‘Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag’ Setting & Screenshot Leaked

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Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Reveal Poster

We’re still waiting for an official announcement concerning Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, expected to be delivered by Ubisoft later today. First word on the maritime sequel to Assassin’s Creed 3 came in the form of a promotional poster, depicting a ‘pirate Assassin’ aboard an 18th-century ship.

But now more images and convincing details have arrived, confirming that Assassin’s Creed 4 will indeed be set in the Caribbean Sea circa 1715.

The new images comes courtesy of Kotaku, and is once again drawn from the promotional poster leaked previously. According to whoever has their hands on the Black Flag poster, the reverse side of it doesn’t just feature an indication of the setting, but a full-blown map of the Caribbean Sea, a confirmed time period, and multiple locations marked for specific significance to the Assassin Order.

Have a look for yourself, and see if anything in particular jumps out:


Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Caribbean Map

The map features Cuba, Southern Florida, Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands, with the exact date of the game’s events implied to be either during or beginning in 1715. That year falls within the era known as the ‘Golden Age of Piracy,’ so the earlier images of a sword and pistol-wielding Assassin fits quite well. Exactly what story or struggle the developers have cooked up will have to wait.

The shift towards a heavy emphasis on sea travel makes particular sense, as the naval elements of Assassin’s Creed 3 were some of the most surprisingly polished and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the impression given was that such an impressive game engine was somewhat under-served by a campaign that assigned only side-mission responsibility to seafaring. Now, the truth is becoming clearer.

There’s a good chance that Ubisoft has been working toward Black Flag for some time, meaning the full potential of the naval gameplay has yet to be seen. We’re all for a larger adventure on the high seas, and hopefully that’s exactly what the studio will soon unveil.

Along with the Caribbean map comes an image uncovered by Examiner, depicting what could possibly be the next Assassin protagonist. Not much else is clear from the screenshot, but have a look:

Assassins Creed 4 Screenshot

We wouldn’t recommend putting too much weight into what is (or isn’t) visible in this screenshot, since AC3 pulled a few twists when it came to playable characters and time periods. Since the 1715 setting could follow AC3 hero Connor Kenway’s Assassin grandfather, it’s entirely possible that the reporting of Edward Kenway as new protagonist is true. But it’s still all unofficial

How forthcoming Ubisoft plans to be in the immediate future remains to be seen, but if Black Flag is set mainly at sea, it will be interesting if the massive co-op gameplay ultimately scrapped from AC3 will be integrated here. Or perhaps in the next subtitled Assassin’s Creed 4 game?

We’ll keep you updated as official details arrive, but for now, how do you feel about a pirate-themed Assassin’s Creed title? Is it the change that you’ve been hoping would come to the basic gameplay, or will you reserve judgement until more information is released on the new main character and story?

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is expected to release in 2013 for all major platforms.

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Source: Kotaku, Examiner

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  • jak

    imo im not interested since im not a pirate fan. I like how they’re trying somethin new. what I don’t like is its constantly coming out every year. also when ac3 came out way to much bugs. I wish they did a china one like thosefan art we saw awhile back.

    • Daniel Carlson

      Chinese assassin game… How cliche

      • jak


      • zod

        if they really wanted to do something different then why not have a city in the “first civilization. now that would be dope!!!!!!!

        • tankD

          Right?? they started in an awesome direction when this series first started but now its just going down hill. AC3 had a really shitty main story with it making me only play to get to the Dezmond parts. AND even that had an unsatisfying conclusion, and then THEY KILLED HIM! How are they going to do Connor’s grandfather if Dezmond is dead?? for them to go back to the first civilization would be unique and they need to focus more on the modern settings or if the cataclism happend an AC in a post apocalyptic setting would be amazing. But i dont see this series going in any new directions just rehashing the same shit over and over like CoD…

          • ATG

            Just because it’s annually released doesn’t mean it is rehashed. I can all but guarantee, if these same games released two to three years apart instead of annually and were the exact same as they are now, no one would complain.

          • tankD

            I mean rehashed as in the same historical type settings and historical characters I think they should create something new like creating a game in the first civilization but make the historical figures the gods we base Greek and roman mythology on like the first two people in ac that were Adam and Eve escaping and running through the advanced city. I think diving deeper into Juno and Minerva’s culture would be amazing then jumping forward with a new protagonist in the events after the cataclysm in a new world. you dont think that would be something new and exciting in an ac game??

          • tankD

            Like switching up the focus of the protagonist gameplay make the main focus the character in the future and the secondary gameplay story in the past.

          • tankD

            they could also incorporate all the things that people ARE familiar with with ac. Boats horses but also whatever that culture had there are so many possibilities. I just dont think the developers think that deeply into they’re own mythology.

