‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Unveils the Rhino

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When the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man was revealed it brought a lot of mixed to fans of Beenox’s work on the series. Though Spider-Man would be returning to his open world roots in this adventure, The Amazing Spider-Man is, of course, yet another in a long list of movie tie-in titles from Activision, which typically aren’t that successful.

However, a new trailer has been released, one that focuses on one of Spider-Man’s many boss encounters, this one with the Rhino. It’s still pretty short on gameplay, and is filled with quick cuts, but when compared to what has preceded it, this is the best trailer we’ve seen yet.

Most impressive is the look of the Rhino, which fits right in with the design Beenox had established with Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time. Thugs still have that generic look, though, something that really brought Edge of Time down. But all in all the combat looks pretty compelling, and the chance to take on any Spider-Man boss is always appealing.

Check out the trailer for yourself below, but be warned, if you’re not a fan of dubstep, this trailer is full of wub wub wubs:

Based on what we’ve seen so far, and with how Beenox hopes to tie The Amazing Spider-Man together, it appears that Rhino is just one in a long line of experiments gone wrong. Much like the feature film’s main villain, the Lizard, each of the bosses in The Amazing Spider-Man we expect to have been created by some scientific hubris.

Where Beenox’s previous efforts with Spider-Man have tried to pay homage to the comic book universe, this game needs to stay true to the spirit of Marc Webb’s film and comic book fans’ vision of the Rhino. It’s only one of the villains that we’ve seen so far, but it appears that Beenox is on the right track.

What do you think of Rhino’s design for The Amazing Spider-Man? Which other Spider-Man villains do you hope make an appearance in the game?

The Amazing Spider-Man releases June 26, 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS and DS.

Source: IGN

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  • David

    Oh…well, Hm. The only thing I find cool is the spider song

    • venom42

      come on,David be enthusiastic for god’s sake!you know how long Beenox developed this game?by the way i liked the graphics,pretty cool.

  • Ignur Rant

    Look at that nifty little belt perfect for web cartridges and cell phones.

  • Sk8

    Seriously answer please.. How do you know the game will have pc version. If you visit the official webpage (http://theamazingspidermangame.com/buy.php) you only can see Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, Wii, DS versions and I’m worried about it. Thank you!

    • Spider-Abu

      I totally agree with you, I too am pretty sceptical of that info. I’m wanting to buy this on my PC in order to run it with the best graphics possible, since I know limitations such as 30fps and 720p at going to land on the console versions. I am REALLY eager for the PC version and I’d hate it if you guyz just got our hopes up for nothing. :S

      • venom42

        Hey Spider-Abu!if you are eager to buy this on PC maybe it’s better to check the requirments before buying and i’m saying this because you sounded like you really want so badly.(having consoles can still count as a positive way you know.)

    • venom42

      you’re right Sk8.i dont know but EVEN in (www.wikipedia.org)some article saying Xbox-360,PS3,Wii,NDS and 3DS version(very absurd!)but it did say it is unknown.

      dont freak out pal i’m worried too.(i’m lucky to have Wii anyway!!!!)

  • Scarecrowe18

    Looks like they may have gone the Arkham City route regarding combat. Im on the fence with this one, Looks cool but SPidey games can be misleading.

    • ATG

      Coudln’t have said it better myself, Scarecrowe18.

  • LidFlipper

    This engine looks as bad as City of Heroes! By which I mean, it looks like top-shelf 2005. I thought Rhino was okay-looking, but the bar is set pretty high right now, and none of this trailer was engaging.

  • joshoemaha

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  • Jon B

    I’d like to see Mysterio in this game as a miniboss or something. I’d also like to see a different type of Goblin, and most of all… Carnage. Though we won’t have Carnage until we first have Venom, and hopefully if they do a film sequel to this Spidey movie, we’ll see Venom done RIGHT.

    • brandon

      As far as the GREEN goblin, we most likely wont see him until the sequel, I hope that in the movie they show him towards the end take the formula so we can know what to expect for the next movie.

      I also hope that mysterio is in this, as well as shocker, electro, kraven and vulture (who IMO would not be a good villian in the movies) or at least wait to put them in the future games.

      I hope they save scorpion for the movies.

      Rhino looked bad ass, but it kinda looked like that wasnt a costume, looked like it was part of him, geneticly altered, which, i think would be great!!!

  • Spider-Abu

    Trailer was amazing, Rhino looks freaking badass and scary, which is a good thing. Graphics are pretty good looking, animations looked really smooth and the combat…just wow, it’s like SM2’s combat but with even more cinematic moves, epicccc. The dubstep they used was pretty slick also, loved how they mixed it with Rhino raging, that had a really cool affect.
    The only things atm I’m worried about are the pedestrians and the PC version. Once again it looks like we’re going to be seeing those disappearing peds like in SM3 who are basically like zombies and doesn’t look like we can interact with them much, u can see the peds walking at one quick shot in this trailer to get an idea of what I mean.
    Also you say it’s coming out on PC, and I’m definitely looking to purchase it on the PC platform rather than the PS3 to get the best performance and graphics out of it. But on their site they don’t mention the PC version anywhere, so where the hell did you get the PC version’s info??? I’d really want you to clarify this so you do not get my hopes up for no reason. >.<<

  • Merc4Hire

    I like it and seems cool, like Rhino also. It looks like they tamed and toned down the combat and I like that (its not going everywhere and crazy or chaotic.) But with that it’s still a movie tie-in game.

  • HelghastUser

    Another fight with the Rhino. The trailer has the look and feel of the older PS2 Spider-man games. They were incredibly fun…

  • Stephen

    The movie looks fine but why couldnt they just leave the costume alone? I don’t get it. It looks so weird. Looks like bad cosplay.

    Also why does the webshooters have a light that pings when he fires them, weird.

    • venom42

      webshooters,stephen,webshooters(in anger for seeing peter parker using webshooters)the costume looks sporty i bet the movie’s a trash i liked the sam raimi trilogy more.any answers?if not then i dont care.not buying the game it’s worst than Spider-Man:Edge Of Time!

  • DJB

    This looks pretty good