‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Game Trailer

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The Amazing Spider-Man Game Trailer

That cat is out of the bag and it’s official now that Activision is having Beenox, the developers behind Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man: Edge of Time, work on a movie tie-in game for Sony and Columbia Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man.

The poster for The Amazing Spider-Man revealed the game yesterday, confirming that it’s based off the movie, and today, the first teaser trailer for the game has leaked… and to everyone’s surprise, it looks bad-ass.

One of the biggest complaints of Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time is that Spider-Man can’t freely swing around the world. That’s what he’s all about and not letting players do that… well, that’s not good Spider-Man gameplay.

The Amazing Spider-Man however, as revealed in the trailer below, rectifies ALL of that. Watch Spidey do what Spidey does best:

The open world of New York is back! Spider-Man looks great and finally, players can web wherever they wish.

Video game movies and games based on movies suck. They just always do with very rare exceptions. This trend will change of course, but for now, that’s the sad reality of this particular industry cross-over.

One of the rare games to deliver a quality, fun and memorable experience however is that of Spider-Man 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man has the potential to do the same. Previously we speculated that Edge of Time was rushed out and its quality suffered greatly so Beenox can work on The Amazing Spider-Man. This isn’t exactly the case as during the panel at New York Comic-Con, Gerard Lehiany, creative director of Beenox, explained that there’s actually a separate team at the studio working on this game than those who worked on Edge of Time and the best part, The Amazing Spider-Man has been in development for over a year already.

Official details have yet to be released, but don’t be surprised to see star Andrew Garfield providing the voice behind the mask in the game.

Are you psyched for the game and/or the movie?

The Amazing Spider-Man film opens in theaters July 3rd and we expect the game on all major platforms to release in the same window.

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  • JustSomeKid

    Spider Man 2 was definitely one of my favorite games growing up. I still dust it off from time to time and play it on my gamecube

    • Dshark

      Hmmm…. I wonder if I still have it…

  • DigitalN00b

    I think it’s still a fail game.

    • Ken

      Wow, you played it already?

  • Dshark

    Games yes. Movie no.

  • Spider-Abu

    OHMAGAWDDD!!!! From this trailer, I lost any and all complaints I wrote on the previous post..idc if this game come on PC, IT’S MINE!!!!

  • Riley Little

    It looks like they’re ditching the linear gameplay from Shattered Dimensions, and going with an open world experience…. I approve! Those Spider Man games were always a blast. 😀

  • Zedenoob

    i have a Spiderman 2 the game vibe. i think this might be just as innovative. Beenox Cares about spidey, and they have shown they are capable at developing good fluid combat. mix that with new free roam and 2 years of development and this just might beat WOS….

  • ATG

    I need to see more before i decide, looks good though. Now lets see Rocksteady postpone Batman 3, brainstorm something bigger, and work on a fresh Superman game.

  • Abel

    I’d prefer Rocksteady to work on Superhero videogames. At least it aint Sega, anyway yes I think Rocksteady would make a great Spiderman game, imagine the Spider-Sense and if they decide to incorporate Spidey’s utility belt.

  • http://facebook.com/xdddre xDDDre

    The big problem about this is that spidey seems to be shooting webs AT THE SKY. I’m not sure from this trailer, but it seems like it. :(

    It’s silly and embarrassing in 2011. Specially after the awesome Spiderman 2 got spidey to realistically shoot webs at nearby buildings in 2004. It felt fantastic to web corners and swing around them… I need this again!

  • jwalka

    looks pretty cool, the movement looks pretty solid, lets just hope it isn’t repetitive and dumbed down. the one thing i loved about ultimate spiderman was that the missions got harder and harder as you progressed through the game, and the side missions (whilst repetitive) where pretty fun to do just to kill time or test out your skills.

    if the visuals are solid, and combat is creative (more then just mashing a button the whole time) then this shall be one sweet mother of a game.

  • Sonicspideybatmandude

    I really hope they choose not to follow the movie too closely…take a moment to imagine this with me….We saw an open world In the trailer that takes us back to Spider-Man 2 days, BUT with Mirrors Edge style of freedom (not in first person) and swinging around with realistic physics. Throw in Batman: Arkham City quality graphics and fighting mechanics with a few tweaks to give it a gritty feel. Spider-Man’s costume can deteriorate throughout fights and get ripped. We could have A LOT of different civilian situations, some could deal with smaller villain cameos. NO…PIZZA DELIVERIES. You can web anything and everything. Give me humor and a witty Peter Parker, like in the new movie, with his fair share of inner struggles and to top it all off, add unique twists to all villains to give them a fresh perspective, and amazing presentation like Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time…..now with THAT….this will have the potential to be the absolute best Spider-Man game ever made….

  • Zedenoob


  • http://themoosehasspoken.deviantart.com Mooseylol

    what they need to do is revamp spiderman for the playstaion (the first one for those who dont know) cause it was awesome and than spiderman (based off the movie) came out it sucked, spiderman 2 was alright, i played some of the other spiderman games and some were decent others were crap but yeah this one looks cool but i’ll have to wait for my final judgement on it until i have played it

  • C-Czar56

    it might be the same as Spider-Man 2 but since Beenox is working on it, it has to be good. Beenox knows what they’re doing with Spidey so i can’t wait for this one!

  • Chris

    Open world = win

    • ATG

      Not really, open world means nothing if you can’t do anything in it.

  • HeavyWeaponsGamer

    Wow, gamerant has some of the smartest fans. I have nothing to say about this game that you guys havn’t said. Bravo gamerant fans, bravo.

  • nuk60

    Thank Zeus it’s open world…..I thought web of shadows was the last open world spiderman game we would have. Plus this game has plenty of time to be polished and ready.


    This looks awful! Yes the video is terrible quality, but the buildings look like something a student would make. And gameplay didn’t look very good. with superhero games like batman, marvel should of pushed it more, all the spider man games were samey with no real depth to them, i really hope that put more into the game than this trailer shows, but at the moment i am not happy with it, and will be telling every one in my shop the same.

  • Olej2k10

    Lol Reaper….

  • http://www.dao-alqamar.net gtav

    I do not like SpidreMan games ever!