New ‘Legend of Zelda’ to be Revealed at E3?

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New Legend of Zelda Game to be Revealed at E3 2011

Nintendo is getting prepared to make a splash at this year’s E3 with a ton of announcements. Not only are they prepping to unveil their new console, Project Café, to the world, but they’ll be detailing all of the games that are coming to the console. On top of that there are presumably a few more 3DS games that Nintendo plans on announcing in order to build excitement for the new handheld, as well as give gamers a reason to invest in the 3D portable. One other thing that should be the main focus of their event is the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, and it seems that Nintendo may be planning to celebrate Link’s birthday by announcing a new game in the series.

This news comes from French video game blog, P-Nintendo, and they report that The Legend of Zelda‘s producer, Eiji Aonuma, revealed that there was a new game announcement coming at E3. Mr.Aonuma was on Famitsu’s Nico Nico channel discussing the upcoming Ocarina of Time 3D when he allegedly let the news on a possibly unannounced Zelda title slip.

Nobody was really expecting another new Zelda game to be announced, especially because Skyward Sword was presumably going to be one of the main focal points for Nintendo during their press event. Many were speculating that Skyward Sword could possibly even make the jump to the Wii 2, after a similar chain of events took place with the Twilight Princess being ported over to the Wii for its launch.

If these rumors are true then there are really only two Nintendo systems that a new Legend of Zelda could show up on — the 3DS or Project Café. With Ocarina of Time 3D scheduled to release on the 3DS only a couple of weeks after E3 has come and gone, it would seem likely that if a new Zelda were to be revealed then it would be revealed as a game for Nintendo’s new home console. Another possibility is that the new game is simply an anniversary edition or compilation similar to the Super Mario All-Stars box set that Nintendo released last year for Mario’s 25th anniversary.

If Nintendo does have plans to announce another Legend of Zelda during their press conference then we won’t be waiting long to find out what it is.

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Source: P-Nintendo

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  • Rob Keyes

    Knowing Nintendo, I doubt it’s a “new” game. Probably a compilation.

    • George

      Well, they said they won’t be doing the same thing as they did for Mario last year so it probably won’t be a compilation.

  • liam

    Zelda Universe? Or just 3DS Link to the Past? If this does turn out to be a brand new game for project cafe, with Eiji and the gang tied up with Skyward Sword, could the franchise have been outsourced and this is the rumoured new Retro Studios secret project? This is my dream.

  • George

    Paper Zelda: 4 Swords for Café
    Think about it, they can make the game relatively quickly, Kirby’s Epic Yarn already proved that a craft-inspired art style can appeal to a wide audience, the gameplay will likewise appeal to both hardcore zelda fans and newcomers, it’s a multiplayer Zelda which is novel, there’s a screen built into the controller which is perfect for 4 Swords gameplay, and if the touchscreen really does have haptic technology then when you do interact with the game through touch, you’ll actually feel the paper crinkle and move beneath your fingers. It could even encompass that Link to the Past remake that Miyamoto has been hinting at.

    • Riley Little

      haha that would be a cool idea. Something similar to 4 Swords would be more than okay in my books, but I want to see something that really shows off what Project Café’s tech is capable of.

  • VGM

    And yet its Metroid’s bday as well this year and nothing has been done or talked about by big N. Go figure. They really don’t like that series even tho its their most mature one. Thanks for celebrating metroid’s 25th Nintendo. :/

  • Kyle

    I do love me some Zelda more than anything, but I really hope it’s not another one for the ds or 3ds .. I just didn’t like the DS’s control-scheme

  • greenbomber

    Please something for the Wii… the Wii is already deprived of decent enough games. Its pretty sad that i need to resort back to my Gamecube games for entertainment.