Rovio Hints at ‘Angry Birds: Star Wars’ With Teaser Image

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Rovio Teases Angry Birds Star Wars

Even though Rovio‘s popular Angry Birds franchise has tackled everything from Halloween to Space, they’ve only barely scratched the surface as far as licensing opportunities are concerned. To that point we have a tease from Rovio that suggests the franchise’s next venture might be a team-up with Star Wars.

The licensing deal was teased via a Rovio-released image that showed a shadowed “Angry Bird,” dressed as a Jedi, with a blue lightsaber. If that’s not a provocative image then we don’t know what is.

Additionally, Rovio pointed Angry Birds fans to an official Tumblr that showcased said bird activating the lightsaber. No details about the game, just an animated GIF that hints at the possibility of Angry Birds: Star Wars, or conversely, Star Wars: Angry Birds.

A partnership with LucasArts (maybe?) and the Star Wars property wouldn’t mark the first time Angry Birds has incorporated a movie theme into its sublimely simplistic gameplay — that distinction goes to Angry Birds: Rio — but this is certainly the most tantalizing. This also isn’t Rovio’s next venture with the Angry Birds franchise, though, as the company only recently announced a spin-off called Bad Piggies, that stars the series’ antagonizing green pigs.

Angry Birds Star Wars Teaser

Rovio isn’t wholly concerned with licensing IP’s for video games, though; this could very well be an announcement that has nothing to do with a mobile experience. The Angry Birds brand has grown exponentially over the last two years — generating deals for various toys and books — that Angry Birds: Star Wars could be anything. However we sincerely hope it’s a game, because who wouldn’t want to see the iconic birds zoom across Tatooine or the Death Star — or even cast the birds as Jedi and the pigs as Sith.

The possibilities of an Angry Birds game involving Star Wars are numerous, yet here we are with only a teaser image. Since we figure Star Wars fans are just as curious as we are, we’ll make sure to keep you posted on any further developments involving this team-up.

How do you envision an Angry Birds: Star Wars? Will such a game be Rovio’s biggest hit yet?

Source: Angry Birds Tumblr

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  • Jack7

    Is it sad if I make the lightsaber sound when its turned on/off?

    • David

      Yes, but we forgive you… Let’s all make the sound together.

  • Matt

    Cash grab. Nothing more.

    • Jack7

      what does that even mean? of course it’s a cash grab. every angry birds release is a cash grab. they aren’t creating some big story with political undertones, they are making money.

      • Matt

        No, this is different. What if Half-Life 3 was actually Half-Life Star Wars? That’s not a natural evolution of the Half-Life franchise, that’s a blatant cash grab using the draw of the Star Wars name to get people to buy it. That’s what Angry Birds Star Wars is.

        • doc

          To be fair Red dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare had a pretty ridiculous scenario when compared to the actual game. Yet it was rather entertaining and everything but a cash grab imho.

          • Matt

            @ doc

            But Undead Nightmare wasn’t tied to some licensed name like Star Wars.

            @ Cariannis

            Anytime a franchise’s developer decides to make a game that has a licensed name in the title (Star Wars in this case) and depends upon the mass appeal of the licensed name, there’s a 99% chance it’s a cash grab. Imagine Battlefield Saving Private Ryan.

          • Cariannis

            If its fun its not a cash grab. This is really simple. It doesn’t mater what franchise or genre it is, as long as its fun its not a cash grab.

          • Matt

            Of course many people will see it as “fun” no matter how the game turns out. That doesn’t mean it’s not a cash grab. It’s like Men in Black: Alien Crisis. It got terrible reviews and is accepted as a terrible licensed game (a cash grab), but that doesn’t mean that some people didn’t find it fun.

        • Cariannis

          Some games you can easily call a cash grab (Dragon Age 2) but there are some that are really made for fans (Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion) of a series. It is to soon to tell if this is a cash grab or not.

          Its not like its going to be a generic WoW clone with nothing to offer for 15 bucks a month…

    • ATG

      I think I might actually agree with Matt. A Cash Grab is one company capitalizing on a popular name. Men In Black: Alien Crisis is a cash grab because it released around the time as the movie, the same with any other movie-game.

      Although Angry Bird Star Wars isn’t as blatant as say, The Expendables 2 Game (worst game I’ve ever played).

      Whether it’s good or not doesn’t matter.

      • Matt


  • Byron Rademacher

    Natural progression of angry birds? I think the hit the plateau after the first couple expansions. So I think your argument, Mike, isn’t wrong, but doesn’t make sense in this context.

    • Matt

      I think you meant to reply to me. My name is Matt by the way. 😉 I guess using other franchises in the games might be Angry Birds’ natural progression. Angry Birds Rio was a cash grab. It’s the same thing as Angry Birds except the characters from Rio are in it. But Angry Birds Space, now that is what I would consider natural progression. It introduced several new things to the franchise, not just new backgrounds. I can’t see Angry Birds Star Wars being innovative.

    • ATG

      Angry Birds Space is a great sequel and natural progression, in my opinion anyway.

  • Arnold_dajar

    I think your all wrong, and it has nothing to do with another angry birds, and rather they’r trying to market bad piggies, which would be a smarter business move anyways because they want it to be a success so they don’t have to squeez every drop of cash from angry birds.

  • Dan-O

    Bad Piggies is awesome. Totally different gameplay is what Rovio needed, and the new game delivered.

  • scarpreston

    im gonna skip it

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