Conner, and Desmond set out to accomplish. Only this time the main antagonist isn’t only the Templars but Juno as well.

    We then see Conner and Deborah (now an old married couple) taking to their son who is about to travel to Japan to find recruits. One of these recruits ends up being descendants gf (an Asian woman) great great great grandmother. Then we get the AC4 title appearing like the in AC2 when Ezio and his older are on the viewpoint looking over the city.

  • MoobSniffer

    I don’t know how far back the assassins go, but being an assassin in an empire would be good, doesn’t have to be the Roman empire, could be anything from that era like Sparta or somewhere in Greece, Persia etc. I was thinking maybe being a modern day assassin in New York too, like a contract killer (probably too much like Hitman). Maybe Scotland during the English invasions? I’ve heard stories that Scotland defeated the English “templars” with help from unknown forces as they were vastly outnumbered (could make this Scottish assassins?). Could be a bit empty though. Maybe an assassin in Africa fighting warlords etc to liberate areas for the people? Seems like the kind of thing Ubisoft like, child is born in a village, parents killed, trains up strong, seeks revenge. Would introduce jungle terrain etc. Russian Civil War sounds amazing too. I heard that Ubisoft thought WW2 and Japanese eras would be boring (I suppose they’ve been done before). They could even go all out and make a Cold War game where you are a sort of spy/assassin. I think I like the idea of Africa though, but it may turn out to be too much like Far Cry 3.

  • Uukelipuukeli

    Ubisoft’s producer said that they may make a new character and let that new character have few ac games where he would be in. And they also said, that it will not (maybe) be in japan/china, ww1 and egypt, because it woudnt ”feel” like an ordinary assassins creed game. !!SPOILER!! DONT READ IF U HAVENT COMPLETED ASSASSINS CREED 3 YET!!! And i think that the assassins in the present time would be trying to find a way to defeat Juno. I quess it would have a new assassin joining Rebecca, Shaun and William. But That would be just awesome if Juno would control Desmond’s body. That would just be wicked!