Ubisoft Officially Announces ‘Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag’

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Assassins Creed 4 Main Character

Last February, Ubisoft officially announced Assassin’s Creed 3 and it was therefore expected that the next installment in the annualized franchise would be unveiled at a similar time this year. We weren’t surprised then to see Ubisoft sending out invites to an Assassin’s Creed related media event, one that’s since been spoiled (again, like last year) via leaks from retailers.

A photo of sketch art featuring the now-confirmed title of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag made its way through the media on Tuesday, followed by a leaked screenshot and a second photo of the reverse side of the poster, depicting a map that confirmed the Caribbean Islands setting in the year 1715 for the next Assassin adventure.

AC3 introduced put players into the boots of two new characters, Haytham Kenway and his son Connor (Ratonhnhaké:ton), and the game concluded the story of their descendant Desmond Miles. For the franchise’s next core installment we knew another new character would be introduced and today we have our first official look at Assassin’s Creed 4:

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Assassins Creed 4 Official Cover Art


Ubisoft looks to build upon the ship segments of Assassin’s Creed 3 and turn the high seas into the focus over urban environments. More details will be unveiled on Monday, March 4th, where we expect to learn who exactly the new Assassin is and how the game’s narrative will work if Desmond is out of the picture.

What we do know is that since AC3 took place during the years 1760 to 1783, a 1715 setting lends credence to speculation that the game could follow Connor’s grandfather, Edward Kenway, maintaining the ancestral line of Desmond Miles. Then again, since the last game in the series offered a slight twist in letting players play as more than one character from the past, a similar story structure may be implemented here.

No French Revolution or China setting this time, but we do expect the first full co-op campaign to be included in the next installment after being dropped from last year’s title. With Ubisoft making sure to include co-op features in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the Rayman titles and even last year’s Far Cry 3, it’s about time their flagship series does the same.

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is expected to hit all platforms this fall.

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  • Justanotherguy

    He has four pistols.

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      Reloading is for the weak.

      • http://gamerant.com/author/dyce/ Andrew Dyce

        That’s what cut-scenes are for.

        • ATG

          Haha, could you imagine!

    • Dovahkiin

      Aviline had 2 at times, I haven’t quite gotten to ac3 yet (Have it but still working through brotherhood) but her combat (I have beaten liberation) is awesome with her dual pistols… 4 will be epic. I wonder if there will be a vita standalong?

  • Gabeler

    I thought Haythem was Connor’s father? Or do you mean it would follow Connor’s *grandfather*? That would make more sense.


    At any rate, I don’t know about this. I’ve bought every AC game to date, but the third one’s ending (regarding Desmond Miles) left me quite bitter. I enjoyed Connor’s story, I just didn’t appreciate a $300 backstory ending with Desmond picking the >>Templar<< (Grrr!) choice and getting roasted alive. If that's the end of Desmond's story, the only way I'd buy AC4 is if the story is 100% cooperative (as I have a girlfriend who loves to stab, shoot, lynch, and poison wildlife and patrolling soldiers in the AC series)

    I digress. If Desmond somehow did survive, then with a damn good explanation I'll forgive Ubisoft and buy the game like the Fanboy I am. But I highly doubt that's the case.

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      It’s grandfather, I typo’d in my haste.

  • Jasca Ducato

    It’s an error in the post. Edward is Haytham’s father (and Ratonhnhaké:ton’s grandfather).

    • Gabeler

      Ah, gotcha.

  • Doc-H

    :( still no Victorian London but still seems pretty cool

  • Breado the Great

    Ive enjoyed every Ass-creed prior to 3. I hated 3 with a passion normally reserved for pedestrians. The gameplay was clunky and not as responsive/good/fun as the others, connor was far to bland and whiny and i did not like the nautical parts after the novelty wore off. Yaaarr might be time to stop following the creed of Ass…

    • Luke Perry Glover

      i completely agree. im still only 18% done the game and havent played it since the beginning of november. it was extremely boring and i didnt like connor. it looked good though, and the ending is awesome…yes i know the ending but didnt finish the game.

  • fanofgames

    This game WILL NOT feature connors father, connors father had no experience captaining any ship. It will be a new character.

    • http://gamerant.com/author/dyce/ Andrew Dyce

      I don’t think we have any reason to say that some characters will explicitly NOT be featured. Especially since the whole game won’t take place on ships, and AC3’s intro was a different character.

      • fanofgames

        Very true Andrew,i believe we may see Haytham at some point or another but i dont think the games storyline will focus around him.

  • deadpool87

    Hopefully they won’t blow this new assassin off like they did connor. Unlike most people I enjoyed connor and would want at least one more game with him. As far as this is concerned I liked the naval battles in AC3 but I kind of hate that it seems Ubisoft is mostly abandoning everything great about Assassin’s Creed just to make naval battles a main thing. Oh well still hopeful. They could turn this into a Pirates of the Caribbean prequel with Captain Teague (Jacks dad) as the new assassin.

  • bean

    Looks as if the new character is half assassin half prince of Persia. Awesome

  • Mr. Talldude

    Uhhh…. whaat?!? I dont know man. Im a huge AC fan. Been here since the beginning and every game has been grander and better in at least game play, if not both that and plot. However this time im actually feeling “meh”. Which is a first for me.
    I know Ubisoft went all out with ACIII which IMO, panned out beautifully, but if they really want us to stick with series on the current gen then really need to have REALLY well put together. Not in gameplay as im sure they already have that locked down but in terms of plot. They have to have a phenomenally well put together plot for both the “present” story and the period story, especially if the period story is actually before the events of a previous. Which is also a first.
    On the flipside as well if this is also coming for the next gen(is it?) then this should give them more of a reason to really start off strong with the franchise for the next gen. Have new story, new world, new gameplay, and ultimately better graphics.
    But as nitpicky as all that sounds, LOL, that’s just me being a fan and placing my concerns and hopes. Does this game release for the next gen btw??

  • Woot Juice

    Idk, I might have to wait and see. I feel like this is going to have a lot of naval missions. I REALLY don’t like the naval missions.

  • vain

    Not buying anymore of these games until they go to China or Japan.

  • DaRaginScotsman

    For everyone that’s confused, the protag is Edward Kenway, Connor’s GRANDFATHER.

  • lol

    They should make a game that’s either in the future,present day, Victorian era, South America, Asia or Egypt. Any of those would be good, I like pirates but would rather leave them in the movies

  • lol

    They should make a game that’s either in the future,present day, Victorian era, South America, Asia or Egypt. Any of those would be good, I like pirates but would rather leave them in the movies.

  • Gallifreyanjedi

    I’m kind of sick of Male assassins. I’d like to see a female assassin take center stage. Aveline was a great character who deserved to be the main character in AC3 more than Connor (and this is coming from someone who actually likes Connor).

  • decoy

    whos the new assassin?