Game Ranter Banter: Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass Effect 3 Hate & Molyneux’s New Gig



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  1. Locked, on-disc content should not be allowed. You pay full price, the seller set that price, and then wants to charge you again later for access to what you have already paid for?

    Only the video game industry thinks they can get away with these horrid business practices.

    I too vote with my dollars, problem is, with games such as Batman Arkham City using these practices, do we really expect people to stick to their guns?

    Easy to just not buy Street Fighter X Tekken or Resident Evil: Operation Racooon City, but not buying the new Batman? Assassin’s Creed? Mass Effect? Much, much harder, and they know it.

  2. I preordered my copy of ACIII yesterday for PS3! :D D I did a bit of look up on the American Revolution in sparknotes which was pretty intriguing. Then I heard about the trailer seeming a lot like the movie The Patriot, so I went and (confession here), downloaded the movie. I was blown away at how amazing it was and even though it was a fiction adaptation of the real Revolution, I understood much about their military at the time and their atmosphere. Next day I went and bought The Patriot – Extended Cut, on Bluray! :D D It was like $30 but well worth the price, I suggest anyone who hasn’t watched it and wants to get a good background info on ACIII, then doing what I did there above will make you actually enjoy the game’s setting and story thus far much more enjoyable. Hell I went and re-watched the ACIII trailer and now I like it that much more. It seems to me that that was the good America where the leaders and most of the people had really good intentions and whatnot…not like now where they go and cause havoc in countries, such as mine, for oil and other resources and to have more control over other countries. Sigh, I hope this crap gets over soon and they just keep their damn army in their own country. >.< I know not all the Americans are bad, obviously, but unfortunately that's the perspective that US forced us to see them in. :S

  3. the one disc DLC bs needs to end, it seems that capcom is the main culprit for this stupid method of stealing money… with that being said is anyone aware of microsoft’s deal with publishers/dev’s ? they have to release i think at least one DLC package hence why CD projekt is releasing all witcher 2 content on the disc plus additional stuff later on specifically for 360.

    it’s sony and microsoft’s fault for all this DLC mayhem b/c back in the day before intense online trash infested gaming we didn’t have any DLC, instead we had expansion packs (for PC games), and GoY editions (like fable lost chapters). we need to go back to the good old days (gen 1 of consoles) in terms of ‘bang for buck’ b/c all this DLC rip off bs is getting out of hand >:(

  4. Dwayne Holder is absolutely right. All gamers talk about on the internet is how much they hate certain games, even when there’s only a minor problem with the game. This needs to change, but like Dwayne said, it won’t for a long time.

    I hate when a developer or publisher favors one platform over another, like how Activision releases CoD DLC on the 360 a full month before PS3. The deal with Operation Raccoon City is the same, it’s unfair favoritism, plain and simple. I don’t even like how some games are platform-exclusive, but when a developer creates a game for multiple platforms and then gives one platform a special mode or something, that’s definitely crossing the line. It shouldn’t happen.

    • it has nothing to do with favouritism, they sign contracts with microsoft and sony in regards to that sort of stuff, its why you hardly see a ps3 exclusive DLG on the 360 b/c microsoft doesn’t allo0w for dev’s to make games that way. sony is no saint either, the fact that they in some way neglect 3rd party developers is why people hate coding for the ps3, its a whole new ball game, just like how coding for trashy apple is different to flash coding.

      everyone hates one way or another, for instance everyone on this site loves skyrim, but i hate it so shreds and even though i p[resent a valid argument as to why the game sucks, people still bash me for presenting them with factual proof of the game sucking. in some cases people just hate for the sake of being a spoil sport – they cant hack the fact that they suck at a game etc so they rival against it. we as humans always look at the negatives before the positives in life, we can’t help but approach things that way, its our nature – fight then reason.

  5. Gamerant can you right review for Assassin’s Creed Revelations – The Lost Archive?

    • Ahh yes, I agree with him, I am enjoying The Lost Archive much myself, love the whole atmosphere the FPS sections give you, and there are pretty scary moments too. A review should be good. :D

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