New ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Villain Images Highlight Vermin and Scorpion

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Along with giving gamers there first look at The Amazing Spider-Man in action, developer Beenox also talked a little bit about their inspirations for creating this movie tie-in. While many tie-ins tend to follow along with the story of their respective blockbuster film, The Amazing Spider-Man tells a story that takes place after the events of the movie, but still exists in that universe.

As such the villains in The Amazing Spider-Man will be of a similar nature to The Lizard, the main antagonist of the Marc Webb film. Essentially, in this new reboot’s universe, every villain and enemy will have some basis in reality, or be feasibly possible.

That’s why, of the enemies that have been released thus far, each has been part human and part animal (i.e. The Rhino and The Iguana). To help give gamers a little closer look at these villains that were unveiled, or further detailed, during E3 2012, Activision has released some new screenshots.

While we had already known that Felicia Hardy (aka the Black Cat) and The Lizard (the aforementioned villain of the main film) would be making an appearance in the game, this is the first time players have received a closer look at two new villains: Vermin and The Scorpion. Both have a very similar design to The Lizard, and utilize a similar color palette to the Rhino. Take a look:

After having seen The Amazing Spider-Man in action, and getting a better understanding of the motivations behind each of Beenox’s design decisions, it’s hard not to be excited for a return to Spider-Man’s open world roots. Boss fights in the game also promise to be equally as dynamic as the traversal, since Spider-Man no longer has access to over-the-top web-based moves, and focus on melee combat bolstered by his ability to shoot webs.

There were some causes for concern during the live demo, mainly the world’s generic look and the lack of collision, but ultimately it looked like a fun ride.

What do you think of Beenox’s choices for bosses in The Amazing Spider-Man? Are there any villains you hope make the cut?

The Amazing Spider-Man releases June 26, 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS and DS.


  • brandon

    Don’t like the look of Scorpion, Vermin is pretty good in my opinion.

    Scorpion should be a guy in a suit (basically), but this is something else.

    • Anthony

      Beenox is trying to create villains that are essentially part man and part creature. Hence no guys in suits.

      • Dante

        Ok but have they ever seen a scorpion? They do not have the tail of a Xenomorph and the claw of a crab.

        • Matt

          Personally i felt like the tail feels like Doc ock`s mechanical tail just bio-mechanical. If they fixed the face and removed the claw hand i`ld actually accept it as Scorpion.

          Still hating the Lizard Head.

          Not sure why Black Cat is here? or what Vermin is, personally Vermin looks like a cross between a Rat,Elf and Orc.

  • Dante

    Scorpion? LOL

    Just awful.

  • Dave1359

    Ugh,why are they still keeping the Batman Animated Series Killer Croc-stlye Lizard?I could’ve sworn I read somewhere that they were going to extend the mouth and whatnot -.-

    • Matt

      Apparently his design alters in some scenes… there`s a released pic of an elongated faced Lizard in the Dr connors lab coat threatening Dr. Rafa (Or whoever it is) Originally the plan was for an elongated face as seen in one of the early clips of him and two girls in a bathroom toilet. Then he became more humanoid (which sucks)

    • Brian

      In the early comic book days of spiderman the Lizard was more human like. So that is obviously what they are going for.

  • Gooch

    I like the design of scorpion, the idea of a “guy in a suit” is so played out and dopey, this makes more sense to me, plus it just looks cool

  • venom42

    the Villains look great!i like the graphics,story and gameplay but never forget:free roam ONLY supports PS3 and XBOX 360 and PC.i’m so gonna get this!