          • ATG


            There’s a difference between THERE vision of it and YOURS. Just because it isn’t like yours, doesn’t mean it is rehashed. It sounds like you prefer a more fantasy-like Assassin’s Creed, and maybe they will.

            I do agree with you on one thing, exploring Juno’s culture would be awesome.

            On another note, I don’t know how much people expect them to change. From AC1 to AC3 A LOT has changed. Annual release or not, they can’t change the base game play, otherwise it isn’t Assassin’s Creed anymore.

          • tankD

            I know its my version and yea exploring the first civilization would have more fantasy elements but its already apart of the games story They just tease it. and I wouldn’t change the core gameplay what so ever I love the gameplay its one of the only reasons why I haven’t dropped this series all together. I just think there’s alot more to do with it that it seems the developers either haven’t thought of yet or just wont take any risks cause they are sticking to whats worked for them so far. and honestly I see more people on this thread wanting a change more than I see people excited about whats to come.

      • This Is My Avatar Saying

        “How cliche” you say?….Ur an idiot :)

    • Jak Frost

      Hey you stole my First name (:

  • Kaero

    I think I’m done with the AC series for a while. Now that the main plot is done, I’m burnt out. Ubisoft should have taken a break.

  • The mighty avenger

    I hold judgement till more news comes out but unless they blow me away with new mechanics. I’m skipping this one as well.

    I’m waiting for Victorian London with a female assassin. Really want to leap of faith off Big Ben. Haha

  • YourColourTelevision

    Okay, i really fancy the idea of AC in China or Japanese. There seem to be alot of people complaining that that is cliché and overdone.

    How many Videogames are there with a proper Assassin in the East?
    None. They ALL go the route of Ninja Gaiden. They closest thing would be the oh so horrible Tenchu Series, which died in 2006 anyway.

    Hell, even (Japanese) Movies portray assassins as super humans.

    The AC Gameplay would be perfect for an Asian Assassin. And its not like there is a lack of intrest for that setting. Its the most requested setting together with London.

    • WELP

      Yeah it would be cool to get a ninja game with assassinations a la Tenchu vs. the super ninja stuff which is cool too. I would like a French Revolution setting or maybe something with the Russian Revolution or stuff leading up to involving RAsputin

  • lol

    A future setting would be sexy

    • John

      How would a future setting work? Assassin’s Creed with guns sounds terrible. Out of the question, in my opinion.

      • John

        Assassin’s Creed with a focus on guns, I should clarify.

      • YourColourTelevision

        If it was in the Future they could just make up sometgubg and say guns are very rare.

        • tankD

          silencers… a sword on your back like Blade with an influence from kill bill. AC in a more modern setting is new and creative but they even screwed up the dezmond parts. they only gave you minmal weapons no hudd and made them short game sequences they were never fully fleshed out. the developers are just aggravating. I blame the fact that they are European.. not in a facist dick way but they probably get all excited and wet over the old school stuff swords and boats and pirates when its PLAYED OUT in the series. We as fans need to make our voices heard show them that this is not what we want.

          • lol

            Exactly silencers and a blade with some other cool weapons like drones and Rcs would work but only done right with the gameplay and story

  • ATG

    “We’ll keep you updated as official details arrive, but for now, how do you feel about a pirate-themed Assassin’s Creed title? Is it the change that you’ve been hoping would come to the basic gameplay, or will you reserve judgement until more information is released on the new main character and story?”

    I’ll reserve judgement. I think it’s safe to assume this is next-gen though. Based on that picture.

  • WELP

    Can’t wait for that Jack Sparrow skin DLC!

  • jak

    well they could always do the genghis khan time period which is unquie. lotta trade going there since khan likes that, but is ruthless dude

  • http://gamerant.com Z_oo_M

    Hmmmm…..I like the idea of a modern age assassin with guns and a hidden blade but the ideea of a new assassin with some pirates sounds good to me.I like the Assiins Creed series and the ideea of a modern assassin it will be a really f***ed up story

  • radeno

    where is the official announcement from ubisoft ?
    the announcement in 27 february right ?

  • Iceycold

    This article is so inaccurate I want to get the author and slap him upside the head.

    Firstly, it was Assassins Creed 1 that had co-op plans, NOT 3.

    Secondly, Ubisoft held a private event on the Assassins Creed future, not a public statement. MVC tweeted they’d been invited; when queried as to the outcome of the event later they replied that all info was embargo’d til Monday,

    By the way, what looks like the proper cover art is up at the Ubisoft forums; its far more polished and AC-looking than the leaked poster. Check it out.

  • JayDogon

    wheres this official announcement then??