Custom ‘Angry Birds’ USB Slingshot vs. Dual Analog N64 Controller

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What’s the most ridiculous primary home console controller you can think of? What’s the top-selling mobile game of all time? Take those answers and add even crazier peripherals and we get a custom force feedback Angry Birds USB controller for PCs and an even more insane variation on the already-odd Nintendo 64 three-pronged controller.

First up is another way to play Angry Birds that doesn’t involve touchscreens or a Kinect mod. This custom Angry Birds peripheral is a USB device that allows the PC player to physically mimic the aiming and launching of birds at those pesky pigs and their poorly constructed shelters. In essence it’s a mounted adjustable slingshot without the sling. The video up top demonstrates the device in action which seems reliant on the placement of the mouse cursor.

A version that rids the screen of the mouse icon entirely would be perfect, but we applaud the creativity and design behind this mod. Unfortunately, it’s one of a kind so there’s no way to get one yourself… unless Rovio sees another profitable opportunity in investing in such a branded peripheral themselves. They have plushies and Angry Birds board games already…

Next up, is the El Quadrinaros, a super-large N64 controller named after Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’s Ben Quadinaros – one of the podracers whose unique vehicle in the film sported four engines instead of the standard two. Watch the video to see this slick-designed custom controller – made from two N64 controllers – to see where it gets its name. All of this was done just to allow for dual-analog control, something Nintendo didn’t get right in their followup console, the GameCube, either.

The combination of four handles and the motivation behind this controller being for the (awesome) N64 Star Wars: Episode I podracer game provide the origins for the device’s name. It seems silly going back two console generations to see all the work Clarky Creations put into just supporting dual-analog sticks, a feature standard for current consoles. The controller can also be used for GoldenEye.

Which are you more impressed by?

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Sources: Sound + Design, Kotaku

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  • Androol

    Those are both awesome. I especially love the N64 one because it looks amazing, like it’s some sort of basic Pokemon lol. Although it doesn’t seem to work very well, judging from the demo video. So I guess I’m probably more impressed by the Angry Birds one, in that it both looks and works great, whereas the N64 one only looks great (which I’m sure is a software issue, and not an issue with the controller itself… but still).

    But what was wrong with the Gamecube’s dual-analog? Was it the shape of the C-stick, or the asymmetrical layout? The layout was pretty much the same as the 360’s, so I guess it was the shape? Or was it just a matter of how developers chose to use that second stick?

    • Rob Keyes

      It wasn’t an analog stick. It was an 8-point direction button that didn’t feature sensitivity.

      • Androol

        I don’t see how that can be, because I just tested it on Luigi’s Mansion, Resident Evil 4, and Mario Sunshine, and there is sensitivity in the rate at which Luigi turns, the degree to which the camera shifts, and the rate at which the camera turns, respectively.

  • Matt

    I like that Angry Birds peripheral. It’s complicated but it works very well.