‘Assassin’s Creed 4′ Images Show Modern-Day Abstergo

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With each passing week, it’s becoming clearer that in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the modern portion of the historic epic – what once helped introduce the characters, plot and overall sense of conflict of the Assassin’s Creed series – is taking a backseat to pirate antics. We can’t blame the developers at Ubisoft for the decision, but the newest images promise that the modern means of walking in Edward Kenway’s boots will be featured in the game’s campaign.

The good news is that players will no longer be fleeing from Templar agents; in Black Flag, they’ll be (presumably) aiding them without even realizing it. The better news: membership with Abstergo Entertainment has its privileges.

The fact that the modern setting of Black Flag has been discussed so rarely in the marketing of the game hasn’t been lost on longtime fans. Since the modern story of Desmond Miles reached its conclusion with the climax of Assassin’s Creed 3, exactly how the developers would continue the story was one of the most nagging questions. They’ve come up with a solution, but whether fans accept it remains to be seen.

As it turns out, the genetic memories contained within the Miles bloodline – previously restricting the ability to walk through history to Desmond alone – have been extracted for ‘recreational’ use. The player is no longer an Assassin on the run, but an employee of Abstergo Entertainment (a subsidiary of the Templar-owned Abstergo Industries) exploring a key chapter in Desmond’s ancestor Edward Kenway’s life.

The images prove that funds are still not an issue for the modern-day Templars, although how extensively players will be able to navigate the offices of Abstergo Entertainment isn’t clear. It’s easy to understand why the developers are expecting players to get most excited about the chance to sail their own pirate ship through a world of island chains, but if Animus technology has advanced to the point of a desktop screen and speakers (as the image implies), we’d like to think they can offer a decent explanation.

What do you think of the new modern-day digs? Are you hoping for a new take on the idea of exploring an Animus from the comfort of your own cubicle, or simply looking forward to the historic setting and chance to explore the Caribbean Sea? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag releases October 29, 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. The title is also slated for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4, but no release dates have been announced.


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  • CrowMagnumMan

    I’m kind of annoyed that the sci-fi/modern-day aspect of the story is becoming sidelined. I was rather interested in the overall story, but it looks like each new game is just going to be an excuse to run around in another historical locale. They’re just going to drag out the bigger story forever now, so they can get yearly games. I wish the AC franchise had just been a complete story with a start and an end.

  • Andrés

    I’m sorry, but I want Desmond back.

  • fanofgames

    The ending of AC3 was a cliffhanger, they will obviously be continuing Desmonds story, maybe not “through” Desmond. But he will still have a role. Just wait.

  • Dro, P.h.D

    I think since its Abstergo “Entertainment”, they’re using the Animus to look through history for accuracy relating to their products, be it video games, movies, etc.(All to fund the ‘real’ Abstergo)

    The employee you will play as just happens to be reliving through Desmond’s ancestry, and will soon stumble upon the truth and turn on Abstergo.

    • Max Mouse

      I don’t think so… because from they saying the character you playing as is just you the player… you don’t really a big role story as is going against Abstergo…

  • dan

    Anyone else feel reminiscent of Deus Ex: Human Revolution from those pics?

  • Assassin

    We will be able to go through all of Desmonds memorys from Ac to Ac:IV BlackFlag if im not mistaken

  • Pasquale Allegretta

    i like whats been done so far in the ac series. like in ac3 how shaun says we should dial back the time to the first civilization that would be cool for a 5th or 6th game or like have the abstergo employee get the chance to become and assassin or templar himself or even a leader and train many recruits in the modern time fighting or helping juno or something that could be cool, or maybe they could introduce a nnew miles family member like a little brother a sister or desmonds cousin or something and is mom by the way and bring back shaun and rebecca and even william miles a game could take place in france or babilon or england ifor one would love to jump off big ben or the ifel tower however u spell it haha but im most interested in playing as one of the first humans that became an assassin that were in the war with the first civilization, like maybe they were fighting them or even helping defend them from the early templars of that time with many pieces of eden lying around or locked up a first civi city would be cool to see and navigate through and even encountering flesh and blood first civi people they would be great i hope you think about my ideas for future games and what not

  • Zilvis

    I really hate that modern office. Why even I would want to walk there as I buy assassins creed not some kind of office crap. Please make 2 games instead. One assassins creed other assassins office (you can also add crap).