‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Box Art Leaks [Updated]

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[Update: Activision released the official box art on March 30, 2012, confirming these images.]

Much like its Hollywood blockbuster counterpart, The Amazing Spider-Man hopes to be a return to form for a beloved franchise. While Director Marc Webb is doing that through a retelling of Peter Parker’s origin story, only with a few choice twists thrown in, developer Beenox is giving the fans the open-world web-swinging they had been craving.

Sure, the game still has a lot of the qualities that Beenox established in their previous two Spider-Man outings, like furious combat and creative villains, but there’s also a more open space for traversal this time around, something that has fans really excited. Still, will every big detail for The Amazing Spider-Man there comes a small, somewhat insignificant one, but one that is still very important to the game’s timeline for release.

That detail for today is the game’s box art, or what is presumed to be the game’s box art, which was leaked by Amazon earlier today. It’s fairly standard stuff as far as box art is concerned, featuring Spider-Man zipping through the New York City skyline, but it’s still pretty iconic. And, most importantly, it features a closer look at the manufactured web shooters that this iteration of Peter Parker will use when masquerading as Spider-Man.

Those web shooters will be a big point of contention for film goers as they struggle to cope with which is the correct web delivery method (it’s obviously the artificial ones by the way), but for video game players they will be secondary to the sensation of swinging from skyscraper to skyscraper in pursuit of the game’s many villains.

Another interesting thing to note about the PS3 box art in particular is the claim that The Amazing Spider-Man will be Move compatible. Using Move to web sling could be cool, but it could also be an extremely distracting gimmick. Or this Move label, potentially pulled from another game’s box art, could be the thing that dispels this box art as fake; it’s up to Activision to set the story straight.

Either way we are very much looking forward to what Beenox has in store for The Amazing Spider-Man, based simply on the fact that the open-world gameplay is back.

If this box art is real do you think it is a good fit for The Amazing Spider-Man? How do you think Beenox could leverage Move for some Spider-Man action?

The Amazing Spider-Man releases June 26, 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS and DS.

Source: Amazon (via The Examiner)


    The box art looks good I’m looking forward to this hope its as good as they are saying it is.

  • IchiYamamoto

    Hm… The previews looked pretty good. Better than the predecessors. Overall, I am intrigued by the Playstation Move compatibility.

  • Captain Igloo

    I really fancy the box art,it’s deffinitely not groundbreaking,but it’s straightforward of the game’s contents.I have high hopes for this game and I really hope it delivers a genuine Spidey experience,much like the Arkham series with Batman.Spider-man deserves a good game after all.;)

  • Spider-Abu

    WWAAAAAWWWW Did I just read PSMOVE compatible??!?!? OMG, I know I really want a PC version, and am frigging pissed that they aren’t making it >.<, but if they really integrate the PSMove properly into this game, that'll just be ground breaking. o_o wow, I can't wait to hear more 😀

    • venom42

      well spider-abu…i would like to say,in front of the ones who are reading this comment-I GUESS I WIN I’LL GET IT FOR Wii AND HAVE ONE HELLUVA TIME GOODBYE PC!seriously,it’s bad-quality even in previous spider-man games i got it on PC it was never exciting!(except Edge Of Time)

  • Sk8

    Okay guys, just delete my comment again…
    “Seriously how do yu know the game will have PC version. If you see the official webpage you won’t find it you will just see PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, and 3DS versions. Impossible to pre-order the game to PC because it isn’t exist. Mr. Anthony Taormina and all those who write these posts you shouldn’t keep the hope in us, because won’t be PC version or tell me, tell us how do you know that beenox release the game to PC… THANK YOUUUU”

    • venom42

      to sk8,this is so childish they didnt even make a box art for PC and to tell you,if you’re a hardcore gamer which means you are-then why not think about the…GAMETESTERS for crying out loud!!!it takes long enough to make video game for PC i mean look at Shattered dimensions,2 years ago wen they announced the stuff for the game i was angry for not giving a chance to PC then months later…September was the release of the consoles ONLY and months after that in the month of November it came out for PC.there happy now go break some eggs. :